"It turns out I've never heard your pickups in their full glory until now. I had cooked the bridge pot on installation. Everything is sorted now, and for the first time I can hear how wonderful these pickups are. Thanks again. - J.F."

"The pickup is FANTASTIC and I put it in my Les Paul Goldtop!" - C.N.

"The pickups are installed and sound superb. I didn't know exactly what to expect but the sound is now so rich and thick. The typical strat tones in the neck/middle and middle/bridge positions seem to be nicely enhanced. The body is a 96 mexican fat strat and the neck is an Allparts with jumbo frets." - D.D.

"I had a buddy of mine set up my 72 tele RI and rewire everything. He was absolutely blown away by the pickups. He wanted your contact info so I gave it to him. Expect some work to come your way. I finally had the chance to sit down this morning and really play this tele. I'm blown away man. Sounds like a completely different guitar." - T.C.

"I finally got a chance to put those pickups in! They sound really good and balance out with my humbucker nicely. Haven't used them on a gig yet but so far so good!" - D.S.

"New handwound humbucker pickup installed and sounds killer!!! I am getting some more for my other Strat. I recommend checking these out. Lots of options and hand wound. Sounds brown... it's an EVH style pick up. It sounds way better clean then the Dimebucker as well." - K.K.

"Are these pickups for real??? They are freaking amazing, makes me wonder why I had those other pickups in my guitar. The pickups sounded great with full band. Really cut through nicely." - B.L.