60th Anniversary 2022-2023

Oakland-Fukuoka 60th Anniversary Celebration

Since 1962, Oakland, California, USA and Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan have been official sister cities. 

We extend our deepest gratitude to the many community members who have contributed to the 60th Anniversary. Thank you as well to all of the community members who have joined OFSCA as host families, student delegates, and supporters of our community & youth exchange programs over the decades.

Purchase a 60th Anniversary T-Shirt by Eric Murphy

Friend of OFSCA and Oakland artist Eric Murphy designed a 60th Anniversary t-shirt celebrating the Oakland-Fukuoka Sister City Relationship. The shirts are still available for purchase via 2042 Gallery in sizes S through 4XL in various styles.

Website: www.2042gallery.com

Instagram: instagram.com/2042gallery

Email: eric.aioakland@gmail.com

Left: Former Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf with Eric Murphy

Right: Fukuoka Mayor Sōichirō Takashima and Former Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

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The support of our community is critical to making these grassroots citizen exchange events a reality.  Thank you to everyone who has donated to make these events a reality in 2022!

Thank you for your generous support of the 60th Anniversary Celebration!!

60th Anniversary Celebration Event

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at the Gardens at Lake Merritt 

Download event program (PDF)

Mural Unveiling Ceremony Program


Gary Tominaga, OFSCA President

Jaclyn Funasaki, OFSCA Director & Master of Ceremonies


Valerie Lee, OFSCA Director

JJ Kotler, OFSCA Director & Mural Project Lead

Prathana Pandey, OFSCA Member & Student Leader of Mural Project

Brittany Nakamura, OFSCA Director, Bridge Club President & Mural Design Committee Member on behalf of Fukuoka-Oakland Friendship Association

Peter Bowyer, OFSCA Garden Liaison

Rachel Rodi & Guy Fuerte, Mosaic Mural Artists

Jay van Arsdale & Jason Forster, Frame Craftsmen

Yoshito Ito, Chairperson, Fukuoka City Council

Hajime "Jimmy" Kishimori, Acting Consul General of Japan in San Francisco

Sōichirō Takashima, Mayor of Fukuoka City, Japan

Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, California


Reverend Harry Gyoukyou Bridge, Buddhist Church of Oakland


President – Gary Tominaga*

First Vice President – Ed Bantilan

Second Vice President – Valerie Lee*

Treasurer – Liane Higashiuchi Scott*

Recording Secretary – Jason Lambert*

Aiko Dahan

Andrew Esterline*

Mark Frey*

Jaclyn Funasaki*

JJ Kotler*

Jason Lambert*

Valerie Lee*

Julie Miller*

Jennifer Murawski*

Brittany Nakamura*

Linda Nakamura*

Michael Rose

Joseph Samaniego

Paul Shimotake*

Susan Svensson*

Becky Taylor

Gary Tominaga*

Dan Westerlin

*60th Anniversary Planning Committee

Planning Committee Co-Chairs: Jaclyn Funasaki, Mark Frey, JJ Kotler




With Gratitude to Our 60th Anniversary Mural Donors



Berkeley JACL

GNO Pals: Liane, Julie, Georgia, Nancy,

Janet, Audrey, Cindy

The Rotary Club of Oakland

Paul Shimotake

In Memory of Kenneth C. Tam

Wa Sung Community Service Club



Laurie Callaway, Terisa Chaw & James A. Hendriksen, Kelly Chou, Mark Frey, Matthew & Nancy Fujikawa, Funasaki/Gopalan Family, Taichi Goto, Roy Ikeda, Bruce Jaffe, Jeanie Lee, Miriam & John Mangini, Leslie & Ken Morishita, Jenn Murawski, Sydney & Chip Nakamura, Bahia Simons-Lane, Spritzer-Satomi Family, Rex & Janet Takahashi, Deborah Thomas, Lauren Tran in Honor of JJ Kotler, Dan Westerlin, and Joanne & Eugene Wong

Special Thanks to Our Partners

City of Oakland:

Office of the Mayor

Public Art Advisory Committee

Côte West Wines

East Bay Regional Park District

The Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt

Fukuoka-Oakland Friendship Association (FOFA)

J. Miller Flowers and Gifts

Musashi Restaurant, Berkeley

Oakland Public Works:

Oakland Parks Recreation and Youth Development (OPYRD)

Park & Tree Services Division

Semifreddi's - Michael Rose

Visit Oakland

Timelapse Videography: Jeremy Wong*

Torii Gate Painting: MB Jessee Painting

Mosaic Design & Facilitation: Rachel Rodi & Guy Fuerte*

Japanese Woodworking Frame Craftsmen: Jay van Arsdale & Jason Forster

Project & Program Lead: JJ Kotler*

Budget & Fundraising Lead: Liane Scott

Garden Liaison & Approvals Lead, Mural Design Committee Member: Peter Bowyer*

Youth Leader & Design Committee Member: Prathana Pandey*

Bridge Club President & Design Committee Member: Brittany Nakamura*

APCC Program Manager & Design Committee Member: Linda Nakamura*

Mural Design Committee, Pebble Collection, & Mural Fabrication Volunteers*: Jessy Aguilar, Rachel Aquilina, Julia Berger, Zane Berger-Azevedo, Jimmy Chan, Mark Frey, Taichi Goto (FOFA), Liz Gregor, Violet Gregor-Alan, Samantha Hartington, Yukiko Honda (FOFA), Honomi Ijima (FOFA), Momo Kawashima (FOFA), Mona Koh (EBRPD), Everett Kotler, Ren Kotler, Barbara Luck, Aya Lux, Kylie Quinn, Gabriella Rojas, Tamiko Shibata (FOFA), Susan Svensson, Kuraha Takaishi, Paula Urtecho (EBRPD), Takanori Yoshiura (FOFA), Saki Yoneda (FOFA), Siram