Chair of Cyber Security University of York (UK), Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, NYU, Doctoral Faculty of Computer Science GC, CUNY, Faculty in the MS Program in Data Science, GC, CUNY


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Professor Delaram
 Kahrobaei is the Chair of Cyber Security at University of York (UK) since November 2018. Before coming to York, she was a Full Professor at the City University of New York. She has a joint appointment at CUNY Graduate Center in the PhD Program in Computer Science as well as the M.S. Program in Data Science. She is a faculty at Initiatives for Theoretical Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center and at the MS program in Data Analysis and Visualization. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Center for Cyber Security at the New York University as well as the President/co-founder of a university start-up Infoshield, Inc.

Her main research area is Post-Quantum Algebraic Cryptography, Information Security, Data Science, Applied Algebra. Her research has been partially supported by grants from the Office of Naval Research (ONR, $900K), American Association of Advancement in Sciences (AAAS), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Security Agency (NSA), Research Foundation of CUNY (RF), City Tech Foundation, London Mathematical Society, Edinburgh Mathematical Society, Swiss National Foundation, Institut Henri Poincare, Association for Women in Mathematics (AMM). She has 70 publications in prestigious journals and conference proceedings including 4 edited books in AMS (3) and De Gruyter (1) and patents, since 2004 when she obtained her PhD. During her PhD studies, she was a member of New York Group Theory cooperative as well as Center for Algorithmic and Scientific Software both founded by her PhD advisor Gilbert Baumslag.

Her educational effort had been partially supported by grants from NASA and NSF ($400K). Delaram is the director of C-LAC, Center for Logic, Algebra and Computation. She is in the Advisory Committee for the newly created CUNY Hub for Innovation and EntrepreneurshipKahrobaei is a member of faculty advisory board of the Data Science @CUNY. She is the founder of New York Women in Mathematics and Computing Network and received NSF grant ($230K) to support such activities. 

She was previously an Assistant Professor in Pure Mathematics at the School of Mathematics and Statistics
, at Scotland’s prestigious University of St Andrews and a member of Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra (2004-2006). 
She was a visiting Professor in Sorbonne University Paris 6, University of Toronto, 
Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (IHES, Paris), University of Geneva, New York University,  Institut Henri Poincare (Paris), 
University of Politecnica Catalunya (Barcelona).
She has given 200 invited talks in international and national conferences and seminars.

Kahrobaei has organized over 40 conferences both internationally and nationally. She will be co-organizing the following conferences in 2017, 2018:

Here are Kahrobaei’s past and current PhD students and postdocs at CUNY Graduate Center:

  • Maggie Habeeb [Ph.D. Mathematics, 2012, (duration 2 years), Currently Tenured Associate Professor, California University in Pennsylvania, Department of Mathematics]
  • Bobby Koupparis [Ph.D. Mathematics, 2012, (duration 2 years) Currently Director, Financial Resource Management, US Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets]
  • Ha T. Lam [Ph.D. Mathematics 2014, (duration 2 years) Postdoc at CUNY Graduate Center, then CTO at Infoshield, Inc., then Postdoc at Ericsson, Currently Security Engineer at Oblong Industries in LA]
  • Bren Cavallo [Ph.D. in Mathematics 2015, (duration 3 years) former Senior Data Scientist at AdTherent in SoHo, New York, Currently Data Scientist at M Science LLC New York City]
  • Jonathan Gryak [Ph.D. in Computer Science 2017, (duration 3 years), CUNY Graduate Center, Senior Research Supervisor,University of Michigan, Computational Medicine Department]
  • Matluba Khodjaeva [Ph.D. in Computer Science 2017, duration 1 year, CUNY Graduate Center, currently Tenure Track Assistant Professor, City University of New York, John Jay College, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science]
  • Alexander Wood [Ph.D. in Computer Science, September 2018, CUNY Graduate Center, postdoctoral fellow at University of Michigan, Computational Medicine Department]
  • Kelsey Horan [Ph.D. in Computer Science, current, Since 2015, CUNY Graduate Center, visiting research scientist at University of Michigan, Computational Medicine Department 8/2016-2/2017, Intern at University of Sorbonne, LIP6 Paris Summer 2017, GC Provost Spotlight, Visiting Scientist at Institut Henri Poincare, Paris January 2018]
  • Jordi Delgado [Visiting PhD student in Mathematics from Barcelona, CUNY Graduate Center, Summer and Fall 2015, currently postdoctoral fellow at University of Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain]
  • Armin Weiss [Postdoc in Computer Science, summer 2015, CUNY Graduate Center, currently researcher at Stuttgart University, Germany, Department of Computer Science]
  • Alexey Gribov [Postdoc in Computer Science, 2015-January 2017, CUNY Graduate Center, currently Scientist at Symbiont, a New York-based startup applying blockchain technology to finance]

Kahrobaei is co-organizing the following seminars at the CUNY Graduate Center:


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I am a swimmer and won several medals in college.
I am the aunt of Dara-Olivier.
My cat Professor Who.
I play the flute.

I love bookshops and that includes the Brandy Library in TriBeCa New York.
I enjoy cooking (French, Italian, Persian, Japanese, Turkish, Kurdish, Iberian) and wine tasting (especially French).

I take bilingual acting workshops in Paris and New York.