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Guidance office staff and contact information:
Kristi Moser: High School Guidance Counselor  kristi.moser@nsdtitans.org
Becky O'Connor: Career Education becky.oconnor@nsdtitans.org
Important dates:
September 12 ~ 9 a.m. Senior Parent meeting
                                Financial Aid/Apply2College event
October 10 ~ 8:30-12 PSAT test
November 7 ~ 9 a.m. -4 p.m. NCBB Blood Drive
November 14 ~ Sophomore Career Discovery Day
November 29 ~ ASVAB test
December 5 ~ Accuplacer test
February 6 ~ 11  a.m. -4 p.m. NCBB Blood Drive
April 2 ~ ACT Statewide testing (ALL juniors)
April 9 ~ Junior Campus Visit Day
April 10 ~ 11  a.m. -4 p.m. NCBB Blood Drive
May 15 ~ 1 p.m. Honors Convocation

Quick links for Seniors:

ACE Scholarship for Dual Credit Students...

Click here to start application: 

The Nebraska Legislature in LB192 (2007) authorized the Access College Early (ACE) Scholarship Program Act. High school students who are taking dual-enrollment or early enrollment classes from an approved Nebraska based college or university may apply for funding under this program by completing the ACE Student Application.

Eligibility: Documentation must be submitted with the application confirming the student or student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) have been approved to receive federal benefits (free and reduced lunch) or an extreme hardship.  

Meetings/Info from the GG's

Junior Parent Meeting Fall 2018

Junior Parent Mtg Fall 2018

Senior Parent/Financial Aid meeting

SENIOR PARENT Meeting 2018-19

College Funding 2018-19 New Model

SCC Dual Credit Registration Fall 2018

SCC Registration Fall 2018

Senior Meeting Fall 2018

Senior Meeting Fall 2018

Senior Spring meeting Spring 2018

Senior Spring meeting 2018

8th grade scheduling meeting for 2018-19

8th grade Scheduling mtg for 2018-19

Senior Parent meeting Fall 2018

SENIOR PARENT Meeting 2017_18

EducationQuest Financial Aid presentation

College Funding 2017-18 - New Model.pptx

Junior Parent Meeting 2017-18

Junior Parent Mtg Fall 2017

Senior Class Meeting Fall 2017-18

Senior Meeting Fall 2017

8th grade HS Scheduling Meeting

8th grade Scheduling mtg for 2018-19

Scholarships 101 newsletter ~ a quick look at FAFSA, financial aid, and a reminder of resources

Guidance Calendar


Grief Recovery~~

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Coping with loss...Newsletter Grief support & educational resources for parents and teens 

Mourning Hope Grief Center

SCC Dual Credit registration due September 6 to Mrs. O'Connor
  • Classes:  Advanced Comp, Modern Literature, AP Stats, Calculus

SCC Registration Fall 2017

Peru dual credit registration due September 6th to Mrs. Moser
Classes this semester include: Intro to Psychology/Steinkuhler

Peru Registration ‎‎(FALL)‎‎ 2017