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   Open House 9/7

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Greetings and welcome to room 216!  My name is Mrs. Coughlin and I teach Math 8 and Algebra 1 at Florence Sawyer School. 

 If you are in Algebra 1 information about class expectations, homework and assignments can be found on the Algebra 1 page. If you are in Math 8 information about class expectations, homework and assignments can be found on the Math 8 page. Below there is some information regarding extra help and retake policies. If you have any questions you may email me at kcoughlin@nrsd.net.

How to Succeed in Mathematics:
  • Be ready to start learning when the period begins. 
  • Participate cooperatively in all class activities.
  • Be respectful to your classmates, teachers and classroom.
Extra Help: Extra help will be offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 7:45. I will inform students ahead of time if I must cancel extra help. If you would like to come in another time during the week please contact me. Do not wait until the morning before the test or quiz. Come early and come often!

Retake Policy: Students are allowed one retake a trimester. Retakes are only given for tests and do not depend on the grade the student received. The grade the student receives on the retake will replace the students original grade whether it is better or worse than the original grade. Before taking a retake the student must first complete his or her test corrections. Once test corrections are completed the student is required to come in for an extra help at least once (the more the better!). At this extra help session I will look over the test corrections and continue working with the student to make sure he or she understands the concepts missed the first time around. (The extra help session will not count if test corrections are not completed prior to the session). Once all these step are completed the student may schedule a time to retake the test. The test must be retaken within two weeks of the day the was handed back.