Mrs. Frederick's Classroom Website!

Welcome to Mrs. Frederick's Classroom Website! Here you can find information for the upcoming (2019-2020) school year, including middle school syllabi, what to expect in music class and enrichment activities for all ages.

As the year progresses, you will find a list of upcoming music events and important music dates. Current units and enrichment activities will be updated regularly.

Important Dates 2019-2020


9/3-9/13 - Select Chorus Auditions

9/16 - Select Chorus rehearsals begin


10/7 - Treble Chorus Auditions Open

10/26 - Providence Bruins Performance (Grades 4th-8th)


11/21 - Florence Sawyer Pasta Dinner


12/6- Treble Chorus Auditions Close

12/18 - Band Concert (Day)

12/19 - Band Concert (Night)


1/2-10 - Mid-year Select Chorus Auditions

1/9 - RESCHEDULED 4th & 5th Grade Chorus Concert (Night)

1/14- RESCHEDULED Middle School Chorus Concert (Night)


2/1 - Central District Auditions

2/8 - First Treble Choir Rehearsal

2/28- FSS Lip Sync/Talent Show


TBA - 2nd Annual Nashoba Jazz Night

3/7 - Treble Chorus Final Rehearsal & Concert

3/28- Providence Bruins Performance (3rd-8th!!)


4/6 - Central District Rehearsal #1

4/15 - Nashoba Sings

4/29 - Central District Rehearsal #2


5/2 - Central District Concert


6/1 - 4th & 5th Grade Chorus Concert (Day)

6/2 - 4th & 5th Grade Chorus Concert (Night)

6/3 - Middle School Chorus Concert (Day)

6/4 - Middle School Chorus Concert (Night)

6/8 - 4th & 5th Grade Band Concert (Day)

6/9 - 4th & 5th Grade Band Concert (Night)

6/10 - Middle School Band Concert (Day)

6/11 - Middle School Band Concert (Night)

*MMEA is the Mass. Music Educators Association

**CDMMEA is the Central District Junior Music Festival

Upcoming Events

God Bless America @ Providence Bruins

Students in grades 3-8 may perform God Bless America at the Providence Bruins game on Saturday, March 28th at 7:05 PM! For our second game of the school year, third graders are invited to join us. Students younger than grade 3 are welcome to attend to support their classmates.

Students interested in participating must attend the game with an adult, and every attendee (including performers) must purchase a ticket.

Classroom Donations

There are always items we could use in music class! If you are interested in contributing, please check the list below. Many of these items can be donated used or can be found around the house!

Help to #clearthelist!

Mrs. Frederick's Classroom Wish List!


  • Metal (containers, no sharp edges!)
  • Heavy plastic containers
  • String or thin wire
  • Material scraps, including old ties or belts
  • Wrapping paper tubes
  • Carpet or shipping tubes
  • PVC pipe pieces
  • Anything else that makes an interesting sound!

*note: we cannot accept anything that previously contained food or drinks


  • 1/2"-1" black 3-ring binders
  • Whiteboard markers
  • Oil-based Sharpie markers (especially black or metallic)
  • Large plastic totes with lid
  • Magazine files
  • Craft supplies (pipe cleaners, straws, small hot glue sticks, stickers, markers, etc.)