Office of Special Services

The Office of Special Services provides Special Education programs and services for resident students ages 3 - 21. We see each child as an individual and seek to create an educational program to allow all students to thrive.

We offer a variety of special education programs and supports both within the North Rockland Schools and when necessary with collaboration with other educational programs throughout the county.

Our highly qualified staff and a broad range of offerings, allow us to individualize each student's education. Specialized programs and services provide our students with learning differences, the opportunity to fully participate in the North Rockland school community.

Services Offered

Committee on Preschool Education

Committee on Special Education

Section 504 Accommodation Plan

Homebound Instruction

Related Services including:

  • Psychological Services

  • Social Work Services

  • Speech & Language

  • Hearing Services

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Behavioral Consultation

  • Vision Services

  • Parent Counseling and Training


If you have just moved into the North Rockland Central School District and your child previously received Special Services through an IEP or 504 plan in your previous district, we ask that you take the following steps:

Register with the REGISTRATION Department. We are unable to complete additional steps until your child is officially enrolled in the district.

Email completed forms to Linda Gamoran:

Or mail all forms and copies of IEP/504 Plans to:

North Rockland Central School District

Attn: Office of Special Services, Transfer in

65 Chapel Street

Garnerville, NY 10923

The Special Services Department will confirm receipt of all of the necessary documents and will provide information about your child’s program.

Regístrese en el departamento DE REGISTRO. No podemos completar pasos adicionales hasta que su hijo(a) esté inscrito oficialmente en el distrito.

  1. Una vez que se haya registrado en el departamento de registro, proporcione al Departamento de Servicios Especiales una copia del IEP o planes 504 actuales y anteriores de su hijo(a).

  2. Complete los siguientes formularios de transferencia:

    1. Consentimiento para obtener archivos o información

    2. Consentimiento para la referencias de transferencia or re-entrante

    3. Consentimiento de Medicaid

    4. Actualización de historia social

Envíe por correo electrónico los formularios completados a Linda Gamoran:

O envíe por correo todos laos formularios y copias de los Planes IEP/504 a:

North Rockland Central School District

Attn: Office of Special Services, Transfer in

65 Chapel Street

Garnerville, NY 10923

El Departamento de Servicios Especiales confirmará la recepción de todos los documentos necesarios y proporcionará información sobre el programa de su hijo(a).


To obtain your child’s Special Education or 504 records please send an email request to Cari Davis at

Digital copies will be provided free of charge. The first request for physical copies will be provided free of charge. Additional requests may require a fee for copying.

Obtener Registros

Para obtener la Educación Especial de su hijo(a) o 504 registros por favor envíe una solicitud por correo electrónico a Cari Davis al

Se proporcionarán copias digitales gratis. La primera solicitud de copias físicas será gratis. Las solicitudes adicionales pueden requerir un costo para la copia.


Special Services Department

Ileana Eckert Administration Building

65 Chapel Street / Garnerville, NY 10923

Ph: 845-942-3430 / Fax: 845-942-3495

Taryn Soto, Director of Special Services

Christopher Frank, Assistant Director of Special Services