Options Central

Options Central is the private site for students, parents, and teachers currently in the Options Program. The site is used for communication, calendar events, and storing documents.

For those who should have access to the site but can't get on, please follow the advice below, and then contact your communications committee head if you still cannot get to the page.

If you do not currently have a Google account please visit; https://accounts.google.com/newaccount?hl=en and sign up for one. If you've provided us with an email contact on your Options application or in some other way, please use the same email for your Google account.

Here are a few web addresses that you should save https://sites.google.com/a/nkoptions.org/nkoptions/, also if you're getting signed out by Google a lot save this one https://accounts.google.com/Login. There are many ways to save web addresses, your communications committee would be happy to help if needed.

The pictures below are of a page that many have landed on while trying to get to the Options site and has caused some confusion. As the picture shows, just click on the "Sign in with a different account" and follow the steps to get signed in. This page can be avoided completely if you're already signed in or by using the above https://accounts.google.com/Login before going to the Options page.

We are fully committed to getting all of our families comfortably using site, so if you're having a hard time please don't hesitate to email me sevencoya@hotmail.com

Thank you,
Mark Anderson