The primary focus of our lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms that determine the longevity of an organism. The main interests of the lab are:

a) The biology of Dietary Restriction (DR)

b) Deciphering the molecular links between aging and innate immunity

c) Deciphering the coordinate regulation of genes downstream of the IIS and DR pathways

d) Screening for novel compounds that extend longevity

e) Understanding compartment-specific stress response and proteostasis during aging

We use Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system to understand the molecular basis of aging. Our laboratory uses a combination of genetics, molecular biology and genomics to decipher signalling events that culminate in alterations in gene expression during aging. We are trying to understand the complex interplay of transcription factors and co-regulators downstream of the Insulin-IGF-1-like signalling (IIS) pathway in regulating longevity, metabolism, stress- and pathogen resistance. Since Dietary Restriction (DR) is the only intervention that increases life span and delays age-onset diseases, we are trying to uncover the molecular events that follow initiation of DR. Using chemical genetics, we are trying to find novel longevity extending compounds and are studying their mechanisms of action.