Project Pathway

You may wish to use the resources in this module to produce a product that you can apply to your work in the classroom. This pathway is designed to structure and support your work on that product. Please note that this pathway is designed to be completed with your teammate, though some of the components should be done individually before collaborating on the final product.

Your Task
Develop a team teaching contract and plan that supports teaching and learning in your classroom.

Benchmarks and Scaffolding

Use the Team Teaching Contract Template and rubric, as well as the resources in this module, to support you as you complete this task. Breaking the project down into the following benchmark tasks will help you manage and pace your work:

  • Benchmark #1: Assess your personal team teaching beliefs and come to agreements on how your classroom will function. (Scaffold with Explore the Topic #1.)
  • Benchmark #2: Determine the best alignment for your standards and consider authentic project ideas. (Scaffold with Explore the Topic #2.)
  • Benchmark #3: Analyze common dysfunctions of a team and create a process for communication with their partner to avoid these common pitfalls. (Scaffold with Explore the Topic #3.)