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All apps now start out in "Touch Mode" -- Touch, Hear & Learn!

Privacy Statement:  All Word Practice applications collect no data beyond the user entered name and top score list, and share no data outside the app.

Version 6.0:  Runs on Apple Silicon / Mac Desktops and iPads (iOS 13+).

The new Pointer icon represents Touch Mode; click it to cycle between Touch, Review and Play modes.

Touch mode lets you touch any tile on the grid, over and over, in any sequence, as many times as you need, to hear the word pronounced in the language you are studying.

Touch Mode (NEW) [Version 5.0+] 


Review Mode (Sequential Placement)  


 Play Mode (Random Placement)


 Touch and grid tile as often as you like!

Flash card sequence will start at top left and go across and then down. 

Flash card sequence is (along with grid) randomized for each game. Timer, scoring. 

Speech Added in Version 4.0 for Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French and Korean.

Choice of Male and Female voices for Chinese and Spanish 

Bilingual Beginners Book 

Language Learning 

 A-B-C Picture Book - BiLingual, Too!

PDF version of A-B-C picture book available for download -- 

on the A-B-C PictureBook Page (click here!)

"Wordz Lianxi" -  Language Learning System

Mobile Language Learning for All Ages

Now in the App Store: Bilingual Beginners Book

Words and Pictures

 click for Bilingual Beginners Book screen shots...

And Now: A-B-C Picture Book

click for A-B-C Picture Book screen shots

Products for English Speakers

Store Link to all products

Store Link to all products

Our first product, "Chinese 4 Beginners", was designed for learners of Chinese that are ready to learn Hanzi -- simplified Chinese characters and words.   The instructional design was developed while studying at Teacher College and presented at an Education Technology Conference -- see the academic work here.

A written guide for learning Hanzi is available to augment the iPad and iPod Touch versions of this software (see bottom of Chinese learning page here).

The language learning tools suite is growing -- we are adding language pairs, and new word and sentence recognition and construction apps.  

We currently have language learning apps for English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish speakers.  And now, Korean speakers. 

Instructional Design information for the Wordz Lianxi (Word Practice) Language Learning system is here.  The product specific pages (identified on the left) link directly to product descriptions (including screen shots of the games) available on iTunes.

Send questions or comments to harry dot layman at CogWrite dot com.

Thank you for your interest!

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