Counseling Services

Counseling at Mitchell School focuses on helping to ensure the social and emotional health of all the students and includes work in classrooms, with small groups of children, and individual meetings with students to achieve this goal. Counselors works closely with both teachers and parents to help students enjoy school and to be successful academically, personally, and socially.

Classroom Work

The 2nd Step program is used in grades K-5 to support students in developing their social and emotional skills. Classroom teachers provide these lessons on a regular basis teachings students to understand their own and others' emotions, to learn how to problem solve, and how to manage their stronger emotions. These lessons compliment the Responsive Classroom, Social Thinking, and Zones of Regulation approach that is imbedded in each classroom. Counselors may work with small groups of children to further support these lessons and learning.

Individual Counseling

Teachers, parents, and students themselves can request counseling support for concerns a child may encounter that interfere with their school functioning. Students are seen for a variety of issues and provided support and help to develop positive coping skills. Student concerns may be around feelings of anxiety or sadness, coping with an unexpected event, difficulties with peer relationships, or needing help with positive decision making and good behavioral choices.

Group Work

Children may be paired with a peer or grouped in lunch time gatherings for counseling meetings.  Getting support from peers, giving advice to a peer, and not feeling alone are learning opportunities for all.

Parent and Teacher Consultation

Both teachers and parents may have questions about a child's development and guidance can provide consultation and advice about ways to best help a student.

Date last modified September 2023