Basic Terms Test

Mac Basic Terms Test:


apple menu dock zoom button  (fit)

close button minimize button icon

applications desktop magnification

column genie effect dark circle

finder folder icon homer

macintosh HD list shut down button

find         cover flow toolbar

1)   The ____________ is the background of your screen, displaying the “Macintosh HD” and the Dock.

2)  The Dock displays __________ available for the user to click on and open.

3)  The Red button in the upper left hand corner of an open window is called the _____________

4)  A  ______________  indicates that an item in the dock is open.

5)  The ____________________ is the gateway program to disks, servers and files on your computer.

6) The FOUR views allowed for a window to display content is:

______________  VIEW

______________  VIEW

_______________  VIEW

_______________   VIEW

9)  If you are trying to locate a file or application on the Macintosh HD and cannot find it,  you should try using ___________________  located under the file menu .

10)  Most of the Applications on your computer actually reside in the applications folder located inside the  ____________________________


11)  The Minimize button “shrinks” a window and temporarily puts the Window in the Doc.

12)  The Dock may be positioned at the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom of the Desktop

13)  Although you have the right to change the desktop image on your Ipad, you DO NOT have the same permission on the School Computers .

14)  Another way to right click is  CONTROL-CLICK.

15)  Any file you bring in from home will open on the Macs here at School.

16)   Clicking the close button in the upper left hand corner of a window will also cause the app to quit.


17)  Name THREE applications that should always be in the dock here at school.

18)  Name the button in the TOOLBAR that you click to take you back to the previous window.

19)  Why do I ask that you “RESTART” your computer when leaving class ?

20)  What two letters on your computer keyboard have the “bumps”


Name the four View Types and in what situation would you use each type ?

DESCRIBE what you would do if you arrive at your Mac and a picture of One Direction is on the DESKTOP.