North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents

2018 North Carolina Association of County Agricultural 
Agents Association (NCACAA) Youth Scholarship Award Winners

The North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents Association proudly announces Davis Coggins, Burke Pollard, Grace Radford, and Anna Thornton as the 2018 youth scholarship award winners.  The scholarship award is being presented to 4 most deserving students who have exhibited excellence in leadership and community service.  North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents established this $1,000 scholarship to four member or life members’ children or grandchildren to aid them with tuition at any University of their choice.  

Photo of Davis Coggins

Davis Coggins is the son of Troy and Kathy Coggins from Davidson County.  Davis will be studying Agriculture and Environmental Technology at Davidson Community College in the fall and NC State University in the spring.  Davis said he has always lived on a small farm in the Healing Springs Community where farming is a way of life.  He plans to pursue a career with an ag machinery company to further improve machinery and farming techniques.  He would like to improve efficiency and quality of life for farmers.  When asked how his Extension Agent father, Troy Coggins has impacted his life, he says, “Growing up the son of an Ag Agent has provided me many opportunities to learn and practice skills, as well as travel to state and national meetings.  At one meeting, I visited the Kinze Innovation Center in Iowa which influenced my education and career choice towards machinery innovation.  Being with my Dad has allowed me to become a people person, to practice speaking comfortably in public, and has developed my problem solving skills.  Growing up in an Extension family has given me the personality to be a better member of my community.”

Photo of Burke Pollard

Burke Pollard is the son of Damon and Julie Pollard from Burke County.  Burke will be studying Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at NC State University in the fall.  He chose this major because of the passion he has for wildlife and the outdoors.  He has always enjoyed hunting and fishing as a young boy.  As a Wildlife Biologist, he will be able to conserve the habitats and ecosystems of wildlife for the future.  When asked how his Extension Agent father, Damon Pollard has impacted his life, he says, “my father has had a huge impact on my life.  He has taught me many lessons about crops, livestock, and most importantly about life.  Whether it be getting up at 6 am on a Saturday to work cows or waking up in the middle of the night to catch loose cows, my Dad has taught me the value of hard work and honesty.  To me, these are two values to success and my father has been a great example for me.”

Photo of Grace Radford

Grace Radford is the daughter of Jim and Joanna Radford from Surry County.  Grace will be studying Nursing at Appalachian University in the fall. She is interested in the nursing field, because at a young age she started taking care of her aunt who has diabetes and multiple sclerosis.  Grace walked to her house everyday to check her sugar level, give insulin as needed, and make sure she took her medication.  Her care was Grace’s responsibility since all other family members were in the fields working on the farm or in town working at Extension.  By taking care of her Aunt Regina, she has found her love for helping others.  When asked how her Extension Agent mother, Joanna Radford has impacted her life, she says, “I have been involved in Extension since before I could walk.  My Mother used to bring me to the soybean field in a baby carrier while the plots were being laid out.  I have seen firsthand how Extension Agents impact the lives of the people they serve.  I am not as interested in plants as my mother, but the desire to help others is definitely there.  My mother has made me realize the importance of hard work and dedication.  Without it, her job would not be successful.  I want to be one of the ones making positive impacts in others lives just like her.”

Photo of Anna Thornton

Anna Thornton is the daughter of Allan and Laura Thornton from Sampson County.  She will be studying Marine Science at Alabama University in the fall. Anna says she would also like to study biomedical engineering or literature while doing research.  She would like to continue researching as she attends graduate school and then earn her doctorate degree in marine science.  She would like to work with conservation efforts across the world, with animals on land and sea.  Anna plans to do summer internships and study abroad so that she can experience different perspectives and cultures.  She will also continue helping others and volunteering throughout college and her career.  When asked how her Extension Agent father, Allan Thornton has impacted her life, she says, “my father is one of the most influential people in my life.  I have always admired his work ethic and attitude towards life.  He has inspired me to do my best in everything I do and to do it with a happy heart.  He has also taught me not to be afraid of hard, dirty work, for that is where the seed of success is planted.  My Dad continues to teach me to laugh at myself and to not be afraid to make mistakes.  Besides life lessons, he has imparted his strangely accurate knowledge of John Wayne movies and country music, of which I am not quite sure whether to thank him for yet.”

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