Microeconomics Workshop

Seminars are on Wednesdays from 3 - 4:15pm in Nelson 4210, unless otherwise noted.

Other area seminars of interest: ARE Workshops, THEW


February 5: Stephen Billings, Univ. of Colorado, "Smoking Gun? Linking Gun Ownership to Neighborhood Crime"

The remaining seminars for Spring 2020 have been canceled.
March 25: Melissa McInerney, Tufts University
April 1 (Joint with HEAPSS): Garth Heutel, Georgia State University, "Labor Market Search, Congestion Externalities, and Optimal Environmental Policy”
April 15: Guillaume Haeringer, Baruch College
May 6: 3rd year workshop student presentations



(Special date:) Friday September 13: Huiwen Hu, NCSU, Practice job talk, "A Dynamic Bidding Model with Outside Options"
October 2: Kentaro Tomoeda - University of Technology Sydney - "Sophistication and Cautiousness in College Admissions"
October 16: Gema Zamarro Rodriguez, University of Arkansas, “Testing, Teacher Turnover and the Distribution of Teachers Across Grades and Schools” (email me for a copy of the paper)
October 30: Sonal Yadav, Umea School of Business, TBA


March 18: SPECIAL MONDAY SEMINAR, Olivier Tercieux, Paris School of Economics (visiting Stanford), "The Design of Teacher Assignment: Theory and Evidence"

April 17: Rodrigo Velez, Texas A&M, TBD

April 24: 3rd Year Student Presentations (Gregory Dowd and John Westall)

May 8 SPECIAL TIME 1:30-3:45pm: 4th Year Student Presentations (Siyan Liu and Yifan Xie)