Peter Balint-Kurti is a Research Geneticist with USDA-ARS, Plant Science Research Unit, at NC State University.   He has a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology/Genetics from the John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK and has worked on slime moulds and pigs as well as on plants (his first love).   Before joining the ARS in June 2003, he worked in commercial biotechnology.


Maggie Wagner got her Ph.D. in May 2016 from Duke University, advised by Tom Mitchell-Olds. She is working on the maize microbiome to learn whether QTL for broad-spectrum fungal disease resistance in
maize affect the microbiome and whether they operate, in part, by affecting non-pathogenic fungal endophytes.  Maggie has a post-doctoral fellowship from the 
NSF Plant Genome Research Program and is also funded by the Plant Soil Microbial Community Consortium.
More info on Maggie can be found here.  Her email is 

 Shannon Sermons.  from Plymouth, NC via the North Carolina School of Science and Math and Florida State University. She has an MS and a PhD degree from the Crop Science Dept. at NCSU working with Tom Rufty on plant water and nutrient stress responses. Shannon is the lab manager and has been with us since Feb 2013.


 Qin Yang  came to us from Mingliang Xu's lab in at the China Agricultural University where she completed her PhD working on Gibberella stalk rot. She is now working on the identification and characterization of quantitative disease resistance genes as part of our NSF-funded project Genetic and Histological Dissection of Phenotypic Variation in Quantitative Resistance to Maize Diseases


Lais Bastos Martins did her undergraduate degree in agronomy State University of Londrina, Brazil.  She worked for Jim Holland for 2 years  is doing her master's with us and Jim on mapping loci for multiple disease resistance. She likes cooking, baking, organizing events and chatting.
Xiaodong Xie comes to us from Maize Research Institute of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Science in China on a one  year fellowship.  He is working on necrotrophic effectors.

Rozalynne Samira is from Bangladesh and  she has completed her Ph.D with Dr. Terri A. Long at NC State University on 'Elucidating gene regulatory mechanism of Fe homeostasis in plants' from Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. She has joined us to work on our Sorghum basal defense response and disease resistance project.  Email: 
 Greg Marshall hails from various US states.  He's been our top field tech for a few years now.  Seen here in his natural environment. 
Saet Byul Kim finished her Ph.D. on a pepper virus resistance gene and the corresponding avirulence determinant at Seoul National University, South Korea.  She's working on the control of maize HR and associated projects.
Shailesh Karre comes to us from India via McGill University where he did his PhD on genes associated with disease resistance in wheat.  He is working on the molecular genetics of the hypersensitive response.