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Important Reminders:
  • Thursday, November 16: Pasta Dinner
  • Friday, November 17: Spelling Test
  • November 22-24: Thanksgiving Break
  • Tuesday, November 28: School Picture Retakes

  • Friday, December 1: Grades Close
  • Tuesday, December 5: Chorus Concert 7:00pm (grades 4 and 5)
  • Friday, December 8: Early Release
  • Week of December 11: States and Capitals Quiz #2
  • Friday, December 15: Report Cards Sent Home

Specials Schedule This Week:

E - Mon.    Library

F - Tues.   Chorus & Computer

A - Wed.    P.E.   

B - Thurs.  P.E.

C -  Fri      Music & Health

D - Mon.    Art  

E - Tues.   Library



Class News/What's Happening/Announcements
Monday, November 13, 2017

Greetings and welcome to our classroom website. The purpose of this site is to foster communication between home and school. My hope is that you will find our class web-site to be helpful and informative.

**Spelling lists went home today.  The test will be this Friday, November 17th.  Students should be practicing all week in school and at home.

School Supplies:

Believe it or not, many students have run out (or lost) some of their school supplies.  I would really appreciate it if you could check in with your son or daughter to ask them if they need any more supplies.  I have especially been giving a large number of pencils and dry erase markers out lately.  Thank you so much!

Accelerated Reader (AR) Goals:

Students are off and running trying to meet their A.R. goals by Friday, December 8.  That gives everyone about 4 more weeks to read, read, read!!  When we meet our goals, our class will have a special read-a-thon morning or afternoon planned to celebrate our reading accomplishments where students can bring in sleeping bags, blankets, pillow, slippers, etc. to enjoy an hour or so of reading together.  Let's continue reaching our goals!  


We just started our new science unit on soil, rocks, and landforms.  We began with a study of earth materials and how the shape of Earth's surface changes over time.  Students are exploring what soil is and through hands-on investigations will discover it is made up of different amounts of rocks (gravel, sand, pebbles, clay, and silt), humus (deacaying plants and animals and nutrients), and organisms (worms, insects, and bacteria).  

We then moved on to investigate what causes big rocks to break down into smaller rocks.  Students learned about physical weathering (rocks falling in landslides, rocks hitting each other in moving water, wind, waves knocking rocks around, etc.), abrasion, freezing and thawing.  Ask your son/daughter about some of the fun experiments we have done in class so far!  Next up is .... chemical weathering!!    

States and Capitals Quiz #2:

The second quiz is coming up the week of December 11.  Students will be asked to name and locate the 12 states and capitals in the Southeast Region as well as the previous 11 in the Northeast Region.  They will be provided with a word bank of all the states and capitals.  Keep practicing!


We kicked off Unit 4 which focuses on using strategies and properties to multiply by 2-digit numbers.


-Use mental math strategies to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit multiples of 10

-Use models and properties of operations to multiply 2-digit numbers by multiples of 10

-Estimate products for 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication problems by rounding the factors to multiples of 10

-Use arrays, place value, partial products, and properties of operations to multiply two 2-digit numbers

-Use the Distributive Property and an area model to multiply two 2-digit numbers

-Use the expanded and the standard algorithm to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers.  Estimate to check is products are reasonable

-Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them