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Important Reminders:
  • Friday, April 27:  Deadline for field trip volunteers

  • Friday, May 4:          Field Trip Consent Form and check to cover the cost ($35) due
  • Wednesday, May 9: MCAS Math Session 1 (Grade 4)
  • Friday, May 11:         MCAS Math Session 2 (Grade 4)

  • Tuesday, June 12: Nashua Watershed River Classroom Field Trip with 4Walsh

Specials Schedule This Week:

B -  Mon.   P.E.

C - Tues.   Music & Health

D- Wed.   Art

E - Thurs. Library

F -  Fri      Chorus & Computer

A - Mon.   P.E.

B - Tues.  P.E.



Class News/What's Happening/Announcements
Monday, April 23, 2018

Greetings and welcome to our classroom website. The purpose of this site is to foster communication between home and school. My hope is that you will find our class web-site to be helpful and informative.


Volunteers Needed for Fourth Grade Field Trip:

We will be heading to the Nashua Watershed River Classroom on Tuesday, June 12 raindate Wednesday, June 13) to learn about the river's ecosystem and go canoeing!  I am looking for 9 parent volunteers to join us as chaperones.  Please let me know by this Friday (April 27) if you are interested.  First come first serve!  If there are more than 9 of you who are interested, I will add you to a waiting list. 

4Walsh will be joining our class on the field trip and 4Quill and 4Gothie will go on a different day that week.  The field trip will last all day, but arrival to and from school will be the same as always.  

For this field trip you need to fill out a CORI form if you haven't done so in the last 3 years.  Let me know if you would like me to send one home for you.  You do not need to be fingerprinted to attend since we will all be staying together as a group (even when we are in separate canoes).  

How much fun does this field trip sound!

Field Trip Form and Check:

We will be traveling to the Nashua River Watershed on Tuesday, June 12 with 4Walsh.  There is one form coming home today that needs to be completed and returned along with a check to cover the cost of the trip and bus ($35) by next Friday, May 4.  Please make the check payable to Florence Sawyer School.


We will begin and finished Unit 10 this week which extends multiplication concepts to fractions since it is a short unit.  


  • Use a model to understand a fraction as a multiple of a unit fraction
  • Use models to multiply fractions by whole numbers
  • Use symbols and equations to multiply a fraction by a whole number
  • Use drawings and equations to represent and solve problems involving multiplying a whole number and a mixed number
  • Use the four operations to solve problems involing time
  • Use previously learned concepts and skills to represent and solve problems

We will also review geometry concepts and vocabulary words using our Common Core Math Workbooks as we practice for the upcoming Math MCAS.  

Reading/Writing Informative Research:

Over the next few weeks, students will read a variety of nonfiction books on a science or history topic of choice.  The purpose of reading the books is for students to figure out three subtopics they are most interested in to write an informational report on.  Starting next week, I will model for the class how to take notes on three subtopics which will eventually turn into a three paragraph essay. 

School Supplies:

Can you please check in with your son/daughter to see if they need any of their school supplies replenished at this point in the school year?  Many students have again run out of pencils, lost their scissors, misplaced their dry erase marker, can’t find their colored pencils, etc.  Thank you!

Historical Fiction Book Clubs:

Before the break, we began historical fiction book club groups with I Survived books.  Students are taking notes, growing ideas about fact versus fiction, and having book discussions with their book club group members.  

Full Band:

Beginning Tuesday 2/27 - Full Band Rehearsals every "B" day for the remainder of the school year—in school, everyone needs their instrument

Clarinet and Sax lessons will continue on "D" days for the remainder of the school year - in school

Beginning on May 30th all "B" and "D" day rehearsals will be "full band".  


"Full Band" Rehearsal Dates:

April 23

May 1, 9, 17, 25, and 30

June 5 and 7

(post concert schedule TBD)


Clarinet/Saxophone Lessons:

April 25

May 3, 11, and 21