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Important Reminders:
  • Friday, March 31:     States and Capitals Quiz #4
  • Friday, March 31:      4Sig Pajama Day and Read-athon
  • Friday, March 31:      Sign and return manila folder
  • Friday, March 31:        Lip Sync 7:00-9:00PM

  • Tuesday, April 4:     MCAS ELA Session 1 (grade 4)
  • Wedneday, April 5:   State Project choice sheet due
  • Friday, April 7:        MCAS ELA Session 2 (grade 4)
  • Wed., April 12:        MCAS ELA Session 3 (grade 4)
  • April 17-21:              April Vacation
  • Friday, April 28:       Early Release

  • Thursday, May 11:   MCAS Math Session 1 (grade 4)
  • Tuesday, May 16:    MCAS Math Session 2 (grade 4)
  • Friday, May 19:        State Project due

Specials Schedule This Week:

F -  Mon.   P.E.

A - Tues.   Computer

B - Wed.   Chorus & Health

C - Thurs.  Art & P.E.

D - Fri.      Music 

E - Mon.    Library

F - Tues.   P.E.



Class News/What's Happening/Announcements
Monday, March 27, 2017

Greetings and welcome to our classroom website. The purpose of this site is to foster communication between home and school. My hope is that you will find our class web-site to be helpful and informative.


States and Capitals Quiz:

The fourth quiz is coming up this Friday, March 31st.  Students will be asked to name and locate all of the states in the West (newly added), Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast.  They will be provided with a word bank of all the states and capitals for the quiz.  Keep practicing!

State Research:

The fourth grade has been working on their state research for the last couplde of months.  Hopefully you are done now and are ready to start your project!  If not, use these next two weeks to finish it up as part of your homework. 

You have two ways to present your research this year: either by making a poster or a slideshow in your Google Doc account. 

By Wednesday, April 5, please return the project choice sheet, telling me which project you will be doing.

On Monday, April 10, I will then send home the guidelines for the project that you choose.  

The final project will be due on Friday, May 19th.   

4-Sig Read-athon:

Every student in 4Sig has been doing a wonderful job during Read to Self time (silent reading) this year.  The number of books we have read combined as a class is impressive.   We have also met our third goal by earning way over 100 stickers on our Accelerated Reader (online comprehension quiz points) class chart as a class!  To celebrate these great accomplishments, we are going to have Pajama Day and a read-a-thon during part of the afternoon on Friday, March 31st.  Students are welcome to wear pajamas, bring comfy slippers, any books from home, a pillow, and a blanket or sleeping bag.  Please make sure your son/daughter can carry everything to and from school. 


Objectives for Unit 9:

  • use fraction strips and numbers lines to add fractions
  • decompose a fraction or mixed number into a sum of fractions in more than one way
  • solve problems involving joining parts of the same whole by adding fractions
  • use tools such as fraction strips, area models, and number lines to subtraction fractions
  • solve problems involving separating parts of the same whole by subtracting fractions
  • count forward or backward on a number line to add or subtract fractions
  • use number lines and benchmark fractions to estimate fraction sum and differences
  • use models and equivalent fractions to add and subtract mixed numbers
  • use equivalent fractions and properties of operations to add mixed numbers with like demoninators
  • use equivalent fractions, properties of operations, and the relationship between addition and subtraction to subtract mixed numbers with like denominators
  • use previously learned concepts and skills to represent and solve problems 


Full Band:

Beginning Tuesday 2/28 - Full Band Rehearsals every "B" day for the remainder of the school year—in school, everyone needs their instrument

Clarinet and Sax lessons will continue on "D" days for the remainder of the school year - in school

Beginning on June 1st all "B" and "D" day rehearsals will be "full band".  

"Full Band" Rehearsal Dates:

Feb 28

March 8, (17?), 21, and 29

April 6 and 14

May 2, 10, 18, and 30

June 1, 7, 9, and 15

Clarinet/Trumpet Lessons:

March 2, 14, 23, and 31

April 10 and 25

May 4, 12, and 22, (26?)