"I believe that Global Trade Mission was an overall good experience. 

I learned more on how businesses operate globally and how global businesses really works. I was able to discuss different issues with people around the entire world. I also learned a lot about culture and paying respect to other countries in order to do good business with them. I was also able to use advanced technology like videoconferencing in order to complete the tasks I had at hand. Most of all, I had an opportunity to work with different people in order to accomplish one common goal."
-Brian Opyrchal

"Global Trade Mission was a great experience for me. 

It was incredibly interesting listening to representatives from different countries and hearing about their countries and business practices. I think overall it showed me a different perspective on the global marketplace. It was very challenging but felt good once it was all over. We all worked incredibly hard for a few days and learned a lot in the small amount of time given. It was a great experience that should be repeated again next year! "
-Josh Frontiera

"The Global Trade Mission 2007 was a fun, educational, and challenging experience. 

Students across Lower Michigan had the opportunity to work in teams to create solutions to problems that puzzle leaders worldwide. In a constructive environment, the teams practiced research and analyzing while working together under the stress of deadlines. In a group, the teams put together a business presentation that was delivered in front of a panel of judges. Students were able to recognize strengths and improve upon weaknesses. As the weekend progressed, both students and mentors alike were able to participate in video conferences with professionals around the world, and meet delegates from countries as far as Africa. In particular I enjoyed learning that in many nations culture plays a big role in business. Also, I learned the importance of communication, especially when a deadline is lurking in the present future. I believe that every individual who had the opportunity to partake in Global Trade Mission 2007 had an amazing experience..an education away from the text books that can be applied to real life situations, and in an ever-increasing business world."
-Laura Van Hout

"The experience I had at Global Trade Mission was incredible! 

l learned a lot about the growing global economy, global business, and teamwork. The team that I was put with was amazing! Kai, Kala, and Kalena turned out to be the greatest business partners and grew to become friends. All of our opinions differed, which was a great thing because it forced us to work to find the most effective middle ground. I would suggest the Global Trade Mission to everyone because it gave me great exposure to the daily life of the businessperson working in the global marketplace!"
-Rober Wright


"The Global Trade Mission Program is a very unique experience and provides strong creative learning for high school students which could never be imparted through a text book alone.  
The students who participate are required to work in four person teams with other students around the region and create a fictional business plan for emerging technologies across international borders.  Their outside of the box thinking and energy are both refreshing and promising.  I wish they would have had such a program when I was in school.  However as a business coach and evaluator, I was given far more than what I was able to provide to the students. I think it is a one of a kind opportunity to give back to the community."
-Beverly Cornell
Director of Marketing and Sales
Iterotext Translation Services

"Participating in the GTM was one of the most worthwhile things I will do all year.  
I was flabbergasted at how talented, bright and energetic the students were.  I also was humbled at how much I learned in the event (there were times I wasn’t sure who the “teachers” were).  I would recommend participation in the GTM to any business professional seeking enrichment. I originally signed up to volunteer for the minimum requested time, which was two hours, total. But once I got involved, I was hooked and ended volunteering for two days!"
-Kevin B. Lasser
Chief Executive Officer
Pure Entropy Technologies, LLC

"Global Trade Mission for high school students was one of the more exciting programs I've been involved with.  
I attended as a business coach and evaluator, so I had the chance to see things at work over all three days.  The first day, students had ideas flowing with some uncertainty, but the form of each team’s presentation was taking shape.  The second day, all the students were deep in work.  As an evaluator, I felt bad if I interrupted them when I walked into a room!  On both days, they weren’t reluctant to ask questions and use each evaluator’s knowledge to advance their project.  On Presentation Day, I was really amazed and pleased at how well the presentations and projects came together.  While it is a short period of time, it is clear that a lot of learning goes on and students I talked with afterwards were more inspired to take paths they hadn’t thought of before in their education.  This is an example of what learning and school should be.  I applaud you for the program’s success and hope you are able to touch many students in the future."
-Carolann Morykwas
Credit Executive
JP Morgan Chase Bank