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STAR Testing

1. Click on the STAR Assessments logo to the right

2. Click "I'm a Student"

3. Type in network username and password (what you use to log in to computers)

4. Click on correct test that you will be taking

Click below &




Typing agent

1. Click the logo to the RIGHT

2. Log in with network username and password (what you use to log into computers)

Click logo to the right to access our library catalog :)

To log in, click Login on the top right corner and then log in with your network username and password (what you use to log into computers)


Is there something that you wish that Mrs. Wilcox knew? Something that is bothering you? Something you are experiencing? Something that is difficult? If there is something that you want me to know or that you need to talk about, please click the picture above and I will do whatever I can to help!!! When the page comes up, please enter your name in the first section and what you would like me to know in the second section!

To access the County Library's Catalog, click the library card picture below!



Student Acceptable Use Reminders Video:

Each of you should have read through our Student Acceptable Use of Technology at home and signed or initialed and returned the Student Internet/LAN Acceptable Use Agreement. The video below is a great reminder and summary of some of the most important things that we need to remember when using our school's computers or other technology.

What do you remember?

Click the Kahoot Logo to the right to test your knowledge about our Student Acceptable Use of Technology guidelines!

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Keyboarding (typing) is a basic and essential skill in today's world. Students will see their skills improve if they practice consistently. Whether practicing a lesson, or playing a game, using proper fingering is essential to developing good habits and ultimately increasing speed and efficiency.

Keyboarding speed goals by end of year = grade level multiplied by 5

3rd grade = 15 wpm 4th grade = 20 wpm 5th grade = 25 wpm 6th grade = 30 wpm


Click the link below for the link to Kahoot!!!



Use this awesome site to find and download properly attributed, Creative Commons photos for school!



One of the Web's Best Search Engines - only gives you results that have been approved by research experts, teachers, and librarians:



A search engine that doesn't collect personal information and a goal to get you where you want to go in fewer clicks:




You are just a click away from taking a quiz

on the book you just read!


Wondering if a book you're interested in has an AR Quiz? Click the logo above to find out!


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* You will need to use Mrs. Wilcox's or your classroom teacher's login information to access,

or else you can create your own account :)


Welcome to the homepage for the Florence Elementary School Computer Lab!!!

For access to information and resources for each grade level, click the links on the left side!


This site is a work in progress, so please check back often to see what's new!

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Click logo to the right to access Badgerlink Resources:

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