Mrs. Polacek’s 
Weekly News

·      There is no weekly spelling test the week of September 25th.  

·      A great way to study at home is to use the website www.spellingcity.com
See Mrs. Zuniga's website for details on the week.

Homework on, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Social Studies:
· Chapter 3

Students will understand the regions of the United States and the American Indian tribes that lived in those regions.

The Chapter 3 packet is due Tuesday, September 26th.  The assessment for the end of this chapter will be to research an assigned American Indian tribe and present a skit with a partner that shows you understand their environment, adaptations, housing, clothing and ways to meet needs.  


 Please see Miss Zuniga's web page for Science.

Writer’s Workshop:
·      Unit of Study - Personal Narratives

·      Practicing -  Adding thoughts and feelings, visual and audible craft
·      Grammar -  Types of Sentences review

·      Selection this week: Starting book groups and discussions.  See Google Classroom pages for assignments
·      Focus strategies and concepts - Inferring and Character Traits
    There will be a book test on Tuesday, October 10th.  
Other notes:
  • Turn in those Box-Tops!  Every one helps raise money for classroom supplies from PTA.  Thanks!
  • The Wheeler Glow Run will be this Friday, September 29th at Millard West.