Assignments week of: October 16

Welcome to third grade! I am so excited to be a part of this learning community and ready to be "awed" by a new group of third graders. Our school theme this year is “The Best of Me, The Best of We- THE PACT!” We are committing to being the best versions of ourselves and through this theme our classroom "pact" will focus  on integrity...doing the right thing EVEN when nobody is watching.  Our pact will connect to our classroom expectations of being safe, responsible, respectful, and awesome problem solvers. 

Communication is important! I am committed to keeping my families informed and updated on classroom events, current assignments, and celebrations using this site. Please email me at if you have questions or concerns. I look forward to our partnership!

Math (8:45):   We continue in unit 2...more multiplication and division. Our focus will be continue our practice with order of operations and writing 2-step equations. It's really important that an adult/homework helper is checking over math homework. Thanks!

Reading (10:00):  During this short week we will be reviewing reading skills and discussing the literary element, theme and the "Aha" moment that may occur in our reading selections in our large group discussion. 

Spelling/Grammar (12:00):   This week will be a review week in spelling and grammar. There will be no spelling test this week. We will practice using the dictionary.
    *Tuesdays:  12:00 Library book check out.

Science/Health (1:00): October is drug awareness month and we will recognize Red Ribbon Week.  We will look at our next Health unit:  Drug Awareness. 

Social Studies (1:45):  Students are learning about immigration. They have had fun discussions about their heritage. 
 Mrs. Nimmo email:
*Please visit Mrs. Nimmo's webpage on Wheeler's site under Third Grade Teachers. 

Writers's Workshop (2:30): We continue with the descriptive mode of writing. Students published their monster descriptions and we will hang our monster pictures up, read the descriptions, and decide which picture matches the description. Our next piece will be describing the best Halloween Night. 

Art (Wed. 1:00):