Weekly Work

Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 school year!  I am extremely excited to get to work with all our Third Graders to help make them the very best they can be.  Below, you will find subjects that we will begin to undertake this year.  As our subject matter changes, the postings below will change as well!  Coming here often is a great way to keep up on current curriculum at Wheeler!

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This week in math, we will be working on  Chapter 9:  More Multiplication and Division.  In this chapter, we will continue to learn how to use our multiplication strategies to  multiply double digit numbers. 

Monday, May 1st: 9-11
May 2nd: : 9-12
May 3rd: No Homework
May 4th: No Homework
May 5th: 9-14

If needed, homework sheets can be printed from the "Math and Math Homework Pages" tab in the menu above.  Simply match the lesson number to the homework number.  For example, if we do lesson 1-4 that day, the kids will have homework 1-4 that evening.

This  week, we will be be working more on the  suffixes:  -tion, -sion and -ture.  Kids will have their first practice test on Wednesday.  If they do not earn 100% on Wednesday's test, they will have a second chance on Friday.  Look for your child's spelling list in their homework folders each Monday.  This list is to be kept at home, and should not come back to school.  A second list is kept in their spelling book for school work.  SpellingCity.com is a great website for spelling.  Kids can enter their personal lists and pick from multiple activities that use them.


This week in science, we will be finishing  
up our work about  how the earth is heated through radiation, conduction and convection.  On Tuesday we will review our chapter concepts and a review will come home for Thursday's test.  Important vocabulary for us in this section of our chapter are:  radiation, conduction and  convection.


Story: NeSA Prep Tests
Skill: NeSA Prep
Comprehension Strategy: Test-taking skills
Vocabulary Skill: NeSA Prep

Writing / Grammar

We are finishing our last published poem called a concrete/shape poem. Each student will publish this type of poem for their class poetry book. The rest of the week we will use our Omaha history knowledge to write an article about coming to Omaha in the early 1800's. 

Social Studies  

Omaha Unit

We continue our study of Omaha by learning about the original inhabitants, the Omaha tribe. We'll learn about their way of life including their homes, hunting, clothing, food, crops, games, parenting, and more.