Weekly Work

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year!  I am
extremely excited to get to work with all our Third Graders to help make them the very best they can be. Below, you will find subjects that we will begin to undertake this year.  As our subject matter changes, the postings below will change as well!  Coming here often is a great way to keep up on current curriculum at Wheeler!

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This week in math, we will continue  Chapter 2:  More Multiplication and Division.  In this chapter, students have been using different strategies for multiplying and dividing.  We will see how the strategies we have learned can be applied to problems with larger factors.  
It is vital that we can not only solve problems, but use our problem solving abilities to analyze others work to determine if the steps to the solution were accurate.

Homework for the next two weeks will be:

Monday, October 9th: 2-10
October 10th: : 2-11
October 11th: No Homework
October 12th: 2-12
October 13th: 2-13

Monday, October 16th: 2-14
October 17th: : 2-15
October 18th: No Homework
October 19th: No School
October 20thNo School

If needed, homework sheets can be printed from the "Math and Math Homework Pages" tab in the menu above.  Simply match the lesson number to the homework number.  For example, if we do lesson 1-4 that day (which stands for Chapter 1, Lesson 4) at school, the kids will have homework 1-4 that evening.

Spelling lists come home Monday for Friday's tests! 

Each week we will have a spelling pattern or rule that we will learn to not only help us in our spelling but also our reading and writing. While it's wonderful when students learn their weekly lists, the ultimate goal is for them to carry over those new learnings to their daily writing! Please help your child review the patterns we talk about in school as they study their lists. In addition to the weekly lists, your child will be learning the 3rd grade priority words found in the folder below. We look for mastery by the END of third grade and there will be periodic checks of these words throughout the year. Lists will come home on Mondays, and the test is first thing on Friday mornings. 

This week's rule:  "Vowel sound in the word "boy".


This week in 
science, we will explore the different adaptations animals have in terms of body parts and behavior.  After this, we will look at how animals from the past have many of the same adaptations as animals of today.
As we complete our look at adaptations, we will begin looking at the different ecosystems found on Earth that animals live in.  We will see how adaptations help animals survive in the ecosystems they can be found in.


Third grade students make tremendous growth in reading during this particular school year! They move from concrete "right there" questions and answers to inferential "reading between the lines" questions and answers. This is done through much modeling and explicit instruction during whole group, guided groups, and one-on-one sessions. Students will be given explicit strategies to know when to stop and notice what is happening in both fiction and non-fiction texts and ask WHY, closely read texts to figure out what they know and need to figure out in order to understand better, and learn how to find evidence in texts to support their answers. This is taught in a step-by-step process so that by the time the Nebraska State Test comes up in April, students are prepared and confident in their test-taking skills and overall reading capabilities.

Story:  If You Made a Million
Skill:    Sequence
Comprehension Strategy: Metacognition
Vocabulary Skill: Multiple Meaning Words


This week in writing, students will be working on our first descriptive writing piece together using the steps we have been learning.  As we complete our writing piece, students will be working on their own monster descriptive writing piece.

Social Studies  


We will learn about our place in space starting with Earth, to the hemisphere, to the continent, the state, the city, and the neighborhood.  As we learn about these things, we will learn the names and locations of all of Earth's continents and oceans.