The Learning Target for Transitions is:

The students will learn transitional skills social skills and life skills and apply to various settings in and out of the school environment.

This year we are working on Job Skills and Preparing for life after high school.

Students will have the opportunity to attend the following field trips:

Project Search

Project Search:

Project Search is an extension of your child's Senior year. Students with IEP's are given the opportunity, to go through three internships within the Avera Hospital. Upon completion of the 9 month program, students will gain the skills they need to be competitively employable within their community.

Project Search is free to students and transportation is provided to and from Marshall each day.

Occupational Skills Program

Occupational Skills Program Ridgewater

The Occupational Skills Program is housed on the Ridgewater Campus in Willmar MN. This program students work in an internship from 8 to approximately noon each day. The students work with the program staff to set up the internships with various business with the Willmar area. Each day from 1:00 to 3:00 students return to the Ridgewater campus to work on a variety of topics with the program staff.

Other Services Available

Southwest Center for Independent Living (SWISCL) Stacey from SWISCL joins our Transition II class twice a month.

During her time here she works with students on Employment Skills, and Independent Living Skills. Stacey is also available to work with students prepare to take their permit test for driving, CNA examinations etc..

If you would like more information on the above programs please give me a call (320-269-6446 ext 1190) or email me at

Private Industry Council

Vocational Rehabilitation