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MAP & EOC Resources

Spring 2018 Testing Dates

Gratz Brown Elementary
MAP  Testing Schedule

Testing Window:  April 3 - May 22

3rd Grade Math: TBD
3rd Grade ELA:  TBD
4th Grade Math: TBD
4th Grade ELA:  TBD
5th Grade Math: TBD 
5th Grade ELA:  TBD
5th Grade Science:  TBD
Moberly Middle School
MAP Testing Schedule

Testing Window:  April 3 - May 22

6th Grade Math: TBD
6th Grade ELA:  TBD
7th Grade Math:  TBD
7th Grade ELA:  TBD
8th Grade Math: TBD
8th Grade ELA:  TBD
8th Grade Science:  TBD

Moberly High School 
End Of Course Testing Schedule

Test Window:  April 17 - May 10

Government:  TBD
English 1:  TBD
English 2:  TBD
Algebra 1:  TBD
Geometry:  TBD
Algebra 2:  TBD
Biology:  TBD
American History: TBD
Personal Finance:  TBD

Other State & District Assessment Testing Dates
ACT (Juniors):  February 27th, must sign-up by December 21st
ACT WorkKeys (all 12th graders):  TBD
MATC- Technical Skill Attainment Assessments:  Mar. 26 - May 5

EOC Resources
2016 - 2017 EOC Pre-Test Administration Manual

2017 - 2018 EOC Training for Test Examiners
The following documents are required training for the End-of-Course assessments.
Each powerpoint tackles a separate topic and can be reviewed at your own pace.
These PowerPoint slides do not contain audio.

MAP Grade Level Resources
MAP Online Tool Training (must use Google's Chrome Browser to view)

The National PTA has developed Parent Guides for Success to respond to the Common Core State Standards.  The National PTA created the guides for grades K-8 and two guides for 9-12 (one for English Language and one for mathematics).  They are available for download on this website. 

2017 - 2018 MAP Training for Test Examiners

MAP Test Examiners Manuals
MAP & EOC Item Specifications