Watercolor Spider Web


Watercolor paper with webs drawn on

White oil pastel



Large paint brush

Table protectors


1. First, draw a spider web on your paper with a white or light-colored oil pastel. I will Lightly draw the spider webs with pencil, but would like for the students to dry and go over my lines with a white oil pastel. Tell them to press hard.  If someone isn't getting it, you can do it for them. They may want to go over their lines a few times. 

2. Paint over and around the spider web with your watercolor paints. Make sure students really "wake up" their paints. This means adding a lot of water and scrubbing the paints with a brush to liquify them. Urge students to use more than on color and paint to the edges. 

Spider Web Art Project for Children with Watercolor Resist *Great Halloween idea for kids

3. Sprinkle salt on the watercolor paint while it’s still wet. This is an optional step but is especially fun for kids and creates a lovely mottled effect as the salt absorbs the liquid around it.

4. Let dry, rub off the salt, and display.

5. I will have students make or draw spiders on the webs if they want.