Hand Built or Wheel Thrown (For a round house)

Slab Building Process
    1. Create or use an existing template
            Will need 2 sides, a base, a front and back, and 2 roof pieces. You can create these out of posterboard. 
     2. Make each piece of the house- DO NOT LET PIECES DRY, KEEP THEM WET til all pieces have been created. 
                I would recommend you design each piece separately BEFORE putting the house together. 
                This includes adding windows, doors, shingles, shutters...
                Decorations can be carved out, carved into the clay, or attached to the clay. 
    3. Once all pieces have been made and designed, you can assemble the house. (Make sure all pieces of the house are LEATHER HARD). 
    4. Other items such as chimney, dormers, and porch could also be added once the house has been assembled. 

Wheel Throwing Process
1. Create the form of your house on the wheel and cover it with a plastic bag to keep it moist. 
2. Attach, cut, and carve textures and designs into the house.