The work

"El Luchador"acrylic and ink on wood16" x 24"
"June"acrylic on stretched textile18" x 24"
"The Bird and the Honey Bee"acrylic on wood9" x 13"
"The Hummingbird"mixed media on masonite15" x 22"
"Blue Hand"mixed media on wood9.25" x 12"
"Three Roses"mixed media on masonite24" x 32"
"Little Darlings"mixed media on wood24" x 24"
"Sandra"acrylic on wood 12" x 12"
"Rose"mixed media on masonite19.5" x 18.5"
"Beehive"acrylic on canvas12" x 16"
"Fly Fishing"acrylic and ink on canvas 16" x 12"
"Some Peonies"acrylic on wood28" x 23"
"Ascension"acrylic, spray paint on wood13" x 16"
"Dansel"mixed media on canvas 14" x 18"
"Diving Bell"acrylic, spray paint on wood14" x 19"
"Jean"acrylic on stretched textile16" x 20"
"Kate (stripe)"acrylic on stretched textile16" x 20"
"Sphere"mixed media on canvas13" x 16"
"Flora"acrylic on stretched textile20" x 40"
"Gaze"mixed media on canvas12" x 15"
"Gene"ink and acrylic on wood8.5" x 10"
"Skull 2"acrylic on stretched textile18" x 24"
"Some Gals"acrylic on masonite30" x 20"
"Jo"acrylic on stretched textile20" x 24"
"Buttoned Up"acrylic and ink on stretched textile18" x 24"
"Emily"acrylic on wood14.5" x 18"
"Sharon"mixed media on stretched textile18" x 18"
"The Peony and The Butterfly"acrylic on masonite12" round
"Grace"acrylic on wood11" x 12.5"
"Eyes Closed"mixed media on wood8" x 11"
"Four Planes"mixed media on canvas board14" x 11"
"Skull"acrylic and colored pencil on stretched textile25" x 25"
"Roller Girls"mixed media on wood16" x 17"
"Grenade"acrylic on stretched textile11" x 14"
"Black Moor"mixed media on wood8.5" x 11.5"
"Untitled"mixed media on canvas board16" x 20"
"Pulp"acrylic, colored pencil, paper on wood13.25" x 11.75"
"Derby"acrylic, paper, colored pencil on wood16" x 24"
"Mod"mixed media on masonite11" x 14"
"Alma"mixed media on wood8" x 12"
"Tweed"mixed media on wood6" x 15"
"Nuclear Family"mixed media on masonite14" x 11"
"Lift"acrylic, ink on wood48" x 24"
"Lily"acrylic and pencil on wood13.5" x 17.5"
"Cat Fight"mixed media on masonite15.5" x 17"
"Lux"acrylic on stretched textile18" x 24"
"The Rush"acrylic on wood36" round
"287"acrylic, ink, pencil, paper on books and wood28" x 33"
"The Bomb will Bring Us Together"mixed media on canvas16" x 20"
"Birds in Flight"acrylic on wood48" x 24"
"Ecstacy"acrylic, ink, pen, paper on wood56" x 58"
"Quadrilateral"acrylic, ink, paper on wood
"May"acrylic and paper on canvas" x "
"Boom Box"acrylic and spray paint on framed canvas15" x 17"
"Bed (cloth study)acrylic on canvas board
"Blur 1"acrylic, graphite on wood24" x 24"