MHS Lab Reservations

Lab time and space is still in very high demand. On 2nd Hour White Days, this lab is Ms. Cassidy Bowman's Advanced Journalism Classroom.

Second semester, it is in even higher demand because of research papers and state testing.

You may make reservations yourself, but if you need help, please call Mrs. Susan Arendsee at x4318.

This reservation calendar is simply a Google Sheet; if you need permission to access it, email

Use the tabs to change between the months..

If you need the Presentation Center, contact the Librarian at x4320 it; Lori uses this lab for instruction and book talks.


Our domain:

password default is: pass.word

students are urged to change it to:

first intial last initial 6 digit date of birth


Microsoft OneDrive

Our domain:

password default is:

Initials (1st capitalized, 2nd not capitalized) date of birth


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