Websites to Explore

Interesting Links

Social studiesThis link will connect you to quizzes, games, summaries, and more- all connected to our social studies textbook!
Math GamesThis website is FULL of fun  math games and activities covering all math topics!
ScienceThis link is full of fun experiments, activities, projects, and information all related to our science textbook!
ReadingThis will take you to a page full of links to mad libs, creating your own books, games, and much more!  There are also some informative sites for parents.
Cloud Webquest- Help stop Rob M. Blind from stealing of the world's clouds!
Weather LinksUse these links to help create a forecast, see the radar, or check local weather conditions. 
World View-  See a live picture of the world, taken from outer space!
Reading Series Website- Information and games linked to our stories from the Macmillan/McGraw Hill reading series. 
24 Game: First in MathThis is where we practice our basic math facts and play some problem solving games. 
Planet Information - Fun information, quizzes, and activities for all 8 (or 9) planets!
Election/Government website- This website includes many games and movies about our government's job and the election process.
Iowa Public Television - This site has educational games and activities to build skills.
Time for Kids- This website coincides with our weekly Time For Kids magazine. 
Math Webpage- This website matches our math series and reinforces the skills we are teaching in class. 
Scholastic Book Orders - This site allows parents to order Scholastic books online.
Enviro Explore- This site is an online club for kids who care about the environment and want to learn more about how they can help protect Iowa's resources. 
 Mrs. Meyer's Wiki Page - This is the wiki page used for communication and exploration in Mrs. Meyer's classroom. 
 Mrs. Thurn's Wiki Page  - This is the wiki page used for communication and exploration in Mrs. Thurn's class. 
Book Flix- Watch and read some of your favorite books!  Username is on your teacher's board and in your planner. 
Exploratorium - Investigate science (especially the solar system!) at this cool website.