Teacher Travel Programs

Free (or Inexpensive) Teacher Travel Programs

Originally compiled by Wendy Harris (St. Paul, MN) and Laura West (Hot Springs, AR)© 2019 The information may not be shared on any websites without permission.

Program: Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 11 months

Cost: Free ($6,000 monthly stipend plus $1,000 monthly cost of living allowance; relocation allowance, professional travel allowance)

Who qualifies: K-12 STEM educators

Deadline: December

Description: The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship (AEF) Program provides a unique professional development opportunity for accomplished K-12 educators in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to serve in the national education arena. Fellows spend 11 months working in a Federal agency or in a US Congressional office, bringing their extensive knowledge and experience in the classroom to education program and/or education policy efforts.

More information: http://science.energy.gov/wdts/einstein/

Albert H. Small Normandy Institute

Where: Washington, DC and then to Normandy, France

Length: 2 weeks

Cost: Free (Travel to/from Washington, DC is reimbursed up to $300)

Who Qualifies: Social Studies or French educators who travel with 1 of their students (a rising Junior or Senior)

Deadline: December

Description: The Albert H. Small Normandy Institute will take fifteen student-teacher teams on the learning experience of a lifetime. The Institute is an intensive program to learn about the D-Day Campaign of 1944 and the sacrifices made by young Americans to defeat tyranny. Members of the Institute will begin studying World War II and the Normandy Campaign in January by reading materials provided by the Institute and participating in online discussions of those materials supervised by Institute staff from The George Washington University. From June 15 through June 28, 2019, Institute members will travel to the campus of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., for a series of lectures and activities to deepen their understanding of elements of the conflict. Finally, the students and teachers will participate in a "staff-ride" (army-speak for a participatory educational tour led by GW professors) of many of the sites that played a role in the Normandy Campaign in France. Each student will be called upon to present a briefing concerning some element of the campaign at the appropriate site. For instance, a student giving a presentation on the Atlantic Wall will give their presentation inside one of the surviving German bunkers at Longues-Sur-Mer! As a capstone to the Institute, each team will select a member of the United States Armed Forces who participated in the Normandy Campaign and gave his or her life in the effort to liberate France, to prevent the spread of the fascist tyranny imposed by Nazi Germany, and to preserve our liberty. Each team will then, with assistance from the Institute staff, learn about that service member's life and write a biography of that soldier. The culmination of our Staff Ride will be an opportunity for the student member of each team to present a eulogy for their hometown hero while standing by his graveside in the Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville-Sur-Mer.

More information: https://www.ahsni.com/

Program: American Bar Summer Institute for Teachers

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (travel, lodging, and meal expenses reimbursed at U.S. government per diem rates)

Who qualifies: US History, Government, Civics, Law teachers

Deadline: March

Description: Designed especially for teachers of U.S. History, Government, Civics, and Law, the Federal Trials and Great Debates Summer Institute deepens participants’ knowledge of the federal judiciary and of the role the federal courts have played in key public controversies that have defined our constitutional and other legal rights.

Participants will work closely throughout the week-long Institute with leading historians, federal judges, and curriculum consultants, focusing on three landmark federal trials through curriculum developed by the Federal Judicial Center.

More information: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/public_education/Programs/summer_institute_for_teachers/

Program: American Battlefield Trust National Teacher Institute

Where: check website (Raleigh, NC in 2019)

Length of program: 4 days

Cost: free ($100 refundable deposit; $600 travel scholarship available)

Who qualifies: primarily K-12 educators and administrators

Deadline: check website

Description: Our annual National Teacher Institute brings together educators from all over the world. Educators will be immersed in a friendly, fun, and engaging learning environment, where they will be able to network with other educators, learn more about the historical topics that they teach in their classroom while acquiring new and innovative teaching methods. Our National Teacher Institute is more than just methodology, it's about making you a better, more well-rounded educator. We hope that you will leave the Institute with a better understanding of your subject matter, a passion for history education, and lifelong friendships.

More information: https://www.battlefields.org/events/national-teacher-institute-2019

Program: American Friends of Russian Folklore

Where: Various Russian locations

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: $800-$3300 (scholarships available)

Who qualifies: open

Deadline: varies

Description: Expeditions with a variety of emphases available. Our expedition volunteers record, film and photograph disappearing traditions and the people who are the tradition-bearers. Their work ends up in scholarly archives to be preserved for future generations.

More information: http://russianfolklorefriends.org/

Program: American Society of Newspaper Editors: Reynolds Journalism Institute

Where: Various participating universities in the USA

Length of program: 2 weeks during the months of June or July (depending on program)

Cost: Free (includes program, housing, travel)

Who qualifies: High school teachers

Deadline: Check website for date

Description: The Reynolds High School Journalism Institute is an intensive two-week journalism training program for high school teachers. Instruction is based on the core tenets of journalism and the skills needed to produce a top-notch student publication, primarily online with multimedia tools.

More information: http://www.rjionline.org/asne-reynolds-high-school-journalism-institute

Program: American Studies Summer Institute

Where: Boston, MA

Length of program: 2 weeks in July

Cost: $150 (no graduate credit) or $505 (with credit)

Who qualifies: teachers and graduate students in American Studies, political science, history, and related disciplines

Deadline: May

Description: For over two decades, teachers and graduate students have explored in depth a topic drawn from American history, politics, culture, or social policy through the American Studies Summer Institute, co-sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Boston and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The intensive two-week program, held at the Kennedy Library in July, includes informative and thought-provoking lectures and discussions led by a distinguished group of scholars and guests.

More information: https://www.jfklibrary.org/Education/Teachers/Professional-Development/American-Studies-Summer-Institute.aspx

Program: Annenberg-Newseum Summer Teacher Institute

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 3 days

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: Teachers

Deadline: check website

Description: The institute focuses on using new media and will feature professional development workshops, curatorial sessions, primary source analysis and collaborative lesson planning.

More information: http://www.newseum.org/2014/06/30/annenberg-newseum-summer-teacher-institute/

Program: APA/Clark University Workshop for High School Teachers

Where: Worcester, Massachusetts

Length of program: 3 days

Cost: free (dorm housing and materials included, $150 travel stipend, limited number of additional travel scholarships)

Who qualifies: high school psychology teachers

Deadline: April 15

Description: The APA/Clark University Workshop for High School Teachers has become one of the most sought-after professional development experiences available to high school psychology teachers. Held each summer since 2005 at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, the workshop brings together 25 high school psychology teachers to learn from master teachers, listen to faculty research presentations and keynote addresses, tour the Clark psychology laboratories and campus archives, network with one another.

More information: https://www.apa.org/ed/precollege/topss/clark-university-workshop

Program: Approaching Walden

Where: Walden Pond, Massachusetts

Length of program: 6 days

Cost: $50 (travel stipends available)

Who qualifies: high school educators and graduate students

Deadline: February

Description: The Approaching Walden seminar provides teachers with the skills they need to lead their students in a study of their home community. This place-based interdisciplinary workshop uses Henry David Thoreau’s writings and philosophy as a model. Through Thoreau’s example of living deliberately, we can learn how to do so in our own communities and pass it along to the next generation.

More information: https://www.walden.org/education/approaching-walden/

Program: ARISE

Where: Antarctica

Length of program: up to 2 ½ months in Antarctica, ongoing research activities over 2 ½ years

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: science educators from Germany, Italy, New Zealand or the US

Deadline: contact lhuffman@andrill.org or check website

Description: ANDRILL (geologic drilling) has established an immersion experience for science educators (ARISE) to facilitate development of mechanisms and materials to effectively connect ANDRILL with the public. The program will provide science educators with an insice view of ANDRILL, will engage them in Antarctic geoscience, and will utilize their expertise in education to develop and implement innovative approaches to geoscience education and public outreach. Elements of the program include on and off-ice research experience, and Antarctic geoscience course, and an educational working group.

More information: http://www.andrill.org/arise

Program: Ashbrook Center and Liberty Fund Weekend Colloquia

Where: various US locations

Length of program: 3 days

Cost: Free (includes lodging, meals, and materials; $400 stipend for travel and expenses)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers (preference for high school)

Deadline: fall – check website

Description: Participating teachers will read a series of primary source documents, travel to a relevant historic site, and engage in conversation with a select group of colleagues over the course of a weekend. These conversations are open-ended – teachers are not expected to reach a set conclusion about the material, are not required to take an assessment, and are not asked to complete a lesson plan. Participating teachers are only expected to engage fully in conversation, taking an active role in each of the six discussion sessions throughout the weekend.

More information: https://teachingamericanhistory.org/programs/colloquia/

Program: Bill of Rights Institute

Where: Seminars around the country

Length of program: 1 day

Cost: Free (includes breakfast and lunch)

Who qualifies: Most applicable to 8-12 grade teacher, but others may attend

Deadline: Varies

Description: The Bill of Rights Institute offers a variety of educational programs and instructional materials for educators. These include constitutional seminars around the country, as well as printed and online teachers’ guides for use in history, government, civics, and social studies elementary, middle, and high school classes.

You will engage with leading academics on important constitutional principles, historical events, and Supreme Court rulings and explore ways to bring your knowledge to the classroom using Bill of Rights Institute materials and teaching strategies.

More information: http://billofrightsinstitute.org/educate/educator-programs-events/upcomingseminars/

Program: Bill of Rights Institute Founders Fellowship

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 1 week (2 different fellowships in 2018)

Cost: Free (includes all local costs and most meals, stipends available for travel to Washington)

Who qualifies: 7-12 social studies teachers

Deadline: March 15

Description: Join the Bill of Rights Institute for five days of enriching professional development in Washington, D.C. This program will give attendees the opportunity to read and discuss issues surrounding the fellowship topic.

More information: http://www.billofrightsinstitute.org/educate/educator-programs-events/foundersfellowship/

Program: Brussels Study Tour

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Length of program: 5 days

Cost: Free (includes accommodations, breakfasts and up to 1000 for airfare)

Who qualifies: K-16 educators

Deadline: March

Description: With the generous support of a Getting to Know Europe grant from the EU Delegation to the U.S., and in cooperation with the Center for European Studies at the University of North Carolina, each summer the University of Pittsburgh's European Studies Center plans a five-day trip to Brussels, Belgium to learn about the European Union. With funding from GTKE as well as the Center's National Resource Centers grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the ESC will provide funds to support summer study tours of Brussels for K-12 educators, and faculty teaching at community colleges or minority serving institutions (Title III or Title V-eligible institutions). This study tour will provide you with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and experiences to further your understanding of Europe and the European Union.

More information: https://www.ucis.pitt.edu/esc/outreach/educators/professional-development/brussels

Program: Centropa Summer Academy for Teachers

Where: Europe, location changes each year

Length of program: 9 days

Cost: free?

Who qualifies: international teachers, pedagogical experts, and museum educators

Deadline: Check website

Description: Centropa is a U.S. registered, Vienna based non-governmental organization committed to preserving Jewish memory in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Balkans. They bring teachers together at seminars like the summer academy program where teachers learn about making videos to share across borders and ethnic divides. Centropa uses real Jewish stories from the 20th century to connect students through personal narratives to create digital story-telling projects. The summer academy includes pedagogical experts, teachers and museum educators from across the U.S., Israel and Europe. Centropa’s goal is to broaden teacher understandings of the Holocaust and experiences of Jews in Europe through site visits, walking tours and guest lectures.

More information: http://seminars.centropa.org/CSA

Program: The Choices Program Teaching Fellows Program

Where: Brown University, Providence, RI

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (includes meals, housing, reading materials)

Who qualifies: secondary social studies educators, librarians, literature teachers and college educators

Deadline: applications available in January

Description: Each summer, approximately 20 educators from across the country are selected on a competitive basis to participate in a Choices Leadership Institute held at the Watson Institute for International Studies and Public Affairs at Brown University. For one week, teachers learn from scholars, engage in best practices workshops, and learn from their peers in an intensive, rewarding environment.

More information: http://www.choices.edu/professional-development/teaching-fellows-program/

Program: Civil Rights Educators Institute

Where: Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: $100 (includes field trips, course materials for the workshop, coffee/tea, lunches and snacks) The National Park Service will provide lodging for all participants who do not live in commuting distance.

Who qualifies: educators, community workers, and cultural activists

Deadline: contact organizers

Description: The institute is a design laboratory for social engagement that provides a space for pedagogical experimentation and inquiry into issues related to human rights and education for liberation.

More information: https://www.nps.gov/chsc/learn/education/summer-teacher-institute.htm

Program: Civil War Trust

Where: Valley Forge, PA

Length of program: 4 days

Cost: Free ($100 refundable deposit to ensure attendance. Scholarships are available to cover travel and lodging)

Who qualifies: All K-12 educators.

Deadline: registration opens in February

Description: Our annual National Teacher Institute brings together educators from all over the world. This four day event includes workshops, lectures, and tours from some of the leading experts in the history and education fields. Educators will be immersed in a friendly and engaging learning environment, where they will be able to network with other educators, learn new and innovative teaching methods, and network with like minded professionals.

More information: http://www.civilwar.org/aboutus/events/teacher-institute/

Program: Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute in Early American History

Where: VA (Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown)

Length of program: 3-days or 1 week in June or July

Cost: $2,200 for one week or $1250 for 3 days (scholarships available)

Who qualifies: Elementary, middle, and high school teachers

Deadline: scholarship deadline January 15

Description: During immersive, week-long sessions and NEW three-day themed seminars on location in Williamsburg, 25 participants and a Master Teacher engage in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching social studies with American history as the focus. Teachers have the opportunity to exchange ideas with historians, meet character interpreters and become part of the story in The Revolutionary City. Throughout each day, teachers work collaboratively with Colonial Williamsburg staff and Master Teachers to examine interactive teaching techniques and develop instructional materials that bring history to life in the classroom.

More information: http://www.history.org/history/teaching/tchsti.cfm

Scholarship application: http://www.history.org/history/teaching/TIScholarships.cfm

Program: C-SPAN Teacher Fellowship Program

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 4 weeks

Cost: stipend of $7,000 to cover housing, travel and living expenses

Who qualifies: middle or high school social studies teachers experienced with using C-SPAN materials and are C-SPAN members

Deadline: March 2

Description: Fellowship recipients will collaborate with C-SPAN's education team at our offices in Washington, DC to develop new teaching materials using C-SPAN resources. Fellows also participate in C-SPAN’s Summer Educators’ Conferences where they share their ideas and experiences using C-SPAN’s programs with conference attendees.

More information: https://www.c-span.org/classroom/opportunities/

Program: Dar al Islam

Where: Abiquiu, NM

Length of program: 2 weeks in July

Cost: Free (after arrival in New Mexico)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers

Deadline: April

Description: The Dar al Islam Teachers' Institute provides a broad set of information on Islam, including foundational principles, historical and diaspora based information, and discussion of current areas of interest at our Abiquiu site. The participants also study English translations of excerpts from the Qur'an and Hadith with Muslim scholars who have strong academic or traditional credentials, and are able to relate easily with a variety of North American educators.

More information: http://www.daralislam.org/programs/education/teachers-institutes.aspx

Program: EARTH

Where: Newport, OR (2018) Locations change annually

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: educators from research institutions, universities, community colleges, and high schools

Deadline: early February

Description: The purpose is to educate, excite, and engage teachers with the concept of observatory data in the classroom and work with researchers to develop curricula enabling teachers and students to utilize near-real-time data.

The 2019 EARTH workshop will be a different format and topic than the previous workshops. MBARI and MBA are looking to explore distance education options and apps using real data, virtual reality, and anything else that might make sense. If you are a practitioner of distance education and/or have experience using either distance education or virtual reality we would be interested in having you participate.

More information: http://www.mbari.org/products/educational-resources/earth/

Program: Earthwatch Educator Fellowships

Where: United States and international

Length of program: 1-2 weeks

Cost: Free (includes full cost of your expedition: meals, accommodations, research permits, equipment costs, on-site transportation; travel stipend to offset some out-of-pocket travel expenses to and from the expedition site)

Who qualifies: K-12 educators from any subject

Deadline: January 8

Description: Spend 1-2 weeks on an Earthwatch expedition alongside other teachers led by prominent field researchers. Teachers have the opportunity to learn the scientific process first hand and help to solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Teachers return to the classroom with new perspectives and knowledge, invigorated and inspired to share the experience of real discovery with their students. No experience is necessary.

More information: http://earthwatch.org/Education/Teacher-Fellowships

Program: Echoes & Reflections

Where: various locations and dates

Length of Program: 1 day

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: open

Deadline: check website

Description: Working closely with education entities across the United States, we deliver programs that support effective teaching of the Holocaust. Led by experienced facilitators, our programs include introductory offerings, as well as thematic and focused areas of study. All programs provide teachers with access to a range of classroom-ready content, sound teaching pedagogy and instructional strategies — all designed to engage students in a comprehensive study of events and to explore how the Holocaust continues to influence social issues in the world today. **Also offer 3-week online course and webinars,

More information: https://echoesandreflections.org/prepare/?class=inperson

Program: English Opens Doors Program

Where: Chile

Length of Program: 5 months (July-November)

Cost: Free (stay with host family, get monthly stipend, covers domestic transportation to site)

Who qualifies: Native and near-native English speakers ages 21-35

Deadline: February

Description: Supported by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the UN Development Programme, the English Opens Doors Program works with native and near-native English speakers between 21 and 35 years old to teach English in Chile under the direction of head teachers in public and semi-private schools. EODP volunteers make a lasting impact on the lives of their students, motivating them to improve their English and participate in cross cultural exchange.

More information: http://www.centrodevoluntarios.cl/

Program: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Teacher Training Programs

Where: Philadelphia

Length of program: 2-5 days in the summer

Cost: check website (in the past: $20-50 registration, includes breakfast, lunch, curriculum materials)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers

Deadline: see website for current offerings

Description: The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s economic teachers offer one-day, three-evening, and week-long professional development programs aimed at equipping K-12 teachers with the skills and knowledge to better teach their students about economics and personal finance in their own classrooms. Teachers receive professional development credit in their respective states.

More information: http://www.philadelphiafed.org/education/teachers/training-programs/

Program: Ford's Theater Civil War Washington Teacher Fellows Program

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 6 days

Cost: free (includes travel and housing)

Who qualifies: grades 3-12

Deadline: check website

Description: Come away from your week in Washington with: a virtual knapsack of digital tools and resources; lasting connections with a national network of fellow teachers and museum educators; the oratory skills to get your students on their feet performing speeches by Lincoln and Douglass; comfort taking students on content-driven experiential learning adventures; and excitement about using classroom drama to help historical characters come alive!

More information: https://www.fords.org/for-teachers/programs/

Program: Foreign Policy Association (Great Decisions)

Where: New York, NY

Length of program: 4 days in June

Cost: free (includes meals and accommodations for those outside the tristate area), up to $300 reimbursement for travel

Who qualifies: high school teachers

Deadline: March

Description: The Foreign Policy Association seeks high school teachers with demonstrated commitment to international education to take part in its annual Great Decisions Teacher Training Institute. Teachers chosen will reflect geographically and demographically diverse high schools from around the continent and will be chosen on a competitive basis. Join us for four days of strengthening skills in teaching global affairs, exploring ways to expand international studies in the classroom, building professional support networks, and developing International Studies curricula.

More information: http://www.fpa.org/news/index.cfm?act=show_announcement&announcement_id=146

Program: Friends of the National WWII Monument Teachers Network and Conference

Where: Washington, DC

Length of Program: 1 week

Cost: check website

Who qualifies: public high school teachers

Deadline: check website (application available in January)

Description: An annual national teacher institute held in Washington, DC will facilitate the kind of teaching that will inspire lifelong learning and breathe new life into the values that brought freedom to the world. Teachers throughout the country would travel to DC, at no cost to them, and participate in lectures, discussions, and tours led by renowned historians and award-winning educators. Additionally, Friends hopes to provide teachers with tools, resources, and training to connect with and engage their students using digital technology and mobile applications in order to create a rich and multi-layered learning experience filled with sight and sound that brings to life the stories of millions of people who helped the nation during its darkest hours of the 20th century.

More information: http://www.wwiimemorialfriends.org/resources/teachers-network-and-conference

Program: Fort Ticonderoga Teacher Institute

Where: Ticonderoga, NY

Length of Program: 5 days

Cost: competitive scholarship available

Who qualifies: Elementary, Middle, and High School teachers in public, charter, independent, religious-affiliated schools

Deadline: April 1

Description: The Fort Ticonderoga Teacher Institute features lecture-based discussions with visiting scholars, experiential and immersive experiences related to the Seven Years’ War and World War I, behind-the-scenes opportunities, document and artifact analysis using the Fort Ticonderoga Collection, as well as classroom applications. Participants take part in activities revolving around artifacts and documents in Fort Ticonderoga’s renowned collections linked to Historical Thinking practices, C3 Frameworks, and state learning standards.

More information: https://www.fortticonderoga.org/education/educators/teacher-institute

Program: Foundation for Teaching Economics Teacher Programs

Where: variety of locations and dates

Length of Program: 1 week

Cost: $125 (includes food, lodging, materials)

Who qualifies: high school teachers

Deadline: check website

Description: In these week-long programs, high school teachers "go back to school" and are taught by university professors and mentor teachers. What's unique are the games and simulations: instructors run the activities with real students so the teachers can observe the students' interactions. The teachers see, up close, why FTE-designed lessons are so effective and leave with a better knowledge of economics, new classroom strategies, and a renewed enthusiasm for teaching. Different sessions have different focuses. FTE also offers online and shorter opportunities.

More information: http://www.fte.org/teacher-programs/

Program: Freedoms Foundation Summer Programs for Teachers

Where: variety of locations

Length of Program: 5 days

Cost: Free (scholarships are available for nearly every teacher, travel stipends also available)

Who qualifies: open

Deadline: Until full

Description: Variety of topics (see website)

More information: https://www.freedomsfoundation.org/teachers/all-programs/2019-programs/

Program: Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching

Where: variety of countries

Length of Program: 3-6 months

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers, guidance counselors, curriculum specialists, talented and gifted coordinators, special education coordinators, or media specialists/librarians who have a masters degree

Deadline: December 15

Description: Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program sends select US primary and secondary school teachers abroad for three to six months and brings international teachers to the US for a semester. Participants pursue individual projects, conduct research, take courses for professional development and lead master classes or seminars for teachers and students.

More information: https://exchanges.state.gov/non-us/program/fulbright-distinguished-awards-teaching-program-international-teachers

Program: Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms

Where: Selected countries

Length of Program: online course in fall, 2-3 week international field experience the following spring or summer

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: middle school and high school teachers

Deadline: March

Description: The Teachers for Global Classrooms (TGC) Program provides a professional development opportunity for middle and high school teachers from the US to participate in a program aimed at globalizing teaching and learning in their classrooms.

More information: http://www.irex.org/project/teachers-global-classrooms-program-tgc

Program: Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad

Where: International (outside of Western Europe)

Length of program: 4-6 weeks

Cost: Free (includes round-trip economy airfare, room and board, tuition and fees, and program-related travel within the host country)

Who qualifies: educators in the fields of social sciences, humanities, languages (Elementary, Middle, High, administrators/curriculum specialists, librarians, museum educators, media/resource specialists, faculty or administrators from 2-4 year institutions of higher education)

Deadline: The deadline varies, depending on how many programs get funded

Description: The program provides short-term study and travel seminars abroad for U.S. educators in the social sciences and humanities for the purpose of improving their understanding and knowledge of the peoples and cultures of other countries. Support is generally made available through interagency agreements. The Department of Education transfers funds through the State Department to Fulbright commissions in various countries to pay the costs associated with administering seminars. This partnership allows the program to use the services and expertise of binational organizations to plan and conduct seminars for U.S. educators.

More information: https://www2.ed.gov/programs/iegpssap/index.html

Program: Fund for Teachers

Where: International

Length of program: varies

Cost: Free (up to $5,000 fellowship)

Who qualifies: all teachers

Deadline: January

Description: Fund for Teachers enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and on their school communities. Believing the teacher knows best how they can make a better impact in their classroom, Fund for Teachers awards fellowships for self-designed professional growth to PreK-12 teachers who recognize the value of inquiry, the power of knowledge, and their ability to make a difference. Each Fund for Teachers fellowship is worth up to $5,000 for individuals, or $10,000 for teams.

More information: http://www.fundforteachers.org/

Program: Gilder Lehrman Institute

Where: United States and some international

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: $50 + cost of books <$50 for public school teachers (includes room/board, travel allowance up to $400, or $500 for international)

Who qualifies: full time K-12 teachers or librarians from Gilder Lehrman Affiliate Schools (free to become an Affiliate School), National Park Service interpreters and museum educators

Deadline: February

Description: Institutes which focus on a wide range of US history topics.

More information: https://www.gilderlehrman.org/content/teacher-seminars

Program: Geothe-Institute Transatlantic Outreach Program Study Tour

Where: Germany

Length of program: 2 weeks

Cost: Free but $350 refundable deposit (includes most domestic and international transportation, hotel accommodation, two meals per day while abroad, and any mandatory fees, such as museum entry fees, bicycle rental fees, etc.)

Who qualifies: K-12 social studies and/or STEM educators, university methods professors, curriculum coordinators, principals, applicable curriculum authors, applicable state Department of Education employees (from Canada or US)

Deadline: January 31

Description: Since 2002, TOP has sought to find the best and most qualified social studies and STEM educators and give them the opportunity to experience contemporary Germany in the most dramatic way possible: in person. From Berlin to Frankfurt, from Stuttgart to Munich, from Hamburg to Kiel, from Dresden to Schwerin, and from Weimar to Leipzig, each corner of Germany is sampled through sight, sound, touch, and taste!

More information: https://www.goethe.de/ins/us/en/spr/eng/top/tte/tst.html

Program: George Washington Summer Residential Teachers' Institute

Where: Mount Vernon, VA

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Full scholarships and stipends available to teachers from select states (see website), some national scholarships also available

Who qualifies: anyone currently educating American students in a formal setting

Deadline: January 29

Description: The George Washington Teacher Institute Summer Residential Programs are 5-day immersive professional development experiences designed to support K-12 educators who teach about the life, leadership, and legacy of George Washington and the 18th-century world in which he lived.

More information: http://www.mountvernon.org/education/for-teachers/teaching-institutes-professional-development/residential-programs/summer-residential-programs/

Program: Holocaust & Jewish Resistance Teachers' Program

Where: Washington, DC, Poland, Germany, Israel

Length of program: 3 weeks

Cost: $2,500 (includes round-trip travel from Washington, DC, trips to historical sites, hotel, and 2 meals daily)

Who qualifies: secondary teachers who implement Holocaust studies in their classrooms

Deadline: March

Description: The Summer Seminar of the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers' Program was initiated by Vladka Meed in 1984. The group of approximately 24 teachers visits historic sites and hears from survivors and prominent scholars. Past itineraries included visits to museums, study at educational centers, visits to concentration camps, and the site of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

More information: http://www.hajrtp.org/program.html

Program: US Holocaust Memorial Museum Belfer Conference for Educators

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 3 days

Cost: Free (not including travel or accommodations; some scholarships available)

Who qualifies: Middle and high school teachers and community college faculty educators, with less than 5 years experience teaching the Holocaust

Deadline: February

Description: There are 2 sections of the conference, one for English Language Arts and one for Social Studies. At the conference, Museum educators and scholars share rationales, strategies, and approaches for teaching about the Holocaust. Participants have the opportunity to tour the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition, as well as the special exhibitions Remember the Children: Daniel's Story and Some Were Neighbors: Collaboration and Complicity in the Holocaust, and to explore the Museum’s full range of resources. Those who complete the conference receive a set of educational materials and a voucher worth $100 to purchase Holocaust-related materials in the Museum Shop.

More information: http://www.ushmm.org/education/foreducators/prodev/belfer/

Program: Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Fellowship Program

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 5 days

Cost: Free (not including transportation and lodging)

Who qualifies: Teachers in 7-12 grades and community college faculty who show evidence of extensive knowledge of Holocaust history, successful teaching experience, and participation in community and professional organizations

Deadline: February

Description: The Museum Teacher Fellowship Program enables teachers to become leaders in Holocaust education by developing a corps of skilled educators to help lead the Museum’s efforts to ensure quality Holocaust education in secondary schools. Teacher Fellows organize conferences, lead workshops, write curricula, serve on boards of Holocaust museums and education centers, and lead study trips to Holocaust sites. In July of the following year, they attend a follow-up program at the Museum to assess their efforts and to continue their study of the Holocaust with Museum staff and noted speakers.

More information: http://www.ushmm.org/education/foreducators/prodev/belfer/

Program: Holocaust Studies for Educators Summer Institute

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio

Length of program: 5 days

Cost: check website

Who qualifies: Middle school, high school and community college teachers

Deadline: check website

Description: In partnership with Xavier University, the Holocaust Studies for Educators summer institute provides teachers with knowledge and resources to effectively teach the Holocaust in the classroom. The course is designed specifically for middle, high school and community college teachers, but is open to everyone currently teaching in the classroom.

More information: http://www.holocaustandhumanity.org/programs/holocaust-studies-for-educators/

Program: Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Length of program: 3 days

Cost: check website

Who qualifies: teachers of color

Deadline: check website

Description: We serve educators with advanced racial literacies who demonstrate potential for racial justice leadership in public schools. Using critical race frameworks, ITOC is intended as a community building, professional development space for teachers of Color to explore the racial climate of their schools, receive leadership training to navigate these realities, and strategize how to create racially transformative classrooms and schools.

More information: http://www.instituteforteachersofcolor.org/

Program: International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) - Onboard Outreach Program

Where: on the JOIDES Resolution ship

Length of program: check website

Cost: Free (includes travel to and from ports of call and a stipend)

Who qualifies: classroom teachers, informal science educators, artists, videographers, writers, social media experts and anyone who can make a good case for themselves (from US and other countries)

Deadline: check website

Description: JOIDES Resolution Onboard Outreach Officers sail on board the ship to share the science story with students, families, and the general public. Selected applicants will have the opportunity to learn shipboard science alongside the expedition’s science party and translate the exciting science happening on board through creation of blogs, videos, social networking sites, live ship-to-shore video events and development of educational resources.

More information: https://joidesresolution.org/onboard-outreach-officer/

Program: International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) - School of Rock Program

Where: check website (depends on location of ship)

Length of program: check website (approximately 10 days)

Cost: Free for U.S. participants (includes travel, food and lodging costs) (for the 2019 program)

Who qualifies: Pre-service and in-service educators, educators are encouraged to apply in 2-3 person teams

Deadline: check website

Description: Our School of Rock program is a professional development opportunity for formal and informal educators on board or involving the JOIDES Resolution. While living on board the ship (when possible) or in a land/lab-based workshop, teachers will work with scientists and technicians to learn about many aspects of earth science, geology, paleo-oceanography and more done aboard this amazing ship, what we learn from scientific drilling, and how to do the kinds of scientific analyses and lab exercises program-scientists do. This new-found knowledge will help teachers in creating or modifying existing resources for their students in many areas of the science curriculum.

School of Rock workshops occur once a year, usually during a transit or tie-up period for the vessel.

More information: https://joidesresolution.org/school-of-rock/

Program: Jan Karski Institute for Holocaust Education, Summer Certificate Program (possibly no longer running)

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 7 days

Cost: $500 (Includes housing, materials, meals, complimentary e-reader); financial assistance available

Who qualifies: high school teachers

Deadline: April

Description: The Certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies is a rigorous, non-degree program geared to the specific curricular and pedagogical needs of educators. The course is held on the campus of Georgetown University and will be taught by Georgetown faculty. Guest lecturers from think tanks, government and non-governmental agencies, authors, independent scholars, and clergy will enhance the learning experience. Participants will have access to Georgetown University’s libraries, as well as the numerous museums and cultural institutions in Washington, DC. Participants will gain an understanding of the ways in which the Holocaust has shaped, and continues to impact, international relations and foreign policy. This focus reflects the strengths of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and its location in the nation’s capital.

More information: https://cjc.georgetown.edu/karski

Program: Japan Society

Where: Japan

Length of program: 3 weeks

Cost: $1,000 (includes materials, round trip airfare from NY to Japan, all in-country (Japan) travel expenses, all hotel accommodations (double occupancy), all meals with the exception of a few lunches and dinners, and a one-year membership in Japan Society)

Who qualifies: All middle and high school classroom teachers, librarians and school administrators (principals, assistant principals, and department chairs only) in the U.S. Both individuals and interdisciplinary teams from the same school may apply.

Deadline: March

Description: The Educators' Study Tour to Japan offers educators nationwide the opportunity to travel to Japan for three weeks to experience Japan first hand and bring their experiences back to the classroom. and includes an intensive pre-departure orientation and a study tour to Japan in June-July. Eight to 10 full-time classroom teachers and librarians who teach about Japan as well as school administrators will be selected for the program through a competitive process. Demonstration of a firm commitment by the participants and their school administration to foster and sustain education on Japan in their school is an essential component of the application.

More information: https://www.japansociety.org/page/programs/education/educators_study_tour/2015-educators-study-tour-to-japan

Program: Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Where: Japan

Length of program: 2 weeks

Cost: Free (includes travel to/from the Joint Conference in the U.S., travel to/from Japan, lodging, insurance, official excursions, local transportation, and most meals)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers

Deadline: January

Description: The Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) will provide up to 24 U.S. teachers and administrators with the opportunity to travel to Japan to learn about ESD efforts and strengthen ESD curricula in both countries. ESD is “a vision of education that seeks to balance human and economic well-being with cultural traditions and respect for the earth’s natural resources,” according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Teachers from Japan will travel to the U.S. in late April, and teachers from the U.S. will travel to Japan in late June. At the end of the program in each country, all participating teachers will gather for a few days of joint collaboration.

More information: http://www.iie.org/Programs/ESD/About

Program: Keizai Koho Center Teacher Fellowship

Where: Japan

Length of program: 10 days

Cost: Free (includes round-trip flight from home city to Japan and return, accommodations, transportation as called for by the itinerary, and some meals)

Who qualifies: never lived in Japan or visited Japan on a study tour; Economics, Social Studies and History teachers grades 6-12 from the US and Canada, supervisors, specialists, administrators, 4 year college faculty in teacher training programs

Deadline: February

Description: The Fellowship allows teachers to learn first-hand about contemporary Japanese society and enhance their classroom teaching of global perspectives.

More information: http://www.us-japan.org/programs/kkc/k2019/index.html

Program: Korea Research Trip (World History Digital Education)

Where: Korea

Length of program: pre-trip online course, 10 day trip in July

Cost: Free (includes accommodations, 1/2 cost of airfare); $300 deposit refunded after post-trip requirements are completed

Who qualifies: full time social studies teachers, social studies staff developers, and social studies supervisors

Deadline: February

Description: Fellows will have a variety of experiences showcasing aspects of history, culture, and economics that have shaped the peninsula. This includes examining the outcomes of the Korean War, while also building an understanding about the simultaneous economic development and democratization of South Korea.

More information: https://www.worldhistoryde.org/korea-trip/

Program: Korea Society Fellowship in Korean Studies

Where: Korea

Length of program: 2 weeks (spring, summer or fall)

Cost: Free (includes round-trip international airfare from JFK or LAX, accommodations and meals)

Who qualifies: American educators professionally engaged as textbook writers and editors, and East Asia specialists in higher education who would like to include Korea in their teaching, research or writing.

Deadline: August

Description: Educators spend approx. 12 days in South Korea, participating in various lectures, excursions, and discussions, as well as independent research in order to gain an enriched understanding of both Korea's past and present. Lectures on various topics including history, religion, education, and economics are given by experts in these fields at prestigious Korean institutions. The excursions include guided tours to various sites of historical and cultural significance such as the King Sejong's Royal Tomb, the Early Printing Museum, Haeinsa, Kyongju, Yangdong Historic Village, industrial site, and the DMZ, as well as visits to various museums.

More information: http://www.koreasociety.org/korean-studies/new_fellowship_programs_page.html

Program: Learning to Look with the National Portrait Gallery

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 3 days (2 sessions)

Cost: $100 (includes breakfast and lunch); scholarships available

Who qualifies: K-12 educators (priority to social studies, English/language arts, and visual arts teachers)

Deadline: April

Description: Integrating portraiture into the classroom provides exciting opportunities to connect students with history, biography, visual art, and many other subjects. The museum portrays poets and presidents, visionaries and villains, actors and activists whose lives tell the American story. The Summer Teacher Institute will take a broad look at the Portrait Gallery's collection. Utilizing an interactive approach, NPG educators will model a variety of “learning to look” strategies – unique ways to hook and engage students when they look closely at portraits. Participants will learn how to “read” portraiture and use the art as a springboard into more in-depth discussion about biography and history.

More information: https://npg.si.edu/teacher-workshops/learning-look-summer-teacher-institute

Program: Library of Congress Summer Teacher Institutes

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (includes breakfast, lunch, tuition, materials)

Who qualifies: K-12 educators and school librarians

Deadline: March

Description: Library of Congress education specialists facilitate sessions modeling strategies for using primary sources to engage students, build critical thinking skills, and construct knowledge. Participants then consider, discuss, and develop applications to their students, their classrooms, and school libraries. During the week, participants draw from among the millions of digitized primary sources in the Library’s collections to design and refine a specific primary source activity to implement in their classroom settings. While the emphasis is on teaching strategies, participants also have opportunities to meet experts within the Library and visit the Maps; Manuscripts; Prints & Photographs and other Reading Rooms to gather information and resources to use in developing their activities.

More information: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/professionaldevelopment/teacherinstitute/

Program: Life Guard Teacher Fellowship Program

Where: Mount Vernon

Length of program: 3 weeks (over the course of 1 year)

Cost: Free (includes one round trip fare to the Washington Library, housing, and $1000 stipend for each week in residency)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers, curriculum specialists, media specialists

Deadline: February

Description: The Life Guard Teacher Fellowships will support the creation or dramatic transformation of curriculum materials, lesson plans, website content, interpretive tools, or other education resources to support a 21st-century classroom's needs. The subject of said materials must relate to teaching about George Washington and the founding era.

More information: http://www.mountvernon.org/education/for-teachers/teaching-institutes-professional-development/the-life-guard-teacher-fellowship-program

Program: Lincoln Forum

Where: Gettysburg, PA

Length of program: 3 days in November

Cost: 4 scholarship available (registration, lodging, group meals, travel reimbursement)

Who qualifies: elementary, middle or high school US history teachers in the US

Deadline: June

Description: What began 20 years ago as a modest proposal to bring Lincoln enthusiasts together for a small East Coast-based yearly history conference at Gettysburg has blossomed into one of the leading history organizations in the country. Today, our regular symposia are attended by scholars and enthusiasts from all over the nation and abroad, attracting as speakers and panelists some of the most revered historians in the Lincoln and Civil War fields.

More information: https://www.thelincolnforum.org/teacher-scholarships

Program: Marshall Immersion Workshop

Where: Virginia

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (includes transportation, meals, lodging, teaching materials)

Who qualifies: high school history teachers and department heads from US and Marshall Plan countries

Deadline: check website

Description: Focusing on Marshall's contributions to the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan), the workshop is held at the museum home of George C. Marshall in Leesburg, Virginia, the U.S. Department of State, and the Marshall Museum and Archival Library in Lexington, Virginia. Participants will review and receive complimentary copies of educational materials about Marshall appropriate to secondary level instruction.

More information: http://www.georgecmarshall.org/Marshall-Immersion-Workshop

Program: Midway Institute for Teachers

Where: San Diego, CA

Length of program: 2 weeks

Cost: Free ($1000 stipend, instructional materials, meals, parking, and travel support for those outside the San Diego region)

Who qualifies: history teachers

Deadline: check website

Description: The program has different topics each year (2016 was Cold War, Korea, and Vietnam). Throughout the two week program, teachers will gain different perspectives on this extraordinary time in American history through presentation and lectures from experts and university professors published in the field. There will be opportunities to discuss this history with veterans and those who were present, museum field trip experiences, and pedagogical sessions that allow teachers to exchange information and develop plans to teach the material presented while considering best practices and nationwide standards developments. Frequent discussion and interaction among participants and between

teachers and Institute faculty is encouraged.

More information: http://www.midway.org/midway-institute-teachers

Program: Monticello Teacher Institute

Where: Virginia

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (fellowship includes $500 stipend, $500 for transportation, and up to $50/day for food)

Who qualifies: secondary social studies teachers

Deadline: March

Description: The Monticello Teacher Institute (MTI) is an immersive professional development opportunity designed to provide secondary social studies teachers the opportunity to research and study at Monticello and the Jefferson Library in Charlottesville, Virginia. Teachers will collaborate on projects such as lesson plans, curricular units, resource packets, or other creative products rooted in the history of the founding principles and their relevance today. Their onsite experience will be enriched and supported by group excursions, presentations by leading Jefferson scholars, and other focused workshop sessions.

More information: http://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/barringer

Program: Museum of Tolerance Open Enrollment Institutes

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Length of program: 2 days

Cost: Free (limited travel/hotel accommodations for out of town participants)

Who qualifies: check listings for specifics

Deadline: check website

Description: The Museum of Tolerance presents a variety of 2-day workshops for teachers in conjunction with partners such as Facing History and Ourselves and Teaching Tolerance.

More information: http://www.museumoftolerance.com/site/c.tmL6KfNVLtH/b.9230113/

Program: NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy Airborne Astronomy Ambassador (AAA) Program

Where: Palmdale, CA

Length of program: see website

Cost: Free (includes travel, housing, meals, pre-flight and post-flight meetings, flight, online course, graduate course credit, substitute costs)

Who qualifies: high school physics and astronomy teachers from selected CA school districts

Deadline: see website

Description: NASA’s Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors (AAA) is a three-part professional development (PD) experience for high school physics and astronomy teachers. The program is composed of: (1) blended-learning professional development comprised of webinars, asynchronous content learning, and a series of hands-on workshops, (2) a STEM immersion experience at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center’s B703 science research aircraft facility in Palmdale, California, and (3) ongoing participation in the AAA community of practice (CoP) connecting participants with astrophysics and planetary science Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

More information: https://www.seti.org/aaa

Program: National Archives Primarily Teaching

Where: Washington, DC, and other sites

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free after $100 registration fee (not including food, housing, and travel; stipend upon completion)

Who qualifies: upper elementary, secondary, and college

Deadline: 6 weeks before workshop (approx. May)

Description: Join us to conduct research with original documents in the holdings of the National Archives and Presidential Libraries. Discover some of those incredible teachable documents that help educators and students unlock the past. All workshops will have a national theme matching that of National History Day (NHD) in 2019. (Participation in NHD is not required.) You will explore a specific topic that fits within the broader theme, researching primary sources like letters, reports, petitions, case files, photographs, and more. You will identify between 3 and 5 items (documents, photos, maps, etc.) to digitize and make available online. We will add these to our online tool for teaching with documents— DocsTeach.org—while you're onsite. During the workshop, you'll produce a DocsTeach learning activity using these digitized primary sources.

More information: http://www.archives.gov/education/primarily-teaching/

Program: National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA)

Where: at locations around the country and online

Length of program: varies

Cost: Free (includes stipend and resources, and money to buy resources for your school)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers (primarily teachers of world history, geography, social studies, language arts)

Deadline: varies

Description: NCTA offers educational programs in different delivery methods to accommodate the different needs, schedules and preferences of teachers. Whether in our online courses or more traditional classroom settings, participants interact with East Asia specialists, are introduced to extensive readings and other materials, and discuss effective strategies for bringing East Asia into their classrooms.

More information: http://nctasia.org/programs/overview/

Program: National Constitution Center Summer Educator Institute

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (scholarships available for lodging and travel)

Who qualifies: teachers

Deadline: April 6

Description: The 2018 institute capitalizes on the Center’s wealth of historical, constitutional, and cultural resources to demonstrate the ways understandings of Rule of Law have been a constant presence in U.S. history and in America’s constitutional identity. Educators will leave with new content knowledge, teaching tools, classroom-ready resources, and new skills for improving constitutional literacy through a Rule of Law framework.

More information: https://constitutioncenter.org/learn/professional-development/summer-teacher-institutes

Program: NCTA Teaching East Asian Literature in the High School Workshop

Where: Indiana University, Bloomington

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free after $100 registration fee (includes housing, 1 meal/day, workshop), $300 book-buying grant for turning in lesson plan on time

Who qualifies: high school English and world literature teachers

Deadline: March

Description: Week-long intensive summer workshop for high school English and world literature teachers interested in incorporating Chinese, Japanese and Korean literature into their curriculum.

More information: http://www.indiana.edu/~easc/outreach/educators/literature/

Program: National Endowment of the Humanities Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops

Where: United States

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (includes stipend of $1,200 to cover living expenses, books, and travel expenses)

Who qualifies: K-12 educators, administrators, substitute teachers, classroom professionals; separate programs for community college professors

Deadline: March

Description: Each year NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops provide the opportunity for K-12 educators to engage in intensive study and discussion of important topics in American history and culture. These one-week programs will give participants direct experiences in the interpretation of significant historical and cultural sites and the use of archival and other primary evidence. Landmarks Workshops present the best scholarship on a specific landmark or related cluster of landmarks, enabling participants to gain a sense of the importance of historical places, to make connections between what they learn in the Workshop and what they teach, and to develop enhanced teaching or research materials.

More information: https://www.neh.gov/divisions/education/summer-programs (new programs posted each November)

Program: National Endowment for the Humanities Seminars and Institutes for School and College Educators

Where: locations around the US

Length of program: 2-6 weeks

Cost: Free (stipends to cover travel costs, books, research expenses, living expenses: $2,100 – 2 weeks, $3,300 – 4 weeks, $3,900 – 5 weeks, $4,500 – 6 weeks)

Who qualifies: Full time teachers in American K-12 schools; librarians and school administrators may also be eligible; separate programs for college and university professors

Deadline: March

Description: Each year the NEH offers teachers opportunities to study a variety of humanities topics in NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes. An NEH Summer Seminar enables 16 school teachers to explore a topic or set of readings with an expert scholar. The core material of the seminar need not relate directly to the school curriculum; the principal goal of the seminar is to expand and deepen teachers' understanding of the humanities through reading, discussion, writing, and reflection.

More information: https://www.neh.gov/divisions/education/summer-programs (new programs posted each November)

Program: National Gallery of Art Teacher Summer Institute

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 6 days (July)

Cost: $200 includes instruction, books and program resources ($2000 competitive fellowships available)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers (individuals or teams)

Deadline: April

Description: The institute helps teachers strengthen their knowledge of art history and integrate visual art into classroom teaching. The program features lectures, gallery tours, teaching strategies, and hands-on learning experiences.

More information: http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/education/teachers/teacher-institute.html

Program: National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program

Where: Aboard a ship to various locations (check website for options)

Length of program: 10-17 days, including travel time and pre-/post-trip stays on shore

Cost: Free (includes all room and board, transfers, round trip airfare between home airport and the ship, and substitute teacher costs for the days of the pre-voyage workshop if requested).

Who qualifies: National Geographic Certified K-12 classroom teachers and informal educators from the 50 U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico

Deadline: January

Description: Selected educators will travel aboard the ship National Geographic Explorer to various locations throughout the year. While aboard, Fellows will share the importance of geo-literacy with fellow travelers, develop activities to bring back to their classrooms, and have an adventure of a lifetime in the “land of the ice bears.” Prior to the expedition, all Grosvenor Teacher Fellows will travel free to Washington, D.C. to participate in a workshop sponsored by Google, National Geographic, and Lindblad Expeditions. Through this program, exemplary educators are recognized for their commitment to geo-literacy and are given a professional development opportunity to be actively engaged in finding new ways to bring geographic awareness and ocean stewardship to their classrooms or informal learning environments through a field-based experience.

More information: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/education/programs/grosvenor-teacher-fellows

See https://www.nationalgeographic.org/education/professional-development/educator-certification/ about certification

Program: National Korean Studies Seminar

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free; $50 refundable deposit (includes breakfast/lunch; hotel and shuttle between hotel and seminar venue included for out-of-town participants)

Who qualifies: American teachers, school administrators, and related staff members

Deadline: check website

Description: The National Korean Studies Seminar (NKS) is a 5-day educational seminar designed to provide enriching information on various aspects of Korea's history and culture. Seminar activities include lectures given by renowned scholars in the field, hands-on activities such as arts and crafts and creating Korean food, and cultural excursions such as visits to the LACMA's Korea Hall, Friendship Bell in San Pedro, and Korean Immigration History Museum.

More information: https://koreanseminar.org/

Program: National Museum of Women in the Arts ABC Teacher Institute

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 1 week (July)

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: teachers of grades 4 and 5 (curriculum can be differentiated to grades 3-8)

Deadline: May

Description: Participants try out many book formats as well as writing exercises from ABC. Also, participants practice the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) method for facilitating art discussions and brainstorm ideas for integrating visual arts with language arts, social studies, math, and science in their own classrooms.

More information: http://nmwa.org/learn/educators/teacher-institutes/abc-teacher-institute

Program: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Teacher at Sea Program

Where: Various, depending on ship assignment

Length of program: Participants can expect to be at sea anywhere from one week to one month, with the average cruise lasting 12-14 days. Most of our participants try to sail on cruises offered during the summer vacation, but cruises take place throughout most of the year on a space-available basis.

Cost: Free (includes transportation to and from the ship, lodging, and per diem allowance; airfare is paid for up front by the government, all other costs are reimbursed, including non-airfare transportation costs, lodging, and per diem allowance)

Who qualifies: K-12 currently employed full time teacher or administrator. Must be employed in the same or similar capacity during the next school year. Also community college, college or university teachers; museum or aquarium educators and adult education teachers

Deadline: applications available November

Description: The mission of the Teacher at Sea (TAS) program is to give teachers a clearer insight into our ocean planet, a greater understanding of maritime work and studies, and to increase their level of environmental literacy by fostering an interdisciplinary research experience. The program provides a unique environment for learning and teaching by sending kindergarten through college-level teachers to sea aboard NOAA research and survey ships to work under the tutelage of scientists and crew. Then, armed with new understanding and experience, teachers bring this knowledge back to their classrooms.

More information: http://teacheratsea.noaa.gov/

Program: National World War I Museum Teacher Fellowship

Where: Kansas City, MO

Length of program: 4 days in June or July (TBA)

Cost: Free (includes stipend for transportation, hotel, and daytime meals; private access to the National World War I Museum, books and other supplies, PD hours and ongoing support from museum staff throughout the fellowship year)

Who qualifies: Full-time (7-12) teachers of any relevant subject matter including but not limited to history, math, literature, science, government, music and social studies

Deadline: (application available November or December)

Description: The National World War I Museum Teacher Fellowship Program will provide participants with unique and exciting opportunities to grow within their profession while creating materials and engaging in collaboration with similarly qualified and ambitious teachers from around the United States.

More information: https://www.theworldwar.org/learn/educators-students/teacher-fellowships

Program: National World War II Museum Summer Teacher Institute

Where: New Orleans, LA or other site

Length of program: 1 week in July

Cost: Free (includes stipend for transportation, room and board, materials, free graduate credits)

Who qualifies: any middle or high school teacher at an accredited public, charter, private, or parochial school who has at least three years of classroom teaching experience

Deadline: February 1

Description: World War II was the defining event of the 20th century, and understanding its history is essential to understanding the world we live in today. The Summer Teacher Institute is an immersive 16-month professional development experience for middle and high school teachers focusing on the history and lessons of this transformative era. The program includes both an intensive weeklong seminar at The National WWII Museum in New Orleans and a weeklong excursion to a WWII-related destination.

More information: http://www.nationalww2museum.org/learn/education/for-teachers/summer-teacher-institute.html

Program: Northrop Grumman ECO Classroom Program

Where: La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

Length of program: 2 weeks

Cost: Free (includes airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, meals, fees)

Who qualifies: teams of 4 middle and high school life science teachers (from different schools in the same district or region)

Deadline: most recent information from 2016, check website

Description: During July, Conservation International staff will take 16 teachers to the TEAM field site at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica for an intensive, 2-week field experience. Teachers will spend time in the field and classroom gaining first hand experience in the data collection protocols as practiced by the TEAM researchers, using camera traps, satellite imaging data, and other advanced field technologies. They will conduct teacher team-initiated research projects at La Selva that would be replicable at their schools or school communities throughout the US. These teachers will return to their schools with an in-depth understanding of the interrelationship between biodiversity, climate change, and human activities, and will be equipped with new techniques and resources to enhance their own classroom teaching.

More information: http://www.northropgrumman.com/CorporateResponsibility/CorporateCitizenship/Education/ECOClassroom/Pages/default.aspx

Program: Oxbridge Academic Programs Educator Journeys

Where: Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin or Paris

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: $2395 (includes lectures, accommodations, 2 meals/day, activities); some fellowships available

Who qualifies: Teachers, librarians, school leaders, counselors, and administrators

Deadline: May

Description: Led by distinguished scholars, seminars are designed to give participants access to current scholarship and university resources in a variety of fields, to introduce them to innovative approaches to traditional ideas and subjects, to explore new pedagogical and curricular possibilities, and to provide a variety of cultural, social, and imaginative experiences, all in four of the cultural capitals of the world: Cambridge, Paris, Oxford, and Barcelona. The seminars involve plenary sessions given by outstanding academics and intellectuals, regular discussions on more focused educational themes, a comprehensive schedule of cultural events and outings, historical tours, museum and gallery visits, and free time for individual research and relaxation. Elective Study Groups, are each designed to provide an academic focus for the participant’s experience, and to take advantage of the expertise of the Study Group leader.

More information: http://www.oxbridgeprograms.com/Educator-Journey

Program: PolarTREC

Where: Polar (Arctic and Antarctic) regions

Length of program: 3-6 weeks

Cost: Free (includes travel, lodging, food, essential field gear, substitute costs)

Who qualifies: middle school and high school teachers

Deadline: September

Description: PolarTREC (Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating) is a program in which K-12 teachers spend 3-6 weeks participating in hands-on field research experiences in the polar regions. The goal of PolarTREC is to invigorate polar science education and understanding by bringing K-12 educators and polar researchers together.

More information: http://www.polartrec.com/about

Program: QFI Teacher Leadership Program

Where: 5 different US cities and Qatar

Length of program: 2 years

Cost: free (all expenses covered)

Who qualifies: US primary and secondary school teachers in the social sciences, humanities, and arts

Deadline: October

Description: Participants attend a series of five fully-funded workshops held in different U.S. cities to explore themes related to the Middle East including sessions with experts in the field. They work closely with education specialists to develop effective pedagogical approaches to the content. The program will conclude with a week-long cultural immersion tour to Qatar.

In addition to the workshops, participants take part in monthly activities in groups and with individual mentors to develop curricula and reinforce content knowledge and skills. They also develop a toolkit of teaching strategies and resources to share with other educators to help them become more effective and confident when teaching about the region.

Upon completion of the professional development workshop series, participants are provided with funding and resources to present their portfolios at two professional development workshops, at the local and national levels

More information: https://www.qfi.org/opportunities/teacher-leadership-program/

Program: Québec Dimensions: Historical, Geographic and Cultural Explorations

Where: Québec, Canada

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: $649 (includes all transportation for program-related activities during the Institute, lecturer fees, admissions to educational sties, curriculum materials, hotels and some meals). Participants are responsible for transportation to/from Montréal.

Who qualifies: K-12 social studies, geography, history and French teachers

Deadline: May

Description: This summer institute for teachers of social studies, geography, history and French will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the six elements of geography, historical foundations, and contemporary cultural insights through first-hand experience in the province of Québec.

More information: https://umaine.edu/teachingcanada/professional-development-2/

Program: Reese Teacher Fellowship

Where: Bentonville, AR

Length of program: 1 month

Cost: Free ($4,000 stipend at end of fellowship to cover transportation and housing)

Who qualifies: high school teachers (language arts, history, social sciences, or sciences)

Deadline: February

Description: The William Reese Teacher Fellowship seeks to enrich high school curriculum by encouraging research into the development of interdisciplinary connections between American art and core curriculum subjects. Administered by the Crystal Bridges Library, the Fellowship is designed to encourage creative research projects that draw on the assets of the library to create arts-integrated curriculum that will enhance traditional teaching methods and student engagement. A computer and work station in the Crystal Bridges Library will be provided.

More information: https://crystalbridges.org/reese-fellowship/

Program: Religious Literacy Project Summer Institute

Where: Harvard, MA

Length of program: 5 days

Cost: Free (Funding is also available for travel within the U.S. and accommodations for institute participants)

Who qualifies: Educators teaching at the middle school, high school, and community college levels in any discipline.

Deadline: April 1

Description: This training introduces educators to a powerful set of specific methods and frameworks that will enable them to teach about religion in pedagogically rich and constitutionally sound ways.

More information: https://rlp.hds.harvard.edu/for-educators/summer-institute

Program: Rendell Center Constitutional Scholars Institute

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Length of program: 5 days

Cost: limited number of scholarships

Who qualifies: teachers

Deadline: April 15

Description: The Rendell Center will provide distinctive learning opportunities for educators and significant financial assistance to help make participation possible. The Rendell Center will host summer institutes, including a “Constitutional Scholars Institute” featuring an intensive, week-long course on the substance and teaching of American History, civics, and the Constitution.

More information: https://www.rendellcenter.org/ (scroll down to Professional Development)

Program: Sino-American Bridge for Education and Health (SIBEH) Teach in China Program

Where: China

Length of Program: 3-5 weeks

Cost: international airfare (half is reimbursed) (includes housing, food and in-country travel)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers

Deadline: January

Description: SABEH is offering a 3-5 week opportunity that includes one week of travel to experience Chinese culture, schools, teaching, and travel with eager Chinese teachers of English while sharing American methods of teaching English based heavily on oral interchange. Teachers teach a maximum of three 90-minute classes per day, five days a week. This does not include planning time, which usually adds at least another hour or two each day. Teachers are also required to attend 4 workshops prior to leaving for their assignments.

More information: https://www.sabeh.org/teach-in-china

Program: South Jersey Summer Institute for Educators

Where: New Jersey

Length of program: 3 weeks

Cost: free ($1,000 stipend)

Who qualifies: grades 4-12 teachers

Deadline: March

Description: CCSNJ’s South Jersey Summer Institute for Educators is a unique approach to addressing the readiness of the future workforce. The Institute gets to the heart of the issue by exposing area teachers to the South Jersey economy, the skills, traits and characteristics businesses look for when hiring employees. For more than 20 years, this three-week intensive program has graduated nearly 500 area teachers. These teachers incorporate the lessons learned at the Institute into their teachings and reach more than 50,000 students – our future workforce.

More information: http://www.chambersnj.com/CCSNJ/SummerInstitute/CCSNJ/SummerInstitute/SummerInstituteMainPage.aspx?hkey=28cbc696-4d2c-4c85-b032-90dffa1e95b8

Program: St. John's College Summer Teachers Institute

Where: Annapolis, MD or New York, NY

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: New York - $200 (includes books and final luncheon), Annapolis - free (includes tuition, books, housing and most meals; funding may be available for travel)

Who qualifies: high school educators

Deadline: April 15

Description: The Teachers Institute explores original texts through seminar-style discussions. It is designed to encourage and enhance the teaching, study, and understanding of American history, culture, and democratic principles.

More information: https://www.sjc.edu/annapolis/programs/summer-teachers-institute

Program: Study Canada Summer Institute

Where: Ottawa and Montréal

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: $650 + travel to study location (scholarships available) (includes all course fees, classroom instruction, accommodation, 2 dinners, resource materials)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers

Deadline: May

Description: Learn about Canada, its capital, and the distinct cultures that have formed the second largest nation in the world — all within comfortable and unique classroom settings with presentations by university faculty (WWU, UW, U Ottawa, UQAM), government officials and tribal leaders.

More information: https://k12studycanada.org/scsi/

Program: Summer Teacher Institute at Stratford Hall


Length of program: 4 days

Cost: Free (includes full tuition, housing and most meals)

Who qualifies: all public and private certificate-holding school teachers K-12

Deadline: Spring (check website)

Description: The Stratford Hall Summer Teacher Institute is an annual residential opportunity for educators located on the grounds of Stratford Hall in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

More information: https://www.stratfordhall.org/2019shti/

Program: Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free after $150 registration fee + $180 for week at hotel (includes several meals; $200 stipend for teachers who conduct trainings for other teachers)

Who qualifies: Applicants must teach or supervise secondary social studies or law-related education

Deadline: March

Description: Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers is six days of educational activities related to teaching about the U.S. Supreme Court. The Institute includes sessions led by Supreme Court experts, journalists, authors, and attorneys, who give teachers an in-depth understanding of how the Court chooses and decides cases, and what it is like to argue before the Court. The Institute covers six current or recent cases. This exciting opportunity culminates with a visit to the Court to hear decisions handed down and a private reception at the Court. The Institute prepares teachers to use innovative teaching methods with current and past cases. Beyond the content-rich sessions and activities, teachers are also equipped with the skills and tools to train fellow teachers at home.

More information: http://www.streetlaw.org/en/programs/Program/10/Supreme_Court_Summer_Institute_for_Teachers

Program: TEACH (Teachers Educating Across Cultures in Harmony) Fellowship

Where: Arab countries

Length of program: 10 days in fall (November in 2016)

Cost: $25 application fee, $250 and some other expenses (includes International Round trip Airfare, site visits, airfare between countries, most meals, hotel, receptions, ground transportation, visas)

Who qualifies: middle school and high school educators and administrators

Deadline: email edu@bilateralchamber.org for more information

Description: The TEACH Fellowship is a cross-cultural exchange program between educators from the United States and the Arab world. The educators compare best practices, teaching methodology, and classroom experiences with each other.

More information: http://bilateralchamber.org/series-programs/international-trade-programs/education/teach/

Program: Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program (National Parks)

Where: various national parks

Length of Program: 160 hours (specifics negotiated for each placement)

Cost: Free (stipend at end for housing, transportation)

Who qualifies: K-12 educators

Deadline: varies

Description: This program links National Parks and teachers from schools with underserved student populations in urban and rural school districts. Teacher-Ranger-Teachers (TRTs) spend the summer learning, and sometimes also living in the park. TRTs perform various tasks depending on their interests and the needs of the park that focus on educational programs of the NPS. TRTs spend the majority of their time engaging with park education projects, learning about park resources, and developing lesson plans to use in their classrooms and in the park with students. TRT experiences also include exposure to a variety of work performed in National Parks by employees from many career fields in the service. When TRTs return to school in the fall, they spend part of their classroom time presenting their TRT projects to their own students and to a wider education audience. These presentations can be connected ot NPS outreach during National Park Week in April or at other times during the school year.

More Information: http://teacherrangerteacher.org/

Program: Teachers Air Camp

Where: Dayton, OH

Length of program: 3-4 days in June

Cost: $100 registration fee (includes curriculum, manipulatives, lodging, meals, flight suit and equipment, 1:1 instruction as a student pilot)

Who qualifies: Currently licensed, practicing educators in grades K-12 teaching one or more of the content areas of science, technology, engineering, and/or math. (US Citizens from around the world can apply)

Deadline: See website

Description: The Teachers Air Camp experience is an exciting and rigorous adventure for all who participate. Participants remember why they became a teacher all over again by working together to master a fun and challenging curriculum. The carefully designed experiences illuminate options that are available for students in the STEM fields after graduation and emphasize how principles of STEM can be infused into almost any lesson to enhance the learning process.

More information: https://aircampusa.org/educator/

Program: Teaching the Humanities through Art

Where: Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC

Length of program: 1 week in June or July

Cost: $200 (scholarships available)

Who qualifies: 6-12 teachers (priority to Social Studies and English/Language Arts teachers)

Deadline: April

Description: Join colleagues from across the country at the Smithsonian American Art Museum for an exciting exploration of the connections among American art, technology, and your curricula. Attend one of our week-long institutes in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Stay connected with your newfound colleagues and museum staff throughout the year.

More information: https://americanart.si.edu/education/k-12/professional-development/summer-institutes

Program: Technology's Impact in American History

Where: varies

Length of program: 3 days

Cost: ree ($500 stipend, get one-year membership in the National Council for History Education, Continental breakfast and lunch provided.)

Who qualifies: 6-12 teachers (priority to Social Studies and English/Language Arts teachers)

Deadline: see website

Description: Funded by a grant from the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program, NCHE offers 3-day colloquia exploring the use of the Library of Congress's digitized primary sources. Each colloquium has a unique theme and is presented at a distinguished institution, providing teachers access to additional resources to use in concert with the Library's primary sources.

More information: https://www.nche.net/tiahcolloquia

Program: The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI)

Where: New York, other US and international locations

Length of program: 1 week in June or July

Cost: Free (includes airfare, lodging, and food, receive $350 fellowship)

Who qualifies: Middle school, high school and college faculty with at least 5 years of classroom experience and at least 5 years from retirement

Deadline: February 1

Description: Every educator who participates in a TOLI program becomes a member of TOLI’s Holocaust Educators Network (HEN) and leaves with strategies, materials, and ideas for use in their own classrooms. By bringing the lessons of the Holocaust into today’s world, they become powerful social advocates and can inspire their classrooms to promote social change in their communities. With funding and support from private, public, corporate, and individual partners we are adding hundreds of new educators to HEN every year. TOLI offers The 12-day TOLI New York City Summer Seminar, 5-day TOLI Satellite Seminars across the US, and TOLI International Seminars with partners in Europe.

More information: https://www.toli.us/about/

Program: Truman Teacher's Conference

Where: Independence, MO

Length of program: 5 days

Cost: $100 (includes private hotel room for teachers outside the Kansas City area)

Who qualifies: teachers

Deadline: February 1

Description: email for more information

More information: https://www.trumanlibrary.org/educatio.htm

Program: Turkish Cultural Foundation Teacher Study Tours

Where: Turkey

Length of program: 2 weeks

Cost: Free

Who qualifies: Middle and high school teachers

Deadline: (application through participating WACA – World Affairs Councils of America chapters)

Description: Through this program, teachers enhance their classroom curriculum while exploring Turkey. Upon their return, the teachers integrate their gained knowledge into their curricula and share their experiences with their local communities through TCF-funded cultural programs on Turkey, organized by local World Affairs Councils.

More information: http://www.turkishculturalfoundation.org/pages.php?ID=25

More information for Minnesota teachers: http://micglobe.org/calendar/documents/PortraitofTurkey2014.pdf

Program: Understanding Sacrifice

Where: various WWII cemeteries

Length of program: 1 year

Cost: Free (confirm on website)

Who qualifies: teachers

Deadline: See website for details, information should be posted in the fall

Description: Understanding Sacrifice is a year-long professional development opportunity takes eighteen teachers on a journey of exploration and discovery through the lives of American heroes of WWII. It is conducted by National History Day®, the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), and the National Cemetery Administration. Teachers produce educational materials in a variety of disciplines from art to science and, of course, history. These classroom resources are then hosted for free on abmceducation.org to help teachers around the world reinvigorate the teaching and learning of WWII.

More information: https://www.nhd.org/understanding-sacrifice

Program: University of Washington East Asia Center Summer Seminars

Where: Seattle, WA

Length of program: 1 week

Cost: Free (dorm housing and travel stipend to those outside of Seattle)

Who qualifies: K-12 teachers

Deadline: see website

Description: One-week seminars for K-12 teachers on China and/or Japan.

More information: https://jsis.washington.edu/earc/category/programs/summer-institutes/

Program: USS Midway Museum Institute for Teachers

Where: San Diego, CA

Length of program: 1 or 2 weeks summer

Cost: Free (includes $1000 stipend, travel support, meals onboard, books, and continued education credits)

Who qualifies: High school teachers

Deadline: Applications are accepted starting Jan 1

Description: Our seminar programs are specifically designed for teachers of history and social studies to learn about the Cold War, the wars in Korea and Vietnam, and World War II in the Pacific, and to incorporate that knowledge, including a variety of perspectives, into their classroom lessons.

More information: http://www.midway.org/midway-institute-teachers

Program: White House History Teacher Institute

Where: Washington, DC

Length of program: 5 days

Cost: $100 (includes breakfast, lunch and shared dorms; $500 travel reimbursement at completion of program)

Who qualifies: All educators, including librarians, media specialists, curriculum coordinators, pre-service and classroom teachers. Priority for middle and high school educators who work directly with students

Deadline: Feb 1

Description: Discover the history behind this iconic building and explore how you can use the stories from the White House to enhance your social studies classroom at the 2018 White House History Teacher Institute.

More information: https://www.whitehousehistory.org/white-house-history-teacher-institute

Program: World Savvy Global Competency Certification Program

Where: international or domestic locations

Length of program: 18 months (online class, fieldwork)

Cost: in development – check website

Who qualifies: K-12 educators

Deadline: spring

Description: The Global Competency Certification Program is a transformative online advanced certification and Masters level program that prepares K-12 educators to effectively teach for global competence and to equip students to succeed in an interconnected world. Created by World Savvy in collaboration with Teachers College, Columbia University, and Asia Society, the Global Competency Program is a personalized course of study designed for in-service teachers. Over an 18-month period, teachers participate in online academic coursework, experience domestic or international fieldwork and engage in collaborative practice groups.

More information: http://globalcompetency.org/

Other cool opportunities:

List-serv for opportunities about Asia. Contact Laurel Singleton at laurel.singleton@colorado.edu

List-serv for opportunities about the Middle East (CMES Weekly Newsletter). Contact Julie Ellison-Speight jellison@arizona.edu

Program: The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation

Who qualifies: U.S. citizens who demonstrate a commitment to civic responsibilities and to professional and collegial activities and who qualify for admission with graduate standing at an accredited U.S. university that offers a qualifying master's degree program are eligible to apply. Applicants must be committed to teaching American history, American government, and/or social studies full time in grades 7–12.

What is it: The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offers $24,000 James Madison Graduate Fellowships to individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution at the secondary school level. Fellowship applicants compete only against other applicants from the states of their legal residence. Generally, one Fellowship per state is awarded each year.

More Information: http://www.jamesmadison.com/

Program: Library of Congress: Teaching with Primary Sources

Who qualifies: The Library of Congress awards grants under the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Regional program to school districts, universities, cultural institutions, library systems and other educational organizations who wish to incorporate TPS materials and methods into their existing education and professional development programs for pre and in-service teachers, librarians, media specialists and other K-12 educators.

What is it: The TPS Regional program provides assistance and grants of up to $20,000 through its regional coordinators in the East, Midwest and West. The program promotes the widespread, sustained and effective use of primary sources from the Library of Congress within the educational community by increasing access to the TPS program for teachers who are not served by members of the TPS Educational Consortium.

More Information: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/tps/regional/index.html

Program: National Park Traveling Trunks

What is it: Bring the park to your classroom. Contact the National Park sites below to borrow and/or purchase traveling trunks and kits for classroom use. Some kits and trunks may be available for limited time periods and within limited regions. For best results, contact the park with any questions you have.

More Information: https://www.nps.gov/teachers/teacher-resources.htm#q=traveling+trunks&fq%5B%5D=Type%3A%22Traveling+Trunk%22

Program: Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center)

What is it: A place for educators to find thought-provoking news, conversation and support for those who care about diversity, equal opportunity and respect for differences in schools.

Teaching Tolerance's educational kits and subscriptions to its magazine are FREE to classroom teachers, librarians, school counselors, school administrators, professors of education, youth directors at houses of worship and employees of youth-serving nonprofit organizations.

More Information: https://www.tolerance.org/classroom-resources/film-kits

Program: Youth Leadership Initiative

What is it: YLI, a program of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, develops FREE education resources designed to assist civics teachers, and encourage students to participate in the political process.

YLI jump-starts a lifetime of civic engagement for the next generation by creating innovative technology-based projects that bring the American democratic process to life in your classroom.

More Information: