Welcome to the Faubion Middle School Learning Commons!
We are open from 8:15-4:15 every school day except on Wednesday when we are closed for meetings.

Learning Commons Mission:

The mission of the MISD Learning Commons is to ensure that students and staff are effective evaluators, users, and communicators of ideas and information, enabling them to be literate, life-long learners.
The Learning Commons:
  • provides flexible and equitable access to information and resources, as learners engage in both group and independent study.
  • nurtures an interest in reading and appreciation of literature.
  • integrates information resources and skills to be taught at point of need that meet curriculum objectives.
  • promotes a partnership between the Media Resource Specialist, staff, and the community to encourage students to make connections of library resources and facilities with life-long learning.
  • communicates and models ethical use of ideas, information and technology resources.
  • fosters the involvement of the local and global communities.
So that:
Students and staff are equipped with the processes and strategies to meet the diverse needs of the 21st century and beyond.

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