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I have been working with plants since 1995, when I left a computer programming job to find a vocation that fit better my spirit and body. After working on several organic farms, I came back to the DC area in 1998 to help local non-profits facilitate youth and community gardening projects, which led to teaching horticulture for a couple of years in a DC high school. 

I started Matt's Habitats in 2003, specializing in sustainable gardening practices with an emphasis on native plants, wildlife habitats, and edible gardens. In the hottest and coldest months of the year (when gardening is slower), I also do some painting and handyman work, focusing on environmentally sound practices.

I have continued to teach as a gardening coach and by leading walks throughout the year on wild edibles and plant identification. I am continually increasing my knowledge through classes, personal study, and "dirt time" outdoors. As another way of studying and celebrating nature in our area, my wife Elizabeth runs a blog called The Natural Capital. I'm one of her advisers!

The headquarters of Matt's Habitats is the 120-year-old farmhouse where we live in Silver Spring. Rooftop solar panels generate all of our electricity, and vegetable and fruit gardens generate most of our produce. Our 1/4 acre yard also serves as a test plot and propagation area for many of the native plants that I use in clients' yards.

I donate 10% of my net profit to environmental and humanitarian NGO's including Anacostia Watershed Society, Casa of Maryland, and the Capital Food Bank. I also serve as treasurer of the Maryland Native Plant Society.

Matt's Habitats is a Montgomery County Certified Green Business.