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Our everyday actions have an impact on the world. A single choice, multiplied by thousands or millions, can become real change. In that spirit, I offer the following services:

  • Gardens using songbird and pollinator-attracting native plants and vegetable and fruit producing plants. Email me to check my availability for consulting, designing, and installations.
  • Interior painting and handyman work using environmentally sound paints. I also do light handy work with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Nature walks with a focus on identification and edibility of wild plants & mushrooms.

I'm available for clients within 10 miles of my home (3 miles for landscaping work) near Takoma Middle School. I focus on Takoma Park and Silver Spring as well as NW Washington, DC. If you live in this area, I'd be happy to discuss the project you're thinking of and whether it's a good fit for my skills.  I have many satisfied clients I'd be glad to provide as references.

I look forward to meeting you! -- Matt Cohen