Mrs. Williams' Class /Metropolis Elementary Room 1C

Please see the Week at a Glance tab to your left to view academic plans for the week including sight words, spelling words, math concepts, reading story and concepts, and language.

Our Classroom Mission Statement
Mrs. Williams' Class family will always do our best.  We believe that we should always be kind and respectful.  We will help each other because one day we will need help too.  We will come to school and be on time for class so that we don't miss anything.  We will work hard to learn our first grade work so we can become awesome second graders.   We will celebrate our all-time highs and always do our best.  Our goal is to go to college so we can follow our dreams!  We are going to study, work, and play hard because one day we will be grown-ups!

Our Classroom Rules/Procedures:

1.  Keep your hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself even when your are playing.
2.  Follow directions, procedures, and routines for the class and building
3.  Use kind words
4.  Walk quietly everywhere
5.  Listen to the speaker

 Please encourage your child to read their weekly story, study spelling words, and sight words at home throughout the week.  I will not be assigning additional homework this year.  Math practice pages are not to be turned in but are for additional practice if you wish to complete it at home.  Grade will not be taken on items completed at home and will not need to be turned in.


Specials Schedule
Monday -  Computers and Library
Tuesday-   Library
Wednesday- Computers
Friday- P.E. (wear tennis shoes)  

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