Ms. Sutton's 8th Grade Math Class
Welcome to our class website! Our Mission is at Riverside Middle School is to enhance the educational process for students, parents, teachers, and all community stakeholders.  This website will do so by being used as a web portal, a communication tool, and as a tool to enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom. Please explore this site freely.
I am always available for my students and parents. You can contact me by calling the school at your convenience and leaving a message, calling the school during my planning time if you need to speak to me directly, or by emailing me.

                    School Phone: 252-792-1111


I look forward to having a great year with each and every student!  Happy learning!

What's going on in class this week?

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The outline for the topics we will be covering throughout the school year.


Web Links

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Grades for Class:

Homework - 10%
Participation/Classwork  – 25%
Quizzes - 25%
Tests– 40% 

I expect all students to adhere to the following rules:


1)      Please bring all required materials daily.

2)      Please raise your hand and wait quietly before speaking or leaving seat.


3)   Please follow directions, take notes, and work on assigned tasks.


4)      Please use classroom language and show respect to others’ property.


5)      ALWAYS TRY WITH 100% EFFORT!!!