Rent Me

To rent directly from the owner, email your request to:
Repeat renters save the online service charge by booking direct - see the Rent Again page.

To check availability and rates, or if you are more comfortable renting through a 3rd party:
 Company   1st Floor
2nd Floor
Both Floors
(online sites)
 FlipKey (online)
 FlipKey - 1st Floor FlipKey - 2nd Floor FlipKey - Both Floors
 Calloway (local) Calloway - 1st Floor Calloway - 2nd Floor Call
 Hoffman (local) Hoffman - 1st Floor Hoffman - 2nd Floor Call
 Lee's (local) Lees - 1st Floor Lees - 2nd Floor Call
 AirBnB AirBNB - 1st Floor AirBnB - 2nd Floor

*** No high school, college or civic groups, chaperoned or not, are permitted. ***

This is a Saturday-to-Saturday Rental.  (Plus select off-peak weekends)
Linens, Towels
, beach paraphernalia, and paper products are NOT provided.