Athletics are part of the total education program at Mancelona Public Schools. We believe that participating in athletics provides our students with a wide variety of rewarding experiences and the opportunity to develop many worthwhile traits. Participation in athletics has the potential to develop a student’s self-respect, self-discipline, character, leadership skills, and decision making skills. We hope to develop a knowledge and appreciation of physical fitness and to encourage our athletes to develop personal habits which will promote it as a lifetime goal. We hope to educate our athletes on the proper care and treatment of their bodies and the type of behavior which will enable them to reach optimum performance levels. Athletics provide opportunities to develop and refine physical skills and to gain an appreciation of physical activity. Participation in athletics provides athletes with experience which enables them to learn to work with and cooperate with one another to accomplish a common goal, to create a respect for competition, and to develop a sense of good sportsmanship. We believe it is an honor and a privilege to represent Mancelona Public Schools as an athlete and with this privilege goes the responsibility to behave within the rules of the Mancelona Public Schools Athletic Policies.


Important Upcoming Dates
  • MS Fall Sports Pictures Thursday, September 5

Sports Admission 2018-2019    
  High School                          Middle School 
              3               Student                 2
              5                Adult                    3
            15                Family                 10
Season Passes 
Student  $40
Adult      $60
Family    $125