Fall Play

The Maine South High School 2017 Fall Play
September 28, 29, & 30

by Michael Frayn

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of one of

the funniest plays ever written!

Noises Off, a British farce about putting on a farce, provides humorous insight into the onstage and offstage challenges of producing a play. What’s a farce? Noises Off is a superb example: a high-energy comedic romp involving highly improbable events, impeccable timing, misunderstandings and mistaken identities. Structured in three acts, the play’s first act introduces the cast and crew of Nothing On, the play within Noises Off. The night before opening, the actors are struggling to get their entrances and exits and innumerable plates of sardines in the right place at the right time. The late hour and increasing tensions begin to reveal the fraught interpersonal relationships between the characters. The first act leaves you wondering: will they get it right before opening night?

In a dramatic transformation of space, the second act of Noises Off takes place backstage during a midweek matinee of Nothing On. The show has been touring for a month and the actors’ dysfunctional relationships are starting to take their toll on the production.

The final act takes place during the closing night performance of Nothing On. The play and the characters’ relationships are barely holding together. Mishap after mishap piles up as the characters attempt to untangle the disastrous performance and arrive at some sort of rational, salvageable end.

Check out the videos below:

Noises Off on Broadway

More Noises Off Fun

Even More Noises Off Fun

Helpful Info:

Full Show Synopsis

Character Descriptions

If you want to read the script before you get a hard copy, here is an online version: Noises Off

Audition Information/Monologues

Please check back this week for important info about auditions.  On August 9, the freshmen have orientation so we will need to change the date.  I will update this as soon as I know what the new date/time is.  Remember that you do have the option to submit a monologue by video if you cannot make the auditions.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: We plan to submit Noises Off to be considered for performance at the 2018 Illinois High School Theatre Festival. 

All cast members must be available to attend the festival from January 11-13, 2018 at Illinois State University.