Welcome to Mr. Mondragon's Math Class

Virtual Learning Norms & FAQs



Please read this document before emailing your teachers or your counselors with questions or concerns. We the faculty, administration and staff of UHS want to ensure that quality instruction continues, and want you to also feel supported and give you the tools needed. We also acknowledge how worried you might feel about assignments, projects, and grades. We are committed to teaching your classes and giving you course grades, but we realize that we can’t offer/expect the same academic rigor as usual given the present situation. We are counting on you to participate and to remember, “we are UHS.”


  1. A new school schedule has been created and will be provided to all students. All teachers have agreed to follow this schedule during the time we are in session but not able to have school on campus.

  2. For information about how teachers will send out class announcements and other important information, go to each teacher’s Google Site found under “COURSES” located on the UHS website.

  3. All teachers will use both synchronous (the class meets online at a set time together using Zoom) and asynchronous instruction (teachers give assignments for students to complete on their own time, but with set deadlines).

  4. Some teachers may choose to record a Zoom session, and you can opt to turn your camera off so that your image is not recorded. You will receive more information about Zoom from your teachers.


  1. We recommend setting up a quiet space where you study and complete assignments. Please use a computer instead of your phone for assignments and Zoom sessions.

  2. When working in an online environment, the same expectations and code of behavior remain:

  • be respectful;

  • listen and also participate;

  • be patient with yourself and others;

  • don’t use negative or derogatory language in writing or when speaking in a virtual classroom.

3. When you are participating in a Zoom session with your teacher, keep in mind the following:

a. Be aware that others can see you, so dress appropriately.

b. Use headphones if available.

c. Mute yourself in Zoom when not speaking.

4. Teachers will establish their own office hours and will let you know how and when to reach them with questions (e.g. via email, Google Classroom announcements, Remind, Zoom). Expect the teacher hours to be generally 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday-Friday. Some teachers may be open to communicating earlier and/or later; some of your teachers will use part of the allotted class time to have office hours.