Feb. 11 - 15:
Monday...CE#3 due today, but not shared; final day of group prep for Cell Cycle Lab--tomorrow is 'Eval Day'
Hw: cell cycle lab eval
Tuesday...Cell Cycle Practical eval
Hw: rev. mat'l: cell cycle traits/slides; print 'DNA notes' handout
Wednesday...Nb#35, Genetics Quiz 3; DNA disc'n: composition/base pairing/diff. b/w DNA and RNA
Hw: rev. mat'l
Thursday...Warm-Up: 5.1/5.2; share CE3 with partner(s), provide feedback; cont. DNA disc'n from yesterday
Friday...Early Release Day, shortened classes; Nb#36, DNA Replication
Hw: Enjoy your extended Feb. weekend!!

Feb. 4 - 8:
Monday...Warm-Up: study tools (vis. and sim. of cell cycle, mitosis song, ST p. 83 for pix); Nb#31, Partner Pseudo Test: students complete task with partner assistance, as needed; rev. when complete
Hw: rev. cell cycle and traits
Tuesday...Warm-Up: Nb#32, Cell Cycle QOK; complete Nb#31 and review; provide Nb#33, Paper-clip Meiosis
Hw: continued review of cell cycle traits and phases
Wednesday...Completion of Lab: Paper-clip Meiosis
Hw:  rev traits of phases
Thursday...Warm-Up: complete rev. of Lab questions; Provide Nb#34, Cell Cycle Lab 
Hw: rev. phases/traits; brainstorm ideas for group mat'ls
Friday...Warm-Up: cell slides in projector for determining phases; second day of prep for Cell Cycle Lab (eval on Tuesday)
Hw: CE3 due Monday; Lab evals Tuesday; have a great weekend!

Jan. 28 - Feb. 1:
Monday...Complete 'Team Task' and review
Hw: rev.mat'l
Tuesday...Warm-Up:  record 'Team Task' grade; Continue ICT (pp.34-38) R/TN w/ handout correspondence and reading prompt, include cell division chart on back of handout
Hw: rev. mat'l
Wednesday...Science World Activity: read magazine articles and answer questions on handout
Hw: rev. mat'l since last quizzes
Thursday...Provide Nb#30, Phases of the Cell Cycle: highlight info and begin learning parts of ea. phase; show ST, p.83; provide study tools of 'Classzone.com'
Hw: rev. mat'l on cell division
Friday...Warm-Up: Mitosis Song; provide 'early cell division qok'; time perm: introduce Nb#31, Cell Cycle Lab
Hw: brainstorm ideas of material use for the Cell Cycle Lab; have a great super bowl weekend!

Jan. 22 - 25:
Tuesday...Welcome Back students! Review the 'Cell Division Cluster': peer edit/revision of reading prompts, rev. responses of Nb#27 and #28, rev. responses of BPVQ's for Mitosis and DNA
Hw: rev. mat'l since the last quiz; print "Code of Life, Ch.2" handout
Wednesday...Note: LA check in today...shortened classes; Warm-Up: 'QOK of the day'; R/TN on ICT pp.33-38, coupled with note handout correspondence using "Code of Life, Ch.2" handout...include reading prompt 'What Challenged, Changed, or Confirmed what I Knew"
Hw: rev. #27, 28 and relative material for quiz t'mar
Thursday: Warm-Up:  Nb#29, Genetics 3.1/3.2 Quiz; cont. ICT reading from Wed, along with reading prompts...to include chart on 2 forms of cell division
Hw: always good to rev.mat'l
Friday: "Team Task": You may choose to work with your partner, but you must NOT talk with anyone...you must communicate with written notes. Using the Gold ST, pp. 95-97, answer questions 1-7, 9-11, 15, 26-28, Analyzing Data 1-6, and Extended Response 7-8. (Write question and answer; for multiple choice answers, provide the letter and the answer choice, too.
When done with 'Team Task', continue individually with the ICT reading from Wed/Thur, addressing the writing prompt on the board.
Hw: Have a great wintry weekend!!

Jan. 14 - 18:
Monday...Nb#25, Lab: Offspring Models 
Hw; complete info in 'report style'
Tuesday...Nb Checks; students complete Nb#26, Chromosomes and Genes Video Handouts while watching the video
Hw: 'completion' of Lab report, to this point
Wednesday...Math Check In, shortened class schedule: review of Nb#26; continuation of #25, Lab: Offspring Models
Hw: completion of lab report; print 3.1 RSG and 3.2 RSG from website
Thursday...Work on two-day tasks: 'Cell Division Cluster'-- R/TN and complete writing prompt: "What did the author think I already knew?" regarding ST sections 3.1 and 3.2...complete Nb#27, 3.1 RSG and Nb#28, 3.2 RSG...complete BrainPop Videos and Quizzes for 'Mitosis' and 'DNA'
Friday...Early Release, shortened class schedule: continue and complete 'Cell Division Cluster'
Hw: rev. mat'l; enjoy your weekend!

Jan. 7 - 11:
Monday...Revisit the backside of Nb#19; Nb#20, Genetics QOK1; Nb#21, 4.1 RSG...students should have this printed from the class website and complete as much as possible with no resources; print the following from the genetics unit page: (1) Punnett Square Handout and (2) Chromosomes and Genes Video Handouts
Hw: keep Nb's organized; complete all necessary items
Tuesday...Warm-Up: 4.1/4.2; provide time to work on Nb#21, 4.1 RSG with no resources...then review responses; begin Nb#22, Punnett square handout
Hw: complete class items
Wednesday...Warm-Up: 'repair' answers to #20's QOK and collect grades for #19 and #20; rev. Nb#22
Hw: prep. for t'mar's quiz
Thursday...Nb#23, Genetics Quiz 1; Nb#24, Punnett Square QOK
Hw: none
Friday...Warm-Up: complete review of quizzes; pre-lab write up for Monday
Hw: CE2 due Monday; have a great wintry weekend!

Jan. 3 - 4:
Thursday...Welcome Back Students and Happy New Year!! Provide optional task: 'New Year's Resolution'...essay detailing your individual studies particularly science... (1) where you are ...(2) where you hope to be...(3) how you propose to get there ; re-discover 'traits list'; complete ICT pp. 24-26 (sect.1.3) w/ note correspondence; Nb#19, Chapter Review
Hw: complete 'class tasks'
Friday...Warm-Up: 4.1/4.2; review Nb# 19, perhaps for THQ; Provide Nb#20, 4.1 RSG
Hw: rev mat'l for qok; have a great weekend!!

Dec. 17 - 20:
Monday...Warm-Up: student led qok...terms, topics, etc written on board and 'discussed' in qok/discussion format; continue with ICT reading (student driven) section 1.2 and review after undisclosed amount of time
Hw:  rev. mat'l
Tuesday...Final observation of Nb#17C, Food Sample Lab; ICT reading section 1.3 -- individual work to class discussion; set up 'Traits List' activity
Hw: complete 'Traits List'; students need to bring laptops and pencils for school tomorrow...no bookbags required.
Wednesday...Positivity Project in the morning; video in downstairs MPR after lunch
Thursday...Early Release!!  Buddy Movie Day all morning at Six Forks Station
Happy Holidays to all !

Dec. 10 -11:
Monday...NO SCHOOL
Tuesday...(3-Hr Delay/shortened classes)... monitor food samples and add to data table; Current Event 1 table share, nominate one for class disc'n; rev. backside of Nb#18;
Hw: print "Heredity: The Code of Life" handout
Wednesday...Warm-Up: rev. coin toss data from back of #18 and BP vid. Heredity; begin data collection for front-side of Nb#18; provide data table, graphs, and answers to questions
Hw: complete front-side tasks
Thursday...Rev. responses regarding class specific data of #18; begin 2-3 day task: ICT pp.12-26, read and respond to writing prompt: What Challenged, Changed, or Confirmed What I knew? along with the tasks, 'Traits List' and 'Transparency Traits'...these may take 2 or 3 class periods to complete.
Hw: rev. mat'l
Friday...continue Thursday's tasks to completion...?
Hw: Have a great December weekend!

Dec. 3 - 7:
Monday...Cells Test
Hw: none
Tuesday...Report Cards provided to students at the end of the day; Nb#16, Cells Test Corrections/Summary (may have to wait for another day before handing back the tests for completion of the TC/S task, due to student absences; Transitions/Food Safety disc'n: Nb#17A, Food Safety-Safe Practices; Nb#17B, Lab 2: Invisible Creatures...class will be divided into two groups with one group beginning with 17A and the other half beginning with 17B...at the halfway point of class, groups switch tasks
Hw: complete any class work toward the day's activities
Wednesday...Return Cells Test for Nb#16, Cells Test Corrections/Summary, if all students have completed the test; quick discussion of Nb#17 A and B; 
Hw: complete Nb#16 and get signed
Thursday...Nb#17C, Lab 3: Multiplying Organisms...lab to be monitored for an extended amount of class time; Provide Nb#18, Genetics Intro. Investigation-begin with the back side
Hw: complete back side of nb#18; complete Brain-Pop task on Heredity
Friday...No Class Day:  Hour of Code; Museum of Art visit with lunch off campus; Buddy time post lunch
Hw: Have a great "wintry weather" weekend!!

Nov. 26 - 30:
Monday...Welcome Back Students!!  Complete all cell model presentations, if necessary; Provide CE due dates for trimester 2: 12/10, 1/14, 2/11;
Begin 'Cell Activity Cluster': Nb#11, Cells 2.2 RSG and Nb#12, Cells 2.3 RSG, Brain-Pop Video Series: Diffusion, Active Transport, Passive Transport--
Hw: complete two of the three BP videos and quizzes
Tuesday...Day 2: complete 'Cell Activity Cluster' and review responses 
Hw: rev. mat'l on cells and cells parts
Wednesday...Assembly Morning: shortened classes; Nb#13, Cell Theory Quiz; provide Nb#14, Cell Process Demos...set-up, day 1; time perm:further rev. of #11-12
Hw: rev. 'Cell Activity Cluster' items: #11, 12, BPVS; complete demo #1, using food coloring instead of ink
Thursday...Warm-Up: day 2 of Nb#14; revisit 'cluster'; Nb#15, Cells 2.2/2.3 QOK
Hw: Test on Monday
Friday...no class day; Skype session; Poverty Simulation; related-to-morning-activity video
Hw: Test on Monday; Have a great weekend!!

Nov. 19 - 20:
Monday...Cell Model Presentations
Hw: none
Tuesday...Early Release today; Presentations complete..? Provide project feedback; share 'Thankful Basket' ideas.
Hw: Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nov. 13 - 16:
Tuesday...Warm-Up: revisit Nb#5 and Friday's work (notes, prompt, #6, #7); discuss project in more detail (Plan of Action idea: initial draft to final illustration, due Friday)
Hw: print cell video sheet, cell handout sheet; project prep
Wednesday...Nb#8, Cells Video; project prep POA; begin reviewing 'The Cell handout'
Hw: project prep; rev. mat'l
Thursday...(Schedule change: 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 4th); Warm-Up: Nb#9, Cells QOK2; complete 'The Cell handout' disc'n; provide Nb#10, Cell Town
Hw: final illustration due tomorrow; complete #10, project prep
Friday...Trimester One Ends Today; Final Illustration due today; complete/collect 'Admission Ticket'; last day to work on cell model (bring in 'final materials' for completion)
Hw: Project presentations are on Monday; have a great weekend!

Nov.5 - 9:
Monday...Warm-Up: critical thinking ex.(TE in ST p.10--sim and diff of flower, puppy, house, and cup of water); CECS for CE4; discuss Traits/Needs of  Living Organisms
Hw: draw 3 ex.of traits, 2 ex. of needs of living org; rev. mat'l...quiz this week
        water samples for Wednesday
Tuesday...Warm-Up: Lab group selection; reminder to water sample volunteers; complete disc'n of 'Traits/Needs'...allow students to share with peers the trait/need sketches; time permitting: begin lab report write up
Hw: rev. mat'l-quiz on Thursday
Wednesday...Lab Day...Nb#4, Using a Scope/Water Sample Lab
Hw: complete report; quiz t'mar
Thursday...Warm-Up: Nb#5, Cells QOK1; quick rev. of lab; intro to Cell Model Project, due 11/19...refer to website resources
Hw: brainstorm model ideas
Friday...Using gold ST, R/TN in sect.1.1 and 1.2 while completing the writing prompt: What Challenged, Changed, or Confirmed with I knew?; complete Nb#6, Cells 1.1 RSG and Nb#7, Cells 1.2 RSG
Hw: Have a great fall weekend and remember to Thank a Veteran!

Oct.29 - Nov.2:
Monday...Sub-Plan: Current Science Magazine and Handout completion
Hw: weather instrument presentations tomorrow
Tuesday...LA Check-In, causing shortened classes; Weather Instrument demonstrations
Hw: notebook check, make sure all is organized
Wednesday...Notebook Check
Hw: students could clear out the science binder, only leaving Nb#1 and 2 in binder and removing all other items; enjoy 'Trick-or-Treating'!!
Thursday...Warm-Up: return of Nb checks;complete Weather Instrument demos, if needed; Intro. to Cells unit: provide Nb#3, Cells Diagnostic 'test', discuss; provide form.ass't: Is it Made of Cells?, discuss; 
Hw: CE4 due Monday
Friday...Warm-Up: discuss Is it Made of Cells in small groups; Warm-Up 1.1/1.2; review theories in groups; complete 'critical thinking' exercise; discuss 'traits/needs' of living organisms
Hw: rev. mat'l; draw 3 ex. of traits and 2 ex. of needs of living organisms; CE4 due Monday
Have a great fall weekend!!

Oct. 23 - 26: 
Tuesday...Warm-Up: Welcome Back!! Math Check In Test, will reduce class times; Provide Weather Test to students for Nb#25, Weather Test Corrections/Summary; provide permission slips for weather unit culminating video: The Day After Tomorrow; provide discussion for 'Weather Instruments'...students research demonstrating a weather instrument (either solo or with a partner) ...students may use Discovery Ed as a resource, and each student (or student group) should create the instrument and/or demonstrate the use of the chosen instrument to class-mates on Tuesday, Oct.30
Hw: complete Nb#25; brainstorm ideas for weather instrument; get video permission signed and return tomorrow
Wednesday...Warm-Up: collect Nb#25 for Nb check; Video Day #1..The Day After T'mar (students look for science content and attempt to determine what's accurate or not)
Hw: brainstorm or work on weather instruments
Thursday...Video Day #2; students discuss in small groups the video's science content and determine accurate info...
Hw: weather instruments; notebook organization
Friday...Class disc'n on video content; students may work on weather instruments; notebook organization
Hw: Weather instrument pres'n on Monday; notebook check 'test' on Tuesday, after LA check-in
Have a great weekend!!

Oct. 8 - 12:
Monday...Warm-Up: review Nb#19; begin the review of the Weather Cluster: #20-20B
Hw: rev today's material; recall, our Weather Test is on Friday, Oct.12
Tuesday...Warm-Up: complete rev. of weather cluster; Provide Nb#21, Water Vapor in the Air; complete 2.2 quiz, in verbal fashion; Provide #22, Isobar Handout
Hw: Complete Classwork items and rev. mat'l (for quiz and test)
Wednesday...Warm-up: quick review of homework/classwork items; begin Nb#23, Weather Map Activity
Hw: complete weather map 
Thursday...Warm-up: review hw items; complete Nb#24, 2.3/2.4 quiz
Hw: prepare for test tomorrow
Friday...Weather Test
Enjoy your fall break; see you on Tuesday, Oct.23!!
Oct. 1 - 5:
Monday...Presentation Monday: student groups present their Nb#18, Human Body and Atm.Pressure mini-projects; audience to provide assessment through peer evaluations
Tuesday...Warm-Up:R/TN Sect. 2.2 in ST...students use writing prompt, "What challenged, changed, or confirmed what I knew?"; provide Nb#19, 2.2 RSG; time permitting: rev. responses
Hw: rev. mat'l; bring ear buds for t'mar
Wednesday...Provide Weather Cluster, two-day tasks: Nb#20, Clouds Packet; #20A, Brain-Pop Video Series: clouds, humidity, wind, weather; #20B, Coriolis Effect (need balloon)
Hw: rev. mat'l
Thursday...Warm-Up: 2.3/2.4; cont. work on Weather Cluster; rev. as finished...Announce Weather Test, Friday, Oct.12
Friday...NO Class Day: Community Service Field Trip to 'Yam Jam'...lunch out offerings; buddies in pm
Hw: Current Event 3 due Monday; Have a great weekend!!

Sept. 24 - 28:
Monday...Warm-Up: Nb#16, Lab: Investigate Air Pressure...set-up 3-day lab; Nb#17, Sect.2.1 Quiz; Nb checks today/tomorrow...?
Hw: notebook organization
Tuesday...Lab, day 2; begin Nb #18, Human Body and Atmospheric Pressure...group exercise in conjunction with DE; Nb checks today...?
Hw: group prep for #18; nb org.
Wednesday...Lab, day 3: complete investigation and report; Continue group assignment (Nb#18) : complete procedures 1-4 questions and review with group; discuss ideas for both trips; 'selection' and continue group work...Presentations due Monday
Hw: group prep for #18
Thursday...Warm-Up: discuss lab report 'response section'; group work on #18...Presentations due Monday
Hw: group prep for #18
Friday...Early Release, shortened classes: last day for #18 prep....collect self- and group- evals
Hw: Final prep for presentation Monday; Have a great weekend!!

Sept. 17 - 21:
Monday...Provide Nb#13, Atm/AQ Test Corrections/Summary...referring to appropriate page on class website and providing direct examples of how to complete the task, students may use class notes and materials to complete the TC/S (BUT students may not use internet sources, other people, or other people's resources)
Hw: complete #13 and get parent signature for Hw check
Tuesday...Warm-Up: receive #13 for completeness; Complete Brain Pop task; Complete 'formative assessment' task on 'Global Warming'
Hw: rev. mat'l...teacher workday tomorrow
Wednesday...Teacher Workday
Thursday...Warm-Up: 2.1/2.2; Announce 'lab groups'; R/TN sect. 2.1 pp. 43-46...use reading strategies:      1) What surprised you?     2) What challenged, changed, or confirmed what you knew?      3) What did the author think I knew?    ; Complete Nb#15, 2.1 RSG
Hw: rev. mat'l for quiz on BP vid + 2.1; bring can for group
Friday...Warm-Up: complete yesterday's tasks on Sect.2.1 and review responses to #15; lab report set up for Monday
Hw: Have a great weekend!! (Quiz on Monday : includes 2.1, BP quiz questions, and Nb#14 questions)

Sept. 10 - 14:
Monday...Nb#12, AP/AQ Quiz; time permitting, either share CE2 --or--review for test (TRIP CANCELLED DUE TO HURRICANE FLORENCE)
Hw: study for unit test
Tuesday...Atm/AQ Test
Hw: none; trip is cancelled due to Hurricane Flo
Wednesday...Warm-Up: Current event 2 sharing in table groups--nominate one for class disc'n; Holding test return until all students have taken, so Nb#13, Atm./AQ Test Corrections/Summary is on hold; provide Nb#14 Weather Diagnostic Test
Hw: complete Nb#14
Thursday...Early Release due to FLO...Review Hw: Provide BP video and gr. quiz: Hurricanes; time permitting: show DE, Hurricane Simulator and Preparing for Hurricanes
Hw: Stay safe, enjoy family
Friday...School is Closed; Stay safe!!

Sept. 4 - 7:
Tuesday...Warm-Up: 1.3/1.4; discuss lab mat'ls needed for tomorrow (2 sm.containers w/lids, 1 egg shell, sm.jar vinegar); complete Nb#9, Chernobyl Activity and questions; Provide Nb#10, Thermometers/Conversions Handout
Hw: complete #10...note: Atm./AQ Test is next Tuesday, Sept.11
Wednesday...Warm-Up: rev. #9 in lab groups; provide 'AQ terms sheet'; Lab Day 1: Nb#11, Harmful Effects of Acid Rain
Hw: rev.mat'l
Thursday...Warm-Up: quick disc'n on  AQ terms, suggest flash cards; continue 'conversions work'; R/TN in ST pp.22-33 
Hw: rev. mat'l (quiz on Monday; test on Tuesday)
Friday...Warm-Up: practice quiz on 1.3; Lab Day 2, complete report after day's observation;  review AQ terms with review game
Hw: CE2 due Monday; quiz on Monday (new topics to include:  air quality terms, conversions)

Aug. 27-31:
Monday...Warm-Up: complete make-up quizzes; return and review responses; Final prep day for   1) Improv QOK    and   2) Atm. Posters
Hw: Posters and Improv QOK t'mar
Tuesday...Collect posters; perform Improvs; time permitting: poster contest using criteria from earlier
Hw: Nb#6, Atm. THQ
Wednesday...Warm-Up: review, grade and collect #6; Nb#7, Camping Trip (FA handout/discuss) 
Hw: rev. mat'l
Thursday...Warm-Up: Nb#8, Atm. Layer Quiz;Introduce Nb#9, Chernobyl Activity 
Hw: none, if you read and highlighted the introductory page of #9 during flex
Friday...Continue/Complete Nb#9, Chernobyl Activity
Hw: none! Have a great holiday weekend!!

Aug. 20-24:
Monday...Warm-Up: complete Nb#4 (sect. 1.1 challenge); review responses; Brain-Pop Video Series: Earth's Atmosphere, Carbon Cycle, Water Cycle, and Nitrogen  Cycle...watch videos and complete the 'graded quizzes' for each
Hw: complete classwork items
Tuesday...Warm-Up: complete review of yesterday's material; disc'n of Atmospheric Notes handout...cover trace components' %s, cycles, and heat transfer; if time permits, rev. layers of the atmosphere
Hw: rev. mat'l
Wednesday...Warm-Up: Discuss Atmospheric Posters--provide appropriate sheet for final product; cont. disc'n of Atm. Notes handout; introduce idea of performing 'Improv. QOK'
Hw: rev for 1.1/1.2 quiz on Friday
Thursday...with completion of previous discussions and material: groups may meet to discuss 'Improv QOK ideas' or work individually on Atm. Posters
Hw: quiz t'mar on 1.1/1.2
Friday...Warm-Up: Nb#5, Sect.1.1/1.2 Quiz; prep work on 'Improv QOK' and/or Atm.Poster prep.
Hw: NOTE: DUE DATE CHANGE...Atm. Posters  and "Improv QOK" due Tuesday;  Have a great weekend!!

Aug. 14-17:

Tuesday...WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!! Introductions; provide Nb #1, Initial Procedures; provide Nb#2, Syllabus

Hw: Complete Current Event 1; Complete questionnaire; Get syllabus signed and returned

Wednesday...HW1: completion of CE1, syllabus signed (100 pt. check); provide CE due dates; CE share w classmate(s); Nb#3, Atm. Diag. Test

Hw: complete #3

Thursday...Warm-Up: 1.1/1.2; R/TN sect.1.1, pp. 14-21 in S.T. (use prompt: What Challenged, Changed, or Confirmed what I knew? ) Do the same task with sect.1.2, pp. 16-21(R/TN and complete prompt)...time permitting, share with partner, attempting to provide feedback/dialogue, and add to notes.

Hw: review material

Friday...Computer Roll-Out in LA classes today; Provide Nb#4, Sect. 1.1 Challenge; complete R/TN in sect. 1.1/1.2 from yesterday

Hw: Complete one side of Nb#4; Remember to bring ear-buds Monday...Have a great weekend!