Trash of Older Runs

Run:                No  558 (40 in attendance)

Hares:             I Don't Mind, Shrunken Joe and Pocket Penis

Date/Time:      Nov 13th

Venue:             Venus Riviera


The venue was halfway to Pondy on the banks of the Palar river. Good turnout for a place that far away.  The hares started the trail on the river bed, and after a couple of km of sandy footing took us through a village and then past beautiful green paddy fields which stretched away to the horizon.  The runners trail was 7 to 8 Km long and thx a late start ended as it got dark.

Good food from Seema's kitchen supplemented by the Gatsby.  The host Anjan joined us and some us made a long evening of it.

The Start of the Trail:

Scottish Harem:

Cooling off before the Circle:

The Hares:

The Missing Hare:

The Host:

Run:                No  557 (? in attendance)

Hares:             Leather Coater &

Date/Time:      Oct 30th

Venue:             Leather Coater's Home


On the email he sent to all.  Scribe was in Galle Srilanka attending the South Asian Inter Hash (4th Edition)

Run:                No  556 (40 in attendance)

Hares:             G-String & 

Date/Time:      Oct 16th

Venue:             The Hande Residence


Trail to broken bridge, lots of Fireworks thx to Same As You Do, and great food courtesy the hostess.  More later.  Pics too.

Run:                No  554 (40 in attendance)

Hares:             Mutton Chops, Big Pisser, Anal-yst & Blow Jobless

Date/Time:      Oct 2nd

Venue:             Richard/Joseph/Henry's Farm/Garden in Killacheri Village


The drive to the farm took about 90 minutes.  The last bit was through avenues lined by tamarind trees with green paddy fields around.  Beautiful.  The hares could have used all this lovely terrain, but instead took us on a 2 km lope to the nearby village, through a church, and then the trail improved a lot.  It was over 10 km for the runners and by the time everyone arrived it was dark and threatening to rain.

Plan B kicked in just in time, and the Circle/Dinner venue was shifted to a Kalayana Mandapam in the village.  Great job of hosting by Richard. We reached just as it poured cats & dogs for a couple of hours.  The Circle was held with the RA having to shout over the fury of the rain.  The dinner arrived so late - blame the rain again - that most people had left for the long drive back home.

The Christening of the 3 Timers:

Dunny's Drop gets her name:

As does Transvestite:

Run:                No  553 (50+ in attendance)

Hares:             Mamma's Toy, Light My Balls and Turbine Arse

Date/Time:      Sep 18th

Venue:             Butterball Bed n Breakfast, Mahabalipram


A lovely T shirt greeted Hashers as they registered for this Run. Special guests of the host, Missing in Action, came all the way from Pondy - Lalit, his compact wife Shahnaz, and his son who needs to call the Child Helpline as his parents don't give him shoes/socks to wear as they think that it is good for his soul/sole (he ran over the rough terrain!!!)

The walkers had a relatively short trail, while the runners had a long run back on the beach.  Good snacks from the Tryst, and Rafiq's sister catered the dinner with biryani and bread pudding.

Instructions before the Run (hares in the foreground):

Setting out on the Trail:

Home Stretch for the Walkers:

Waiting for the stragglers to show up:

The Host in the Circle:

Run:                No  552 

Hares:             Several

Date/Time:      Sep 4th

Venue:             At Vellore


This was a special Run.  Beer supplied by KF at Vellore (Thx, Team KF).  Breakfast at Saint Gobain.  Biryani Lunch ordered by Flesh Trader.  Buses arranged by Mutton Chops.

Writeup of the Run in Prose:      Click Here

Writeup of the Run in Pics:         Click Here

Run:                No  551  (with 45 in attendance)

Hares:             Shrunken Joe & Joe Black

Date/Time:      Aug 21st

Venue:             Behind Vel's Engg College


The Hares laid a very different trail to the ones we have done from that spot in the past.  The highlight of the start was one of the longest and most slushy false trails of the year, which claimed a victim when he slipped and measured his length on the mud!

Perfect weather as it always is at MH3 Runs.  Good turnout, and great camaraderie, which inevitably leads to much more beer being consumed than is budgeted.

Before the Run:

Money Managers in the foreground:

With Rapt Attention:

New Names: "Chinna Balls" and "Fuckushema"

New Name:  "Out on Bail"

Run:                No  550  (with 75 in attendance)

Hares:             Mutton Chops, Daylight Wanker, Big Pizza & Blow Jobless

Date/Time:      Aug 7th

Venue:             Beer Rabbits's Place in Kalakshtera Colony


Special Run for a special run number.  T shirts for all.  Nice spread by the Gourmet Chefs, with a number of hashers pitching in to help.  A trail that took runners and walkers in quite different directions.  Lots of beer, including the "code blue" which was specially shipped in to get the chefs (and some of the hares) enthused.

Half a dozen virgins.  The pics tell the story.

Finally we are at Zero Hour for the barbecue:

The Unsuspecting Food Taster:

"Which girl's bottom should I pinch next?":

"You will need to wait a few more months before we serve you beer":

Looking Busy is quite easy at the Madras Hash:

Waiting to set out:

They seem to know something that we do not:

Pic for a Caption Contest:

Land's End:

The Hash teaches you on how to cross a street nonchalantly:

Happy to be outdoors:

A smile at the end of a longish trail:

The Hares:

The Chefs:

The NonVeg Chefs (usually, tho' not quite this time):

Beer Rabbit - the host:

Circle at Run 550:

Circle View:

The Virgins at Run 550:

Run:                No  549  (with 40 in attendance)

Hares:             Leather Coater, Light My Balls and Raja (virgin hare)

Date/Time:      July 24th

Venue:             Sai/Lakshmi's Place at Nellikuppam


Fabulous, fabulous terrain.  A little away from town but the car pooling system mismanaged by Mutton Chops did the trick.  Nice trail by the hares, but then they could not have gone wrong on terrain like this.  The weather as usual was perfect thanks to the hotline established by MH3's Mismanagement  with Al Gore's weather team (or the rain Gods).  

The Circle welcomed virgins Sandy recently married to Donny "Cable not Able", and Vaishnavi who came scouting for "pricks"!  There was Jawahar too and one from a break away group of the Ku Klux Klan who went by the name of KK.

Into the Sunset:

Give-up.  Good trail, though!

The Models before they did a Cat Walk on the Trail:

The Hares - Raja (virgin hare), Leather Coater and Light my Balls:

The Transporter - Mutton Chops did the car pooling coordination:

Run:                No  548  (with 45 in attendance)

Hares:             Wild Thing and Whack Me

Date/Time:      July 10th

Venue:             Salt Pans near Fish Cove


The two harriets who hared the trail had done so before from the same location, but this time took us in a totally different direction compared to the 5 other occasions when we had run in the area. A lovely trail which kept the runners and walkers in viewing distance of each other till Whack Me decided to spend some quality time with Puff'd Daddy by claiming she was hurt.  The walkers then fell behind and were persuaded by Half Done and Shameless Steal to short cut back to the venue by way of a busy highway, rather than by the pretty trail that had been laid out.  

The Circle welcomed half a dozen virgins who all promised to come back for more.

The attendance at the Hash has gone up again, indicating that summer is over.

The Start of Run 548:

Shameless Steal helping up the Big One after pushing her in!

The Hare - Wild Thing - showing how to cross the wall:

He watched his footing, unlike Whack Me who twisted her ankle here:

What did Whack Me mean by her finger pointing straight down?

One of these Virgins heads back to OzLand this week, while the other promised to be back for more:

These virgins too will be back for more:

The virgins are Happily Married:

Run:                No  547  (with 25 in attendance)

Hares:             Live Hares

Date/Time:      June 26th

Venue:             Uma/Mo's Place


This ended up being the KFC Run from Uma/Mo's place in Kottivakkam.  Decided to do a Live Hare Run, which went a bit awry by having too many live hares.  Then the rains decided to cool down an otherwise warm day, and we had runners coming in 35 minutes later, while walkers came in 45 to 60 minutes later.

The Food Sponsor (story in email) sent a bucket of chicken wings and veg equivalents to have with the beer and just as the buckets got empty it started pouring, sending hashers to share the porch with the cars.  They timed the rest of the dinner for the end of the Circle.  Thanks KFC.

The Circle welcomed several virgins - Balaji, Usha, Samantha,<need other names> - and christened 3-timers Steve as Black Hole Chaser, Sandeep as Micro Prick, host Mohan as Charm My Snake and the hostess Uma as Snake Charmer.

KFC went out their way to ensure that the hashers were well fed, with senior staff Angelis and Bala personally making sure everything went well.  The pics below are of them getting the usual Madras Hash warm welcome (sitting on ice) and getting to drink out of the sacred vessels.

Run:                No  546  (with 40+ in attendance)

Hares:             Leather Coater & F@#$ Trader

Date/Time:      June 12th

Venue:             Tim's Place


The possibility of a Live Counter got a whole bunch of hashers to brave the summer heat, with some like Dunny Gone and Hairy Crack having to travel a long, long way to make it to Tim's.  A trail, with an additional falsie created by a zealous caretaker of the YMCA cricket ground, made for a long, sweaty trail for the runners.  The walkers had it easy.

A Circle with some interesting virgins and a few christenings.  It ended with Sugar Daddy leading the pack in a rendition of Singing in the Rain.

The Hare giving an indication of how high to look to find the trail signs:


Naming: Elizabeth as "AmericanBride.COM", and Amira as "Cunni(ng) Linguist"

Singing in the Rain:

Run:                No  545  (with 33 in attendance)

Hares:             Once is Enough

Date/Time:      May 29th

Venue:             EVOLVE Gym


Just about 6 runners took to the roads.  The rest were led on an hour's routine on the wooden flooring at EVOLVE.  Everyone enjoyed the dancing trail hared by Once is Enough.

Run:                No  544  (with 22 in attendance)

Hares:             Daylight Wanker

Date/Time:      May 15th

Venue:             Sai/Lakshmi's New Beach property on ECR


From all accounts a well laid trail.  Run on the beach, countryside with fields, a rocky hillock and round a temple lake.

Run:                No  543  (with 30+ in attendance)

Hares:             Under Developed, Mutton Chops and Olivia (virgin hare)

Date/Time:      May 1st

Venue:             Perangalathur near Vanadalur

Comments:      The "Beep Beep has a pleasant diversion" Run

This was a Farewell Run for Under Developed.  Lovely blue T shirts for the occasion.  The trail was a nice long one for Runners, and was perhaps a bit short for some of the walkers who short cutted.  Two new virgins and a visitor - Edjaculate - from Dar-e-salaam Hash.

This was perhaps the 4th time we have run here.  Call it the 3rd, if you do not count the mini trail laid by Mutton Chops & Budhoo for Run 498 in Aug 2009.  In each of the 3 Runs we ran a totally different trail, and there is scope for several more distinct trails.

Will miss you UD.  But don't ever come back!

UD on the ice with two of his virgins:

Run:                No  542  (with 40+ in attendance)

Hares:             Under Developed, Mamma's Toy and Blow Jobless

Date/Time:      April 17th

Venue:             Ascendas - IIT - Kalakshetra Colony

Comments:      The Rear Entry Run

The Run started from Ascendas with a gentle lope towards the IIT wall.  The FRB's managed to jump over and continue to have an amazing run past lakes, through jungle and had lots of spotted deer looking on at them.  A long and exhausting trail  but very satisfying.  Not too sure what happened to the walkers.  They avoided (?) the jump over the wall, tried to get past an over zealous guard at one gate, and when they could not, they entered IIT through a gate at the back and did the trail in reverse(?).

The drive to the Circle/Beer/Dinner was a challenge as it was a full moon day and a local temple has so many followers that the roads nearby get jammed.  Several cars got caught in traffic jams and the Circle started really late at which point more beer had to be commandeered.  Several virgins joined the Hash and there was a promise of a nice run near the hills/lakes in the vicinity of Vandalur zoo on May 1.

Next weekend is the Easter weekend and some Madras Hashers will be at the Nash Hash at Mahabaleshwar to make their presence felt.  The Pune Hash will have their first run from a microbrewery on Thursday. On On.

Run:                No  541  (with 20+ in attendance)

Hares:             Flesh Trader and Mamma's Toy

Date/Time:      April 3rd

Venue:             Water Tank 3 km south of Vel's Engg College

Comments:      The 3 Leaf Clover Run

This set of hares found the start point alright, but must have arrived minutes before the others since they had not quite finished laying the trail by the time the Run started. The FRB's missed out on the first loop altogether and got started on what turned out to be Loop-2 instead.  This ended on a Falsie a longish way from the Check, just when the hashers were looking forward to more of the the lovely terrain.  Turned out that Loop-2 came back to start, and the hares helpfully pointed out where Loop-1 went.  3 minutes later, the FRB's were back at the Start, and they were helped along to the start of Loop-3, and five minutes later the Run ended.

The terrain had so much possibilities that the Circle decided that we will do it again, and this time get a bunch of Virgin Hares to do the job - they seem to do it so much better than the experienced ones.

The unique feature of the Run was the Clover Leaf shape of the trail since we kept returning to the start each time.  Lucky that none of the lazier of the hashers had the keys to the car with the beer, or else they would have stopped the moment they finished one loop.

A Photo Op while the FRB's figured out where the trail was:

Run:                No  540  (with 65 in attendance)

Hares:             Blow my Pipe, Daylight Wanker and Mallu Mama

Date/Time:      March 20th

Venue:             Nick's Place at Neelangarai Beach

Comments:      Reclaim the Beaches Run

Well laid trail.  Nice long one for Runners and the right distance for walkers.  Beer and "Thandai".  Mutton and veg biryani.  One farewell (Rita) and several virgins - who seemed to enjoy their first hash.  Lovely bunch of hashers and great ambience.  More later.

Popping Out with Mutton Chops and Snoopy:

Run 537 was par for the course where MH3 Mismanagement was concerned.  Two of the 3 hares called in "sick" leaving a lone Virgin Hare - Lead "Blow Jobless" to do the needful.  He went 4 hours early to the "venue" and drove in his stake at a Water Tank a couple of km before the one indicated in the mail.  When did that Water Tank spring up?  All by himself, he took over 3 hours to lay a trail that would have made veteran Hares quite proud. Good instincts and a great job, Lead, and we look forward to your next trail.

The FRBs came back to open the "back up stock" of chilled beer.  Dunny Gone, who had the main supplies in his car sent a message that he will be late for the Run, and when we did not see him, everyone who had a phone kept calling him to find that his phone was switched off. Was he ill?  Did he have an accident?  Just as the spare stock was running out, he strolled in and pointed out to his chauffeur driven car which was kept hidden behind  another, presumably to make sure that the beer did not finish before he had finished the trail.  The relief quite clearly showed on the hashers present and they plonked him (and a couple of other Mismanagers) on ice for giving them the scare of the possibility of running out of beer at a Hash.

Lesson learnt: Plan well.  Murphy's Law will ensure that it will go wrong.  

Plan B, which was never planned, will inevitably be better!   On On.

Run:                No  539  (with 35 in attendance)

Hares:             Lead "Blow Jobless", Zzz and "Shrunken" Joe Black

Date/Time:      March 6th

Venue:             The Hostel at Vengadamangalam

Comments:      When the lead hare could not be woken up

The hares plus many others decided to make a night off it the previous day.  They obviously got so sozzled that I Don't MInd could not be woken up to hare the next morning.  The result was a wonderful trail.  Blow Jobless seems to have a knack of getting involved in major screw-ups that turn out well.

The Trail was one of the best we have had from the Hostel.  Started in open ground, on to a irrigation tank, open fields where the hares had to help us out, and through forest land. The trail headed home through rural, village countryside just as the sun was setting.  The road to the hostel from the Medavakkam-Mambakkam road from Ponmar has deteriorated terribly and hopefully the elections will get the people living there better infrastructure.

Run:                No  538  (with 40 in attendance)

Hares:             Lead "Blow Jobless"

Date/Time:      Feb 20th

Venue:             Water Tank near Vel Srinivas College

Comments:      Its better when everything goes wrong

Run:                No  537  (with 55 in attendance)

Hares:             Daylight Wanker and Shankar

Date/Time:      Feb 6th

Venue:             Vummidi Beach house opp Maayajal

Comments:      Ran out of love

The valentine run bought out the best qualities in hashers – right from laying a long straight bad trail, to complaining about the run, to fighting with security guards while cutting across private property, to short cutting the trail and then putting the hare on ice and be most welcoming to new hashers by making them drink beer out of the shoes. This hash run was a memorable one for many reasons.

The hash started on a sunny evening with a long false start, which makes one wonder why do the FRB’s keep falling for all the falsies? Can someone be really that dense? It appears so. The trail then took the hashers across a marsh and a river which proved to be one big check back as the hares did not know themselves what to do when you arrive at a dead end. This obviously pissed off three hashers who then decided to jump into a dirty filthy bank of water rather then run an extra mile. The one that complained the most, under developed, got a good bit of icing.

In keeping with the latest technology, the hash had songs played from an iPad with a DJ console. Chilled Kingfisher Ultra was served. And food was catered from a restaurant across the road, which did not quite believe that the hashers need their dinner served at 6:30 pm.

One of the hares - Shankar - brought in a huge heart shaped cake on the occasion.  It was sinfully yummy.

So on hindsight, it really was one the best way to spend a valentine…get in to the mood by starting a week earlier with a good Run and beer.

Run:                No  536  (with 30 in attendance)

Hares:             Mutton Chops, Flesh Trader, Soft Harry and the Big One 

Date/Time:      Jan 23rd.

Venue:             Flesh Trader's Terrace at Valmiki Nagar

Comments:     Highlight of this Run was that the T shirts were DryFit one's for the first time ever at a Madras/Chennai Hash.  Lovely ones which were also used/distributed at the Coorg Weekend Hash.

The trail set was a perfect distance for Walkers.  A number of falsies to start with and just when the Runners were more than warmed up, there was a Runner/Walker split, which one figured was going to be a 1 or 2 km extra loop for the Runners.  Instead the hares got the Runners totally spent by making it a total of about 14 km.  The weather was perfect for running, which is the only reason why the Hares are still alive today, being saved from the lynching they well deserved.

Run:                No  535  (with 55 in attendance)

Hares:             Mamma's Toy, Runaway Daddy &

Date/Time:      Jan 9th.

Venue:             Runaway Daddy's home in Kottivakkam

Comments:     Characterised by  lovely barbecue by the Hash Chefs

Pics:                C L I C K     H E R E

Run:                No  531 -534  




Comments:    Runs 531 & 532 were at Yelagiri (pics on link on home page). Run 533 was the Christmas Hash sponsored by Grundfos, and 534 was the NY Eve Run near Fish Cove.

No  530  (with 65 in attendance)

Hares:             Mamma's Toy, G-String and Quickly Quickly

Date/Time:      Nov 14,   4:30 pm

Venue:             The Hande Residence in Adyar

Comments:    To be written up.

Run:                No  529  (with 55 in attendance)

Hares:             Mani "Indian Sori" and 

Date/Time:      Oct 31,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Shyamala's Beach House, Akkarai

Comments:    With two of the hares playing truant it was left to Indian Sori and ___ to lay a trail, which they did all on the beach side of the ECR.  Nice T shirts sponsored by Indian Sori and designed by I Don't Mind.  With a fairly large number having warned in and then not showing up, we have a number of T shirts to sell at a future Hash Run.Happy Hashers:

The Hare and the Sponsor:

The Virgins:

Welcoming New (Experienced)  Hashers to the Madras Hash:

It was Halloween for some Hashers:

Hash Flash:

Run:                No  528  (with 55 in attendance)

Hares:             Flesh Trader, Mutton Chops &

Date/Time:      Oct 17,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Butter Ball Bed & Breakfast @ Mahabalipuram

Comments:    There was this lovely view of the Butter Ball from the venue.  It was obvious that the trail will go straight there, but the Hares had laid a falsy past Arjuna's Penance, and the FRBs willingly obliged.  Great view of the sunset from the hill behind and Shameless Steal almost gave in to her desire of spending the rest of the evening/night holding hands with her soulmate.  The lazy hares laid too short a trail for such lovely terrain, but then the chilled beer drowned out any thought of a complaint.  Muff Diver had a run in with a motor bike  on the home stretch, and not having read her obit, we guess that she is fine.

Great food - sandwiches, kababs and puffs - courtesy Gatsby and Missing in Action, our ever generous host.

Waiting for the Run to start:

The Famous Butter Ball:

Pics on the Trail:

The Host on the Ice:

The GM planning the Next Run:

Run:                No  527  (with 30 in attendance)

Hares:             Mamm'a Toy, Leather Coater and Prashant Agarwal

Date/Time:      Oct 3,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Santosh's Beach House @ Injambakkam

Comments:    Once up on a time, Santhosh bought a lovely place by the beach in Injambakkam. And then he let the hashers in. Ever since, the hashers enjoy trashing that place and run #527 was more of the same. Only better.

The hash started right on time (bloody late) with all the hashers arriving on time (six showed up late and two were so bloody late that they had their own run on the beach).

Surprisingly, the run started with falsies with everyone falling for it, except smart walkers who stayed behind. After three falsies and with some (read: lots) help from the hares, the runners were able to find the true trail. And the run warmed the runners by making them run on the beach for a while and took them across a village, countryside and marshes. Despite all the cock-ups the runners and the walkers managed to arrive at the same time for beer and food (the two things that hashers seem to live for). 

The circle saw some returning hashers from America. And all the four hares were capped (robbed off the promised t-shirts and given a cap). Tired, well-fed and drunk…the hashers went home and slept blissfully without regretting that they wasted yet another fine Sunday evening. 


Two of the Hares with the chalk:

Easiest Place to lay a well marked trail:

Never polite to talk about size, is it?

Run:                No  526  (with 30 in attendance)

Hares:             I Don't Mind, Big One, Soft Hot Rod and Hole 69

Chefs:            Mr Ahluwalia and his team at MFJ

Date/Time:      Sep 19,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Mumbai Food Junction near St Thomas Mount

Comments:    With a number of people out of town, many hashers missed quite a treat.  A lovely Run through urban villages, open land and dirt tracks, through the pristine roads of OTA to the hustle and bustle at the foothill of the famous St Thomas Mount, and then the FRBs missed a beautiful green loop, as their sweaty souls could smell the beer.  The beer was accompanied by the best Momos (a Tibetan speciality) this side of the Himalayas, both the veg and non-veg kind.  The food after the circle was a variety of Chats as made at Chowpatty Beach in Bombay, and the hosts went around to make sure that all the hashers were truly "fed up" by the time they left.  MFJ, with its ambience, is a great hang out joint, and hashers wanting to throw a party with music and dancing should seriously consider this place.

There were 3 visitors from the Earlham Hash, who are at the WCC on an exchange program till the end of the year.  With impossibly long hash names, they bring song and cheer, along with a good ability to run and a better ability to drink beer (something that they cannot do back in the USA). 

The Christening of the new names:

The literary ones made their suggestions

The choice of names brought cheer or ...

Run:                No  525  (with 60 in attendance)

Hares:             Street Walker, @#$% Trader and Beep Beep

Chefs:            Half Done, Tender Loins, Virgin Stud and Once is Enough

                        Put me Under brought the BlueBerry Cheesecake

Pics:                Click HERE for PHOTOS  View as a Slide show

Date/Time:      Sep 5,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Sai/Lakshmi's Beach House


The Trail was a scenic and longish one.  Went through a village where a friendly dog attached itself to the FRB group.  Then along sand banks, by water bodies, through fields and by the oldest Perumal Temple in India.  Those of you who did not look closely, it should be on your travel list of places you must visit.  The trail was marked by some Killer Falsies, which ensured that the pack stayed together on a trail that lasted as long as almost an hour and a half.

The Chefs put out what is now passe for them.  Mouth watering stuff.  Achari paneer jalfrazie and drunken (some beer was added to the mix) potato roast, was accompanied by achari chicken kabab and another type of kabab with nutmeg, mace and other spices, and large slices of seer fish on the grill.  The chicken was courtesy the Virgin Stud of the Fat Bastard fame, and the fish was done by Once is Enuf.  The veggie chefs, Tender Loins  and Half Done then completed the meal with Pepper Sevai and Lemon Sevai accompanied by Gooseberry sauce (which also had raw mango and fresh coconut in it).  The whole meal was washed down with blueberry cheesecake.

The Hares had taken care to negotiate with the rain Gods to keep away till after the Hash wound down and we had all left for home.   Lovely day, which will help all those who attended get through the next two weeks till Run 526 is on us.

A good set of Virgins joined us at the Hash.  We will get to know them better at the next Run.

Run:                No  524  (with 20 who braved the rain)

Hares:             Live Hares

Date/Time:      Aug 22,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Salt Pans at Kovalam on the ECR


It had been raining on Saturday as well as after the Terry Fox Run in the morning on Sunday.  Several hashers who had warned in for the Run chickened out, which meant that there were 20 die hard hashers who went through beer meant for 30 at the Circle!

It stopped raining just before the Run got underway and remained that way till we all reached home - just as MH3 Mismanagement had negotiated with the Gods. The trail itself was split in to two from the start - the Runners going towards the salt pans and the canal, while the walkers went towards the ECR.  Lovely trail for the runners, who did not get their shoes drenched though quite a few skidded on the occasional patches of slippery clayey soil.  The Circle welcomed a veteran hasher "Dunny Gone

" who has hashed in several countries and promises to be a feature of MH3 Mismanagement as soon as he finds his feet in Madras.

Run:                No  523  (with 30 in attendance)

Hares:             Mutton Chops, Half Done and Sid

Date/Time:      Aug 8,   5:00 pm

Venue:             CReNIEO at Muthukadu on the ECR


The trail started off with a really long Falsie, once we reached the Canal.  This separated the FRBs so much that they next met only at the Finish.  With bright sunshine, the rain gods decided that we needed cooling off.  The trail then went toward the beach over sandy terrain, though there was a 100m patch of swampy trail with tall grass.

The Circle saw Miles being christened "Humperlink" and Jenny being named "Stalker" (correct us if we got that wrong).

Lovely spread laid out by Frustrated, with ALL the dishes - biryani, panner curry, brinjal curry, etc - being made to perfection.

Run:                No  522  (with 25 in attendance)

Hares:             One of Each, Mamma's Toy and Big One

Date/Time:      July 25,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Slimline's Prickly Hill


The hashers were waiting by their cars at the base of the hill waiting for the FRB hares to land up, when a Forest Dept employee came riding up on his mobike to inform us that we were parked on forest land, and that we need the permission of the DFO to do so.  He did not seem the yielding type and so we reparked on the road, and fortunately the hares had not laid a trail that went straight up the hill.  It meandered through a nearby village, a bunch of housing complexes under construction before - they had to do it - taking the runners up the hill, and everyone through what we now knew was forest land.  Fortunately the spoilsport had left by then.  A quick circle, an announcement of the Bangalore Hash hosting a weekend on Aug 14/15 at Masinagudi near Ooty, a call for hares for the Aug 8th Run at CReNIO (see Receding Hareline), and three type of katti rolls as a bite to go with the beer.

Run:                No  521  (with 25 in attendance)

Hares:             Whack Me and  English Muffin

Date/Time:      July 11,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Russian Cultural Centre

Comments:     Straight trail to the beach and back. Food: expected more.

Run:                No  520  (with 45 in attendance)

Hares:             Leather Coater, Flesh Trader, Airhead, Sharukh (horror) & Jooz  

Date/Time:      June 27,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Blue Diamond, Kandeghai, K'bakkam-Vandalure Rd

Comments:     Great terrain.  Should go back in 3 to 4 months time.

"The people were very nice and the route was superb. I was really enjoying the hashing yesterday.


Thank you so much for taking me to join the hash club.


Thanks & Best Regards,



Overseas sales (India)"


Virgins and veterans:


Run:                No  519  (with 50 in attendance)

Hares:             Street Walker & "Friend", Mutton Chops and Peria Pisser.  

Date/Time:      June 13,   5:00 pm

Venue:             Doc and Anitha's Beach House near Mahabalipuram.


Lovely terrain and trail.  Could have been better marked.  Perfect weather.

Guitars came out after most of the people left. Sanjay (back to CA after this Run) sang of his loneliness and his desire for a Mate. 

Pic of one of the Hares resting after laying the Trail: