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Sort Bedrock removed for Fox hydro rebuild in Kaukauna, WI Natural gas often stored in salt domes in the south. 
Another case of Barabooms in August, 2012 Baraboo and it's mysterious lightning or earthquake effects. Thar's gold 12 miles east of Wausau. Mysterious booms 5/27/2012 in southern lower Michigan and tree breakage. Fascinating details about fossil forrests in Illinois and other locations. Very large mystery fossil found in Cincinnati including some small trilobites attached to it. Currently Array network facility of EarthScope has numerous quake sensors here. (Some of which are good at detecting mining, like near the boundary waters.) Serious hand waving on earthquake booms. Does fracking cause midwest earthquakes? (Yes disposal of fracking water appears to be associated.) Barabooms could be far reaching lightening? Bara-booms extra special with flashes of light!|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE Rock adjusting noises in Clintonville, Montello, Baraboo. Still pretty mysterious. 
More Clintonville booms. Geologists say earthquakes can generate seismic energy that moves through rock at thousands of miles per hour, producing a sonic boom when the waves come to the surface. Mysterious booms move to Montello Clintonville issues could be an earthquake or ... 
Clintonville racket: geological or industrial or...? Monday, January 30, 2012 at 21:54:43 Local 2.4 Magnitude Earthquake near Waukegan, IL Video of Lake Huron sinkholes Canadian fires cause pollution near Great Lakes Make your own paper trilobite Flexicalymene Retrorsa Researchers reveal how prehistoric Native Americans of Cahokia made copper artifacts (w/ video),0,3640049.story Missouri 4.2 level earthquake Dec 30,2010 earthquake in Indiana almost felt here Penokee Mine Proposal 
Canadian earthquake felt in wisconsin Earthquake 832 miles away felt in Wisconsin 6/23/2010 12:41 pm Fascinating implications of geomagnetic surveys of Keweenawan lava. UW Geosciences about 4/14/2010 asteroid fall Still more on 4/14/2010 fireball Did it land in Grant or Lafayette County? More on 4/14/2010 Asteroid 4/14/2010 Asteroid Fireball over Midwest states Meteorite found at Livingston WI Another quake in Oklahoma Cahokia mounds reveal a vast copper workshop Latest earthquake noted in Illinois Only cretaceous fossils ever found in Wisconsin A 300 Million Year Old Pennsylvanian Age Mire Forest Great Lakes Sinkholes: A Microbiogeochemical Frontier 
Showing 38 items