I am an assistant professor at Macalester College’s Department of Economics. Feel free to look around for details about my research, teaching, and more!

Contact information
Department of Economics, Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105

From January to August, 2015, I'll be a visiting scholar at the Economic Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

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My current research interests concern macroeconomics; in particular, I’m interested in the effects of government policy over the business cycle and in the determinants of the shadow economy.

"Accounting for Spanish business cycles," with Jesus Rodriguez-Lopez. Forthcoming in Macroeconomic Dynamics.
"Tax Enforcement, Technology, and the Informal Sector," with Ceyhun Elgin. Forthcoming in Economic Systems.
“Public trust, taxes, and the informal sector,” with Ceyhun Elgin, Boǧaziçi Journal Review of Social, Economic and Administrative Studies 26(1), 2012.
“La distribución de las participaciones a las entidades federativas en México: simulaciones de un esquema alternativo,” with Jorge Ibarra and Alfredo Sandoval. Gestión y Política Pública 12(1), 129-77, 2003.

Working papers and work in progress
"Mismeasured GDP, business cycles, and the informal sector," with Yingtong Xie, 2014.
“Fiscal policy news using a panel data approach,” with Ceyhun Elgin, 2013. 
“Fiscal policy news and the business cycle,” 2012.
“Fiscal policy rules and expectations,” 2011.
“So, you want to go to grad school in Economics? A practical guide of the first years (for outsiders) from insiders,” with Ceyhun Elgin, 2007.
“Antidumping practices in Mexico,” with Gerardo Esquivel, 2002.

ECON 371, intermediate macroeconomics (fall 2014). For the course syllabus click here. For class materials here’s a link to Moodle.
ECON 420, quantitative macroeconomics (spring 2013). For the course syllabus click here. 
ECON 119, principles of economics (spring 2013). For the course syllabus click here.

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