Summary of Popular Presentation Options


FOR A FULL LIST OF TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS COMPILED BY THE LRHSD TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT, CLICK HERE! This list will outline free software tools as well as district subscriptions. Please reach out to Media Specialists, Ms. Fauver or Mr. Miller, with any questions

Screencastify - to narrate/screencast/record presentations

Download the Screencastify Google Chrome Extension ----> Here


Another screen casting, narration and video tool to narrate presentations and web/computer navigation.

Instead of a chrome extension, this will require a download to a desktop or a download of an app.

The free version allows for 15 minutes of recording time.

Loom for Screen Recording and Screencasting

Another screen casting, narration and video tool to narrate presentations and web/computer navigation.

You have the choice of using a chrome extension or downloading a desktop version.

You have the option to post a link to the video, post it to Classroom or download it as a movie file. Loom also offers multiple editing options.


Flipgrid is a platform that allows teachers to post questions or topics or start a conversation and then students can contribute their thoughts through posting a video response. The tool allows students to customize their response and use face-blocking tools, if they wish. The video is taken and stored in the Flipgrid cloud software so need to worry about large files that will not load into Google Classroom or email. Flipgrid creates a sense of a shared community.

Infographics/ Brochures/ Digital and Interactive Posters/ Newsletters

WeVideo (generate a video from pictures and/or video clips)

WeVideo is a free, online video editing tool that you can access -----> Here

Sign up for a free WeVideo account with your school Google account.


Create animated presentations. A cloud-based, fun option to present information. Powtoon has characters to select from for the animation and offers extensive customization. Narration, music and other features can be added to the videos.

Other video options

Feel free to record with any other video options that you feel confident using.

ie: iMovie, Tiktok, Videoshop, Windows Photos (directions for Windows Photos Video Editing), Vyond, Emaze, etc

Google Slides

Create a new Google Slide in your school Google Drive account.

Google Sites

Create a new Google Site in your school Google Drive account.

Google directions for using Google sites:

Ed Puzzle

Create an interactive lesson using any video (including a video from You Tube, Khan Academy and more) or create your own videos and enhance the learning experience by making them interactive. You can track students' comprehension, narrate and add your own questions and ensure accountability through tracking students' progress through the interactive, self-paced lessons.

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