Senior Portraits

Class of 2020:

Please read through the information on this page very carefully!

There are FOUR options for including a senior portrait in the yearbook: use a preferred photographer, schedule an appointment for the on-campus photo shoot in September, use your own photographer, or use the school id picture. Detailed information can be found below. You can also find the information in the envelope that was given to the Class of 2020 in advisory on April 29, 2019.

Due Date: Sept. 16, 2019, 4 pm

NOTE: Failure to follow these specifications the first time the portrait is submitted will result in a $25 fee (the student's hhs account will be charged through the bookkeeper's office)! So please make sure that the portrait is formatted correctly and follows the requirements listed below. Please also check to ensure that there is an image on the disc that can be opened.

  • Photo must be in color, CYMK or RGB mode, 300 dpi, at least a 600X900 pixel count
  • No props are allowed in the school portrait (foreign objects, animals, sports equipment, instruments, hats, sunglasses, additional people, cars, etc.).
  • The Senior must be centered in the photo, facing the camera, with both eyes looking into the lens-there is to be nothing obscuring any part of the face.
  • The portrait is to be a vertical upper body shot; no full-body or head shots will be accepted.
  • The photo should be a "regular" size wallet portrait, about 2X3
  • The head size in digital photo must be ½ inch measured from bridge of nose to bottom of chin.
  • No soft focus and no vignette
  • Simple, uncluttered background (indoors or outdoors)
  • No solid color backgrounds
  • You may submit the photo on a CD or by digital upload.
  • 1. If you submit the photo on a CD, you must include the student's name and phone number, along with the photographer's name and phone number on the CD. The photo should be burned as a jpeg and should be saved in a way that we can open it (we use Dell 780 computers); please double check this before you submit it. You can mail the cd to the school in care of Jami De Vries (you will not get the cd returned back to you), or you can drop off the cd in the main office by 4 pm on Sept. 16, 2018. NOTE: Walgreen's CD's will NOT be accepted. The format they use to burn the image is not supported on our computers.
  • 2. To upload the portrait directly to our files, click on this link and follow the directions.
Pref Photogs 2019-2020.docx

An important reminder: If you submit a photo after 4p.m. on Sept. 16, there is a $25 late fee. You can attach a check (payable to HHS) to the photo, or the student's hhs account will be charged. Portraits received after Oct. 16th , 2019 will NOT be in the yearbook. Please note that this is our final deadline and can make no exceptions.