Falcon Feathers

Resources to complete your Falcon Feathers

Attention Euclid Students:

Please use this site as a resource to work on your Falcon Feathers. All the forms, checklists and exercises you need to complete a feather may be found to the left of this page. You are just a few clicks away from completing your next feather!

Turn in a completed Feather.

Once you have completed all the work for a single feather you may turn in the signed checklist to your core teacher.

  • Make sure you've written your name, date, grade and CORE at the top of the checklist.
  • Double check that an adult signed all the verification lines for the tasks you completed.

What's next:

Your completed forms will be given to the office every Friday.

The 8th grade Leadership Class will post a locker award for you the next week.

Your Falcon Feather Dog Tag will be presented on a scheduled basis.

Don't wait to get started on your next feather!