What is CTAE?

The Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) program at Lowndes High provides the interdisciplinary and technical skills to every student focused on attaining the knowledge and abilities that businesses and industries desire for high-demand, high-skilled, high-wage occupations. Our purpose is to equip our students with the fundamental academic, technical, and leadership skills they will need to be successful. Through partnership between education and industry, the Career, Technical and Agricultural Education curriculum will provide students with a solid foundation for their further education and future careers.  

What are CTAE Pathways?

Georgia's Career Cluster/Pathways provide a structure for organizing and delivering quality Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) programs. Career Clusters serve as framework to provide essential knowledge and skills for the students' defined career pathways. Career Pathways serve as a tool for a seamless educational system that blends rigorous academic/technical preparation allowing students to discover their interests and passions by empowering them to choose the educational pathway that will lead to success in high school, college and in their careers.