Banana Spider or Brazilian Wandering Spider

The Banana Spider is a fast and aggressive spider. Learn where to find this poisonous spider.

Biggest Spider: Goliath Tarantula

This spider can grow as large as a dinner plate.Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

Desert USA tells you about the life cycle and characteristics of the Black Widow Spider.Bolas Spider

Daddy-longlegs Myth

Some people believe that these spiders are very dangerous. Click here to see if it is fact or fiction.


Daddy Longlegs are also known as Harvestmen.

Golden Silk Spider

What are baby spiders called? This site tells you all about them and the site also shows how spiders build their webs.

Nephila clavipes

This spider is important to humans. Click here to find out how.

Spiders and Other Arachnids

Spiders have an interesting life cycle and are found in art and culture. Discover the spider's tool kite and how their bites are treated.


Desert USA gives a descriptions of this scary looking spider and a video.


Enchanted Learning allows you to print a diagram of the tarantula.

Tarantula Care Sheet

Learn how to take care of a pet tarantula.Thorn Spider

Wolf Spider (Ground)

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is a great animal to keep in the classroom.