Last Updated Nov. 13, 2018

Animals - General Information

Find information about your favorite animal or watch the animals on live cameras.

Read amazing animal stories, solve puzzles, play games and meet a dragon.

This playground is filled with stories, games, activities pages, holiday pages, screen savers, and interesting animal facts.

PBS takes you on a tour all the continents and the creatures that inhabit each environment.

Use this site to link to the The Wonderful World of Insects, The Amazing World of Birds, The Incredible World of Mammals, Lovable Lichens, and The Mighty Microbes (Bacteria and Archaea).

Click on the A-Z buttons to find your animal or click one of the animal categories to find animal facts and coloring pages.

Animals and plants can become endangered for various reasons. Click here to find why species are becoming endangered, find out which animals are endangered, and find ways to help save the animals.

This site has information about lizards, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, salamanders, frogs and toads.

Over 50 species of animals are listed for your to click on and find more information about the animal.

Animal groups and babies often have strange names. Learn about each animal and what they are called.

Animal facts and coloring pages are available from National Geographic.

Learn about the great outdoors. Please note that the images are copyrighted at this site--don't save the images.

Games, Outdoor Stuff, and a Reader's Corner can be found at this site.

Learn about mammal, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and plants that are threatened or endangered in Texas.