1st Grade Activities

There are 100 school to home activities for first graders. The activities are organized by reading and literacy skills.

Becoming Naomi Leon

Chapter by chapter activities

Ideas by chapter to get the students interested in the story. Has thought provoking questions, activities, vocabulary, videos, journal writing, etc. This site is for the teacher to use as the novel is read.

Ben and Me

Ben and Me Homepage

This thematic unit has a unit overviews, objectives and key concepts, lesson plans and activities for students.

The Blizzard of Blue Moon

Central Park Map

This Google map of Central Park will show points of interest, fountains, monuments, and sculptures.

Central Park Map - Aerial or Traditional

This interactive map allows you to locate specific landmarks in Central Park on either an aerial or traditional map view.

Changing New York 1935-1938

View 1930s photographs of New York. Can you find out how much gas cost during that time period?

Compare Prices During the Great Depression to Prices Today

The Dust Bowl

View a map of the dust bowl during the Great Depression.

Once in a Blue Moon

When will the next Blue Moon occur, find out at this web site.

Charlotte's Web

Teacher Vision: Charlotte's Web

Enrichment activities and other projects are available with each part of the book.

Charlotte's Web - Integrated Technology Unit

Discover all the animals that lived with Charlotte.

Charlotte's Web

Meet the author and illustrator, discover lesson plans and other activities on the farm.

Charlotte's Web: A Story About Friendship

Answer questions about the story and learn vocabulary.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil

Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration?

Read the story of Atlantis, a timeline, and the vital statistics of the lost city.

Atlantis Myth or History?

FactMonster gives the details of Atlantis and the Thera Theory.

Discovery of Atlantis

A scientific expedition is being conducted to locate the lost city of Atlantis. Watch animations, look at maps, and read the project updates at this site.

The Lost Continent: Atlantis

Look at the capital of Atlantis drawn from Plato's description and learn about Plato's writings.


The Homepage of Scholastic's Goosebumps Web Site

The Grimm's Fairy Tales

Read and listen to classic fairy tales by the Grimm brothers.

Harry Potter

The official site of Harry Potter! Movie trailers, film clips, behind the scenes at Hogwarts. J.K Rowlings' wizards and witches Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort brought to life in Warner Bros. feature film Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. A treat for magical and muggle alike.

The Little Red School House

Visit Lockhart's very own Suzy Red and her curriculum units for reading.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia

Learn about the history of Narnia and the man who created it. Play interactive games and take quizzes to see how much you know about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Learn all about the world of Narnia and C. S. Lewis.

Luka's Quilt

2nd Grade Visits Hawaii

Read what other 2nd graders have written about the state of Hawaii and complete some of the 20-piece Jigzone puzzles online.

The WWQP Quilt Coloring Book

Try out your own color combinations on the “A Dandy” Quilt Pattern coloring page

My Side of the Mountain

Birds Scavenger Hunt

Sam Gribley, in the story My Side Of The Mountain by Jean Craighead George learned to look for these signs to identify birds. Can you?

Mr. Tucker and Famous Conservationists

John Audubon: The American Woodsman

Learn about the first person to paint and describe the birds of America.

George Washington Carver: Inventor Profile

Check out his biography and what he invented.

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Kids Web Japan

Explore the country, culture, and history of Japan.

Sadako and the Atomic Bombing

Sadako's story is told and the Hiroshima Peace Park is established.

Some Kids of Cancer Kids Get

Kids Health describes leukemia for kids.

Tall Tales

Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales

From Scholastic, learn about the myths, folktales, and fairy tales from around the world.

Paul Bunyan

Read the story about the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan.

The Trumpet of the Swan

Photographs of Swans

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect the rare trumpeter swan.

Swan Identification

Swans can be identified by several different characteristics including their posture, size and flight. You can also listen to swans at this site.

Trumpeter Swans Prepare for Migration

Journey South gives information about the changing migration patterns of trumpeter swans and their efforts to reintroduce the almost extinct swans into wildlife areas.

Weekly Reader

Read the Weekly Reader online and play their online games.